Make the curve stomp Y in verus since its not used

Make the curve stomp Y in versus since its not used or at least make it a double tap B. Having to hold for a execute is a step back. Even in Gears 3 you could double tap Y for the weapon execution. Giving some response will help because I think that we can make this work if people just gave their two cents on the matter.

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I use classic-alt control scheme. Y does a lot of things there so it wouldn’t work universally doing that.

Well I should said based off of the Default but I will go a step further. The Point of Interest button for be a curve stomp in versus since it’s not used in the type of mode. Oh before I forget that the double tap is still viable for all control layouts,

i agree, i miss curb-stomping. it’s a GoW classic and it’s kind of a bummer that there seems to be no way to use it.