You do realise this game gets updated, right?

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Microsoft utilised selective installs for Halo MCC, hopefully it comes to more games because that’d be awesome. Even just uninstalling the campaign once it’s finished to free up a bit of space, Although, I doubt it would free up as much as you might hope.

They could remove horde


In all seriousness though I guess I’m lucky to have Gigabit Fiber with no data caps. It takes almost no time at all to download a game the size of Gears 4 so I personally don’t care if there’s compression. Just give me the best possible experience no matter how they do it because I have the speeds and 6TB of space for all my games.

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This is the main reason why I deleted Gears 4 and refuse to re-download it. I get games are getting bigger, but this is just so massive. So many others games that came out around the same as Gears 4 and after it are almost half the size. I find it hard to believe that nothing can be done to compress the data.


Gears is a huge graphic monster of a game, that’s just not changing. Don’t you think if they could just easily make the game a smaller download they would? Lmao, that’s just not gonna happen. As for your internet issue, man that’s just sad to hear those kind of speed even exist anywhere in the world. I have 120mb/s download speeds and I’m considering paying for a business modem to be installed at home because I want it faster haha.

they can’t give us faster as of now. I just meant compress the game further then let your PC unpack so it is back to 120GB. It means it will use less internet but installation will tske longer because your pc has to process the file. No graphics loss by doing that afaik