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Make Quitters Sit and Cry Hard(No more weak punishments!)Because quitters don't care!


this is not fortnite mate. With such a small player base…

Be careful what you wish for. You might not find a match at all.


MS needs to take it seriously. They charge for live. No matter the game they need to punish across the board. When a player can just jump out of a game and go to another, do it there, and then move to a new game you have an issue. MS needs to do better. Take quitting reports and look at them. And make it a policy that if it is a consistent problem of quitting you get a full timed ban from mp. ON EVERYTHING.

Now, I am not saying do it quick. I am saying if it is a habit. No complaints about connection problems. If I have them, same with others I play with, I do not play. I give things time to sort. For example, if I am playing Halo 5 and I am laggy and/or lagging out, I will change games. If it works fine I will play that game but if it is the same crap I realize my stuff is having issues. I do not stay in and make things ■■■■ for everyone.

I just get tired of people quitting. Gears is very bad for this. COD is not really any better. I am the type that will stay in and take that one game beating instead of quitting out like a lot of the children (or adult aged children) do. Then I will just exit the game if the game is not working well. But to quit and quit. I have ran into a number of players that quit every single time they lose on this. If I blocked them all I probably could not find a match. Really that bad.

But again, MS needs to do better. In all aspects of this. Because it can ruin mp gaming quite a bit. Nothing like jumping in to BO4 and have a bunch quit repeatedly in matches. Give Gears a shot and have people quit matches in a row. And then try Halo V and have that. So you give GR:W a shot and, yep, they quit.

They dont care…

join via PC there is no cost for playing online via PC.

Xbox Live charges are for xbox games only

This did not work for me when my xbox live subscription ended last time. I buy the cards because microsoft tried to charge me twice one year when I set it to renew automatically.

I have it for both because they allow xbox owners to play some of their games on pc too, but if you buy the game from the xbox store it wont allow online play on PC with out an active xbox live gold subscription.

I don’t know how it works if you purchased the game from the windows store.

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Indeed, Quitter score in matchmaking, You can improve your score by playing the game not quitting getting back into the normal matchmaking. No need to hard ban when soft bans should work fine.

Very mindless suggestion OP with no rational thought whatsoever.

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Why do you quit that much?Are you offended that people are tired of it and want those who do it to much,to know that they will not get away with it,without a bit of punishment at some point!!!

Nah they should have something to where those that quit have it next to their name on the game labeling them as a quitter until they play a substantial amount of matches without quitting then it will go away.


Have social as the default game mode and have ranked locked for most players until they meet the minimum requirements. Players will need to register for a new season and then demonstrate their willingness to participate.

Once in ranked, there are no immediate penalties for quitting, but they are tallied. If you reach a certain threshold, then penalties incur (either through normal suspensions or outright being banned for the season). If the number of tallies is kept low, they will fade overtime the more matches you complete.

Dont know the details mate.

Every PC player says they dont pay anything for MP.

The sad fact is there is no 100% way to ever stop quitters,there is no punishment TC could use to deter them,i’m not sure my op post here would help anyway but i tried,to think of something over top just to see what happened and guess what people didn’t like it,shocking i know,end the end we will always have quitters and like everything else in life we will have to suffer with them to…fin…

Rank should only be full team squads, that would solve the problem.
Why treat rank solo friendly?
Putting together a team for Rank play would be better than relying on randoms.
People pay for the game, so how much of a crude punishment are they supposed to recieve.

Another thing I thought of is how about making all playlist for Rank in casual playlist as well.

I would like to play Koth, but without playing ranked everytime I decide to play it.

that would not solve the problem at all. People will still rage quit. A quitters gonna quit no matter what.

I’ve met a lot of people over the years playing solo ranked.

Sometimes people dont have friends on.

Quitters should be punished because they ruin the game for everyone not just the other team. If you’re such a sore loser you shouldnt be playing ranked.

Well why play ranked at all if thetes so many quitters? There are hundreds of threads yhat talk about punishing quitters.

I know that quitting in ranked play well for ever happen. There is know real way to counter it, I also know when I decide to play ranked I may not keep a full squad.

Lol nice Title change

I explained why quitter bans don’t work months ago

You shut your mouth

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I know it was you lol

Damn us gingers really do get blamed for everything

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I’ve have seen quitter have become a hot button topic again,so my old thread seemed like it needed to be part of disscuion again,to show what can be done or how nothing will change anything much.