Make the executions relevant

I love the execution but apart from giving a few extra point and looking cool they are to risky to perform, it makes no sense to use them if they will cost you your life and probably the game if the game is close.

A fellow gear head was talking to me and he said that To make the executions relevant they should have an impact to the opposite team. I think that if I execute rival she/he should get a few seconds extra before re spawning, that would make the risk of being kill worth it if I can keep an oponer from helping his team for a little longer.

It could be part of the Meta, now that they apparently are going to have different executions that you can pick it could be incorporated to the game the longer the execution the longer you keep your oponer out, more rick more reward.

I have never seen an execution in competitive play and that’s obviously because it makes no sense to do them, that could be made to change if a mechanic like this is implemented, and it would be a very simple thing to implement

Executions should give longer respawns and be a multiplier for your xp. More executions. The bigger the multiplier

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