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Make Quitters Sit and Cry Hard(No more weak punishments!)

(ANDROIDguy) #21


this is not fortnite mate. With such a small player base…

Be careful what you wish for. You might not find a match at all.

(Guerrero Ultimo) #22

MS needs to take it seriously. They charge for live. No matter the game they need to punish across the board. When a player can just jump out of a game and go to another, do it there, and then move to a new game you have an issue. MS needs to do better. Take quitting reports and look at them. And make it a policy that if it is a consistent problem of quitting you get a full timed ban from mp. ON EVERYTHING.

Now, I am not saying do it quick. I am saying if it is a habit. No complaints about connection problems. If I have them, same with others I play with, I do not play. I give things time to sort. For example, if I am playing Halo 5 and I am laggy and/or lagging out, I will change games. If it works fine I will play that game but if it is the same crap I realize my stuff is having issues. I do not stay in and make things ■■■■ for everyone.

I just get tired of people quitting. Gears is very bad for this. COD is not really any better. I am the type that will stay in and take that one game beating instead of quitting out like a lot of the children (or adult aged children) do. Then I will just exit the game if the game is not working well. But to quit and quit. I have ran into a number of players that quit every single time they lose on this. If I blocked them all I probably could not find a match. Really that bad.

But again, MS needs to do better. In all aspects of this. Because it can ruin mp gaming quite a bit. Nothing like jumping in to BO4 and have a bunch quit repeatedly in matches. Give Gears a shot and have people quit matches in a row. And then try Halo V and have that. So you give GR:W a shot and, yep, they quit.