Make Robot Niles Samson a Hero you cowards!

Look at this boy! Who needs Delta squad when you can have a Niles on wheels!? He’s the hero Gears 5 deserves. Who better to defeat the Horde then the man/robot that created them? Huh, that’s right no one is better!


Or the main villain. Strap on a couple of rapped fire boom shots and let him loose lol


In all honesty I can see him being a boss in the next gears. Those leaches meld with any tech they come in contact with, and before leaving the first research center a swarm of them were latching onto the other Niles server.

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As a mildly annoying sub-boss who has less health than a damaged Juvie? Yes. As a boss? No. As a returning boss in Campaign? No. Queen Myrrah is once again in command, Niles was more annoying that anything. His character doesn’t come close to the Queen’s level and he merely wishes he had some kind of control/influence over the Locust/Swarm.

I’m not talking about as the little cart with a screen on it. I’m talking about as a huge cluster of tech and leaches like the rejects and stumps. You see a huge cluster of leaches attaching to his server in new hope as your escaping.

Plus he pretty much created myrrah, I think his place in the plot was awesome. But yea the new queen runs the show

I still want him playable in versus, one way or the other… ;p

But it’ll probably never happen due to him looking like he belongs on the COG team. (With his scientist look)

He had a hand in guiding her to become the Queen, yes. But she took control and initiative.

He failed, and committed suicide. The Swarm have no respect for him, clear by the Matriarch instantly destroying his machine, so any kind of “resurrection” wouldn’t make sense.

I thought this too, particularly since the Flock/Leeches clearly were attacking and damaging the machinery with the intent of destroying it rather than taking it over, and the fact that New Hope basically seemed to be destroying itself or parts of itself after that.

And I don’t think Niles committed suicide. Kait or Del says something along the lines of him putting the Kadar lab into deep freeze right before bleeding out. Indicating one of the Locust, or Myrrah herself who is alluded to being lead to hate humanity in part because of Niles and his team, with their experiments(and Torres, if I got his name right, running off with Reyna due to her also being experimented on, which lead him to become disillusioned with the work being done by Niles) and the reason why the Locust were initially created - to end the Pendulum Wars, as a simple tool of war, killed Niles. This also goes to some way of explaining the reasoning of Myrrah choosing to not go the path of peace with humanity, being lead to believe all they do is wage war amongst each other and create tools for those wars, which the Locust were specifically made for originally.

I somewhat suspect the Swarm paid the Kadar lab a visit after Kait and Del went down there through the ice. Why? They seemed to have one of the cryo turrets from it in one of the areas of the UIR rocket hangar in Vasgar with them, in a small room with a couple of Grenadiers and an Elite Hunter in it. Some of the Grenadiers were investigating a fallen tank containing cooling fluids(most likely) and called it “ammo”. I suspect they might have a reason to go there anyway, given that the Matriarch’s corpse is/was lying there… but I got no idea what they could possibly do with it so maybe it is a little far fetched still.

I wonder what they did with the Sires. Their presence in the Escape mode isn’t conclusive to me, as it is only loosely story based. unless one is shown in the last Hivebusters issue, in which case I would have to assume the Swarm took them out of their stasis tanks and brought them to their hives while keeping them from just attacking anything around them in one way or another(is there a way to make a Sire not be even more grumpy, or “moody”, than Marcus?).

One thing Niles did do is use Kait to somehow allow Myrrah to take over Reyna’s corrupted/altered body before severing the connection to the hivemind(although I suspect it was only fully severed when the Matriarch died). Since she somehow was unable to do so directly. But he didn’t get much in the way of gratitude for it, clearly.

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I’d like both him and Jinn to be playable. At the very least as bot counterparts. Playable COG head honchos have been some of the funniest, like Prescott and Hoffman.

Interesting read. It’s entirely possible that they could “revive” the Matriarch, it’d make for a more interesting boss as opposed to something oversized like the Kraken.

It’s doubtful the Sires could ever be tamed, or taught. Their very primitive minds prevents them from being remotely civilised but, having said that, it does not mean they couldn’t be weaponised by the Swarm as their relentless nature sure proved inconvenient for the COG.

I suppose Niles could be thanked for his role in locating Reyna’s body in order to help the Queen, but a very minimal thanking indeed. I’m sure Myrrah would’ve found a way eventually.

Either way, I hope he doesn’t return in Gears 6. Hopefully TC learned their lesson and reinstates Queen Myrrah fully as the sole main ‘villain’ for Campaign and as the Announcer for Swarm in Versus.

