Make more “unique” character abilities like Cole in future

Cole is super fun to play as in horde and escape. His different melee brings a fresh look at how you can play these modes.

I hope tc continues this for future characters and operations



I have been saying this for years. Engineers build, Snipers snipe, Heavies are specialist in heavy weapons, Soldiers are Lancer specialist and Scouts… Well, Scouts, er, what do Scouts do now.
Also, the above examples are just that, examples, i know there are no Heavies anymore, Scouts, probably do not exist anymore, just in name… Blah blah blah.
Unique i think is more important thant this Hero system crap, and more so for this Class system from the past, what we need now is a Role system, instead of having characters do whatever they want, they have a specialist Role in the game. Bring in a Tank character, which used to be the Scout, Engineer for building, Sniper for sniping. Ordanance, a specialist for heavy weapons including Mortar and Hammer of Dawn, Soldiers, although i am sure we can come up with a better name than Soldier, Rifleman or something, that are specialist in Lancers, all Lancers, including the Lancer GL. Medic for reviving, because we all need a specialist in picking up the fallen, loonies and reckless. The Stim Grenade would be perfect for the Medic, it is time this was returned, and only for Horde.
I could go on a bit here, but, best not to, this Post is long enough. Just an idea.
World of Warcraft used to be an awesome game, it had a structure like no other and it worked, that same structure can work here in Gears, Tank, Engineer, Medic and DPS, Soldiers/Rifleman, Snipers and Ordanance specialist. If each character remains true to their Role in the game, this are and would be Unique, such as only the Sniper uses Snipers, or has the Perks/Skill to use Snipers, thus making it a poor choice for, lets say the Tank decides to use a Sniper. Engineer can only build, no one else, has reductions in build cost, you know, that sort of thing.