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Make Quitters Sit and Cry Hard(No more weak punishments!)Because quitters don't care!

So what do i means by this.You quit for any reason at all and you get for your 1st offence a 3 month ban/2nd offence 6 month ban/3rd offence 1 year ban for all multplayer modes!These weakass worthless punishments need to mean something or the’ll change nothing!

Yea i know they can make a bunch of new accounts but that mean the’ll be banned every time they quit!

Hey they been warned 100reds of times already,time for a wake up call!


Theres gotta be some legal side to this. I know if I got banned for 3 months for something I paid for I would sue, especially since any ban I get now is because of getting kicked from a match. The problem with quitters in Gears is because the teams are so small. So 4v5 makes a big difference compared to other games with a higher team count

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What about the people who don’t quit?Do the deserve to suffer with endless matches that may not be winable because so called teamates keep quitting on them.Theres already been many atempts to quell quitter to no avale so now it’s time to pay the piper.


I feel sorry for your current or future children lmao


This is a last resort idea not a frist,people have complained about this over and over and so far TC has be unable to quell it with the gentle touch bans,so now it’s time to take the kid gloves off and move to the next step!

I’m all for punishing people who actively quit. But the way this game is set up a lot of people get booted and unfairly punished. Also 3 month ban for the 1st time quitting is harsh. Life happens and sometimes you cant finish a game. My thing is if you consistently quit then you should only be allowed to play with other quitters. I’ve never quit but I have been kicked from matches a few times and like I said if this were to happen and I get a 3 month ban then theres gonna be hell to pay


If you have a idea for sorting quiters from those not intending to quit for what ever reason,lets here it.I to have hated quiters mainley when i played horde mode and some would quit at wave 1 or as soon as they relized that this game requires some skill to play and they don’t have any.

Suspensions just don’t work.

I think they should just be matched in the same matchmaking pool together after oh so many quit outs and the rest of the legit player community will see a reduction and have more full games…I also think it should extend to every account needs a new copy of the game so quitters can’t just retire one account and plague the rest of the community with a new quitter account. I think this seems the most fair and logical way to deter quitters and smurf accounts at the same time


My idea comes from the stupid logic used by those in power if one person does something wrong,make a rule and punish everyone.Because enforceing your current rules make it look like you haven’t done anything new and you want the masses to think you did something for them…This isn’t just a gow thing,it’s braindead logic i see used all the time everywhere,to fix whats not really broken…

you are one cranky boy

I agree with the bans you listed however as others have said people lagging out would be punished.

Once again i have to state TC would be better off going back to QM for all of the modes because their half attempted super competitive systems have done nothing but cause frustration in a variety of scenarios.

Ultimately its a game, a lot of sore losers (i have my moments) and its through the internet that can have various complications, i get they want to make money from esports but the system they have in place is pissing people off far more than enticing new people to play.

Just bite the bullet and go more casual like 3

Since TC has moved on to gears 5 and sent gow4 to the trash heap,i’m just looking forward into the future in hope that gears5 players will suffer less then us gow4 players had to, endure in the past 2 years+…TC better luck next time.Lets hope they come out of the gate swinging and not let quitters kill gear5 faster then players can kill the swarm.If TC worrys as much about quiters as the do about how many new gear packs they can sell all of us,the’ll clean up…

Once 7 minutes and a round pass after someone leaves, the quit option comes up, and you can freely quit.

What if people are using a disc? How would Gears or the console tell when a new disc is being put in?

havent paid for a disc in maybe 8years so lol honestly hadn’t thought this far but I’m sure there is a way to stop it either way something needs to be done

Don’t even bother. Ranked isn’t everything and if someone quits you lose less percentage compared to losing a 5v5.

People have important IRL stuff that just pop out and may have to leave that freetime activity. XP penalty is enough the other Gears games had no harsh quit penalty system and people didn’t even quit as much. People just rage quit because the game often doesn’t work as expected.

Um, You need to think this through. Banning someone for quitting is okay but what happens if that person that “quit” had horrible connection but they thought that they could play a couple of matches before it got worse. But in one of their matches the connection got so bad the game decided to kick them from the game and now… well they are suspended for 3 months. And now what is this person trying to do. I’ll tell you, They’re trying to get back into that same game but apparently the lobby doesn’t exist or the game is already finished. So now that person has to sit through 3 terrible months of waiting for his ban to be lifted, And by then they could of left the game for something better. Just because someone quit the game doesn’t mean they done it out of frustration they’re more possibilities as to why they left the game.


You deserve what you put yourself through.

Or just get rid of core altogether. Really worst thing ever about gears 4. I just want to play KOTH with rolling lobbies, bot backfill, and no more core tuning. Core tuning just makes the game unplayable with they way it is right now. If they want core tuning in gears 5, fine, but nerf the lancer to how it is in competitive tuning and reduce the range of the gnasher slightly. That to me would make core enjoyable imo.