I suspect if a Warden hit a Sire often enough(the Wardens apparently keep order among the hives through sheer strength and brutality, according to something I read… not sure if they’re very smart though) without killing it, it’d probably eventually get the point that maybe it shouldn’t mess with any of the Swarm creatures, but then, I don’t know what the Imulsion mutation did to their brains in those ugly bodies and if they could apply even that kind of basic logic. Or whether Myrrah has any kind of control over Sires within the hivemind, if they are even connected to it.

I still question exactly how true it is when Niles said Kait’s connection to the hivemind was fully severed and that she was no longer viable for it. If anything it’d be a shame to waste that body and turn it into another ugly mutated thing that barely looks human any longer. That, and she doesn’t really deserve to get turned over to the Swarm.

Make him a horde boss. Give him a tri shot and a salvo on the sides of him and give him the ability to stim. Also make him zoom zoom

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That’s like combining the worst aspects(read : annoying) of a Guardian and Sentinel while removing their ability to fly. I’m sure everyone would love it.


I think the Warden would most likely end up just killing most of the Sires using that technique :joy: They seem completely incapable of learning anything. I agree it’s doubtful Myrrah had any control over them, I can’t see them being connected to the Hivemind.

As for Kait, it was her heritage to take over the Swarm. I’m sure she would’ve avoided any unnecessary mutation if she was more compliant to her Grandmother. If her connection is completely severed then, from a story point of view, a lot of interest and significance will be lost in her character.

Something she also rejected, at that. They weren’t going to force it on her, although she barely was able to resist Myrrah’s intrusion attempts.

And what tells us the Swarm wouldn’t just have messed the body up to let Myrrah take it over, rather than Kait remaining in control? We also don’t know what happens to Kait if she dies. Will her mind continue to exist or will she be gone for good?

And even if the connection was severed, she still has personal motivations to go after the Queen and the risk that the Swarm might use her body as another host body for the Queen if Reyna’s is destroyed and there is no way to completely purge her from the hivemind.

Edit : And so far one part of Kait’s story seems to be that she keeps trying to save the persons she has a close connection to and often does not succeed at it. Seems a bit reminiscent of a certain other main character who was previously responsible for the temporary demise of the Locust.

It’s an assumption about the body. Perhaps a minimal mutation due to the “transition” to Myrrah’s consciousness. I could live with that despite Reyna’s mutation making the Queen much more physically lethal than before.

Yes the Queen is essentially immortal, being alive in the Hivemind. I’d be curious myself what would happen to Kait’s consciousness if she were to die. It’s an interesting concept. It’ll be good to see how they conclude they story line and/if there is a way Myrrah can be killed off for good. I don’t want it to happen obviously, but it will. As long as when it does it makes sense.

Well, I had assumed they mutated Reyna for better connection to the hivemind, but it was never specifically explained why they did that with her. It might not have been necessary with Kait given the fact that she had a connection that Reyna didn’t appear to have or if she did, it was something she hid from everyone else. Those were just considerations for what would/could happen to Kait if she was turned, which I didn’t want to happen(and does not seem to be the direction TC are going with for her character, thankfully - I do believe Kait is better as a human character than a vessel for Myrrah). Partially as the Swarm would likely have twisted the body to be almost beyond recognition after what they had tried to do with Reyna before that was temporarily interrupted.

And it wouldn’t have been Kait then anyway so it wouldn’t make much sense for people to argue “Kait should have been the new Queen” when it would never have been Kait to begin with, but just a corrupted mind or personality, as Kait would never have willingly turned over to the Swarm, or just Myrrah since we now know she can survive in the hivemind somehow even without a body.

I believe Reyna was aware of her connection to the Hive Mind, which she inherited from Myrrah along with decelerated aging and possibly an immunity to imulsion, but kept it under wraps in order to preserve Kait’s safety. Being a strong character it’s entirely possible. It’s definitely intriguing if she too had an internal struggle. I’m pretty sure Myrrah was unaware of her daughter’s survival until the re-emergence of the Locust as the Swarm, so I can’t see too much communication with her Mother happening before her capture.

Precisely, with them literally trying to physically connect her to the heart of the Swarm Hive they more or less ruined her body. After Kait euthanised her, I like to think the body started to decompose before it found it’s way (or presumably was put) in amongst Swarm matter, preserving it. I could be wrong, but it would explain the Swarm mutating “giving” her legs/tentacles as a result.

It was never Myrrah’s plan to let Kait take command. It was just her body that was needed as a normal human lacking the Hivemind connection wouldn’t be able to be possessed.

One thing I still don’t perfectly understand is the presence of the Imulsion crystals and Locust-like skin on “Reyna” alongside the tentacles and organic Swarm matter after the takeover by Myrrah, while some of the human skin is still intact. I suspect there is some kind of Imulsion leftover that the Scions have learned to control to create Juvies, Pouncers, Snatchers and Carriers(unsure about the Leeches - are they native to Vasgar as they can survive inside the Kraken, or are they a Swarm made creature?), which may in part have been used to turn Reyna’s body into what it is now, but it doesn’t explain the Imulsion crystals or Locust-looking skin.

And if Myrrah was able to take over Kait’s body it may not have required any further changes to make it viable to her. Kait’s mind would likely have been suppressed then. Maybe Reyna’s forced melding with the Swarm biomatter was required due to her resistance being even stronger and not be capable of being surmounted before they connected her to the heart of the hive(Marcus says network but I’m not sure if it really was the heart pf the entire network). If she was connected to the hivemind herself, it would explain in part why the Speaker went specifically for her at the time it did, in that precise location(excluding any information the Swarm obtained from previously podded Outsiders or COG). They knew where she was more or less accurately and where she’d most likely be a lot of the time.

What I don’t get is, putting aside “plot armor”, is why the Swarm did not attempt to do the same with Kait as they did with Reyna unless Myrrah was actually just trying to break her mind to take over the body which was still fully intact and not partially messed up like Reyna’s - I would not expect a human-Swarm-Locust hybrid to be perfectly biologically functional or stable, compared to a “pure” young human body with some of the benefits of what Myrrah originally received from Niles’ experiments, passed down to Kait. It would partially explain why the wound inflicted on Kait by the Snatcher quill in the Riftworm village just disappeared mere minutes after being hit by it when she was freed, as Myrrah wanted the body to be fully functional when she took it over, and gives a reason for Myrrah’s repeated intrusions of trying to make Kait feel guilty(?) about the way she acted and some of the things that happened(inadvertedly killing Oscar, mercy killing Reyna) up until finding the Mount Kadar lab.

At this point, the only risk I see posed to Kait is two options…
A. Killed and the body cannot be recovered by the COG so the Swarm may use it as another potential host for Myrrah’s mind, with some alterations to the brain to repair the genes damaged to interrupt the connection to the hivemind
B. The Swarm infect Kait with something that would either kill or mutate her and reconnect to the hivemind if it was not stopped, or the Queen does that before dying instead of leaving Kait be so she could take the body over whenever that thing finished its work.which then leaves her to find a way to stop whatever is within her before it is too late, or at least inhibit its effects until something more effective can be found to be done about it. The Kadar lab could hold a solution.

But at this point I’m really just speculating. Maybe the Swarm is just out of causing as much suffering to Kait as they can, rather than trying to get her body for the Queen when they have Reyna’s.

Why does Niles have to cause so many problems even when he’s already long dead?

How the imulsion crystals are on Queen “Reyna” is anyone’s guess. Adam’s weapon completely wiped out all imulsion as well as any being who had been exposed to it. It had a global impact so the chances of any remaining for the Swarm to manipulate and weaponise is very minimal. However, there may very well be many Locust crystals still available for use and perhaps Reyna’s body was cocooned (similar to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly a lite less charming) in a combination of Swarm matter and crystals to make it more suitable, protected and deadly for Myrrah considering it’s unlikely she’ll ever be wearing actual armour again.

Perhaps we’ll find out one day what the official explanation is.

That’s a good point about Reyna’s resistance to Myrrah’s control. I believe that, ironically, by Kait “freeing” her Mother from the Swarm Hive she essentially killed her and weakened her final struggles against Myrrah. Kait would’ve been a perfect vessel due to inheriting Myrrah’s attributes. Plus there’s the added benefits of being fit and young which would have allowed Myrrah to use the body for an extended period of time, but Reyna just had to do. I like to think Myrrah was always aware of Reyna’s body as a back-up plan, if you will, and had it not been for Kait killing the Matriarch (and more or less severing her Hive Mind connection) Myrrah would’ve persisted on trying to break Kait.

As for your threats to Kait speculation:

  • A - I like this idea, I’d have it as the very first chapter of Gears 6, but I’m entirely bias as you know :joy: . A main drive of the game would be to get to, and destroy, Kait’s corpse before it’s properly “prepared” for the Queen. Being realistic, of course this wouldn’t happen as TC wouldn’t kill of Kait after losing Del (presumably).
  • B - Entirely possible. Perhaps she has encounter with the Queen who does exactly this, still determined to get a younger and more complete body. Having to travel back to Kadar to fix it could allow for more intriguing lore about Swarm mutation in general as well as more regarding Myrrah’s abilities.

Having said that, personally I think Myrrah is satisfied with Reyna’s body and is simply now hell bent on finished what she started, leading the Swarm to take their rightful place as the dominant species of Sera.