Make there be a roll disable option

I hate rolling. It gets me killed all the time when I am trying to otherwise stick to a wall. There is an option to turn off omni-directional roll. I ask that there be an option to turn off roll indefinitely on xbox. There should be an option right under omni that says ROLL: ON/OFF.

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You should try out classic-Alt. It separates rolling and bouncing into cover to two different buttons. From what I remember, X is to roll and run, while A is for sliding to cover.

Classic alt like bacon said.
Be warned though, dive from cover will still be bound to the A button. It will occasionally get you killed.

I heard OP3 was coming with a new control scheme. (Mentioned on the Dev Stream) Supposedly it puts cover and run together while separating roll.


How about no…u can either use classic alt to separate roll and slide as the others have stated otherwise get used to it…it’s part of the meta skill gap that is gears learning to use roll properly or u get killed because u rolled at the wrong time…I’ve rolled plenty of times behind someone and got the kill…it’s not instant death…u have to know the maps and know the slide distance for cover…those u see sliding and never rolling have practiced the distances over and over to where they know where they will and won’t roll when attempting to slide I’m sorry but rolling will always be a part of the skill gap

One of the most satisfying moves I have ever pulled off in Gears 5 is to roll backwards past an enemy who was chasing me and gibbing them.

Almost felt like Halo for a second :joy:


I’ll make a post today that shows this controller scheme that I made that I think will help a lot of people who are extremely used to default. Basically, this is how it is:

Switch to classic-alt
Go down to button mapping
Map the roadie run/roll button to LB
Keep Slide to A
Map interact button/revive to X
Map TacCom to Y

And that’s it. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it feels great for me because I can always keep my finger on the roadie button while being familiar with the bounce button I’ve used for years. I tried Tournament but bouncing with the LB button wears your finger out quick and it’s a lot harder to hyper bounce. But this is the closest control scheme I could get to original Default while also removing the roll from the A button. Hope this helps.


I like this gig WITH the Tournament layout. Thanks for the idea. Now I always got my finger on cover so I can bounce WHILE I got my thumb on the sticks. Makes for badass bounces and then I can roll when I want to with the A button.
You rock man!!!

so why can you disable roll on pc and not on console when console players are up against pc players?

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and somtimes u can litaraly roll into the wall so how about YEA

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I’m a firm believer that the roll should’ve been updated a few games ago.

The duration of a roll is way too long.

The enemy can get 2 shots off on you before your roll animation ends.

They should either…

Speed up the animation to allow 1 enemy shot as you roll

Allow you to roll into cover

Add the ability to get your own shot off mid roll

Add the ability to roll cancel

Add the ability to change directions mid-roll(kind of like a handspring motion that can only be activated by a timed button press)