Make venom cards active in horde

Is this a great idea TC? You added the escape characters to horde, but we can’t use any of their best cards :confused:

This would make them pretty dependable horde characters in my humble opinion, right now they’re “so-so.” That seems to be the trend unfortunately with this game though.


This needs to be addressed.


Let them smoke,that counts as venom.


Or just add more Skill Cards that don’t depend on Venom. Right now, Mac and Keegan are strong enough in Horde. Mac is still a godsend because of his ability to Boltok Bleed Bastions from a distance. Keegan has Modified Hammerburst, Shredder, and Resupply and some great support abilities with Grenade Capacity and auto-marking of enemies. Just need to add some cards for Lahni and Lizzie to make the “pop” as mentioned in the last update.

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My suggestion on this topic is to half Horde work as always being in venom, but half potency.

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They should just create a venom frag that lahni starts with🤑

Hmm I wonder how they would activate light venom skills without the damage from deep venom.

I suggested this a while ago, no reply, no one was biting.


If at first you don’t succeed…

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I have seen a few similar suggestions but i figure our idea would be easier to code


My personal impression is they are sooooooo worried about ANYTHING being OP or “easy” they prefer to give us useless skills & weapons rather than take a chance on giving us some OP weapon which, heaven forbid, could be used to speed run! (Remember security salvo speed runs :wink: ? )

No idea how we got JD, lol


But the cards are already there…

Mac and Keegan are okay in horde.
Keegan’s venom cards would add explosive ammo reload which would be very beneficial as he has no capacity cards.
Mac needs a bit more strength and health to keep up on higher difficulties
Lahni is in a similar category as Mac, just weaker. She could be a strong melee scout even on higher difficulties though with her venom cards

Fair enought. But I am willing to bet TC will NOT make venom cards apply, in full force, in Horde. They MIGHT apply some percentage of their “power”, but not 100%

That… is a surprisingly great idea.

Horde doesn’t really have a character that thrives with being close at Insane+ difficulties. Kait if you’re careful, but like, she’s far more effective if you just give her a few Overkills and a locker.

Give Lahni a small scale venom bomb like an ink grenade, and she can either use it purely as its own weapon to hurt and herd enemies, or throw it at her feet and start ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ up.

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Okay, that idea is starting to sound more appealing as well. Introducing a venom grenade could be a method of implementing skill cards.

It could be a larger radius impacting explosion creating a decent area of coverage, but only a smaller regular grenade size radius in the very center would be the harmful venom like in escape. You could then use that larger area to utilize the venom cards.

Keegan with 6 grenade pouch would be key grenadier for Scorpio team. All should start with them and auto refill with ammo pick ups instead of flash or smoke even when run dry.