I decided to install Gears 4 on my PC again and it is 132 GB!!!. That is way more than any steam game or any file I have ever downloaded. Just compress the files and make it easier to install. I have some problems with my PC therefore I am planning on reinstalling windows, but having to re download it because you can’t backup it is ridiculous. The fastest internet I can have where I live is !MB/s(about 12mb I think) and it takes about two days to download the game. If only it was compressed and later decompressed I would be fine but dude 132 GB and the game doesn’t even have that much content compared to many steam games that are less than half the size makes me think that you haven’t optimized the game size for PC. Look at Epic Games for example. You download Fortnite for about 12 GB and when it installs it is 23-24GbB it allows for way faster downloads.


Storage is so cheap these days. I don’t want them to compromise the graphics because some people don’t want to use up a few dollars in hard drive space.

Fortnite is hardly a good comparison. The graphics are low texture cartoons and there is 1 map. That’s seriously what you want from Gears?


They haven’t compressed the files, we can decompress them later but for downloading I mean.

Graphics will stay same, lower download size and keep install size(final)

If I’m not mistaken I believe the game is compressed. I remember having to redownload the whole game on Xbox because they introduced a new form of compression.


I know it’s frustrating with slower internet, but games like Shadow of War are also over 150GB now, Gears isnt the only one with a massive footprint.

Why is Gears of War 4 so big? Games like the Witcher 3 are much prettier and bigger but only 50GBs. What exactly is taking up the space for gears of war?


Maps are a huge part of it.

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DLC charaters and weapons skins also can take a good chunk

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High quality texture work is the number one culprit

still compressing it is possible just for the download I don’t really mean the final game size but for those with slower internet.

are you saying all the characters and skins are already in the game files and we have to pay to unlock what’s already on the disc so to speak ?

well it is



The game runs on Unreal 4, which will take a lot of space up, then you have 34 maps, hundreds of characters, thousands of weapon skins and emblems, UI, campaign, dialogue etc. etc. At the end, I’m not surprised the game is 100 GB+

UE4 makes no difference… It’s about how much content and whether or not the download package is compressed… have you ever downloaded a ZIP achieve?, It is such a small file, let’s say 10 MB, but when you extract/uncompress it, it becomes about 40 MB. If Gears was shipped as 80GB and then extracted as 132Gb it would make the download bit way quicker.

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I don’t really understand how Gears 4 can be so large its like triple the size of even games like Batman Arkham Knight

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That’s how people running with skins you don’t own can appear in your game.
They wouldn’t render otherwise.

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which means morons pay for content already within the games files…and tc are money hungry bums

we need a way to only download the Multiplayer in Gears 5. never touched the SP campaign in 4 and wont in 5 either.

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A great deal of the skins were added in updates post launch. As well as the 25 extra maps post launch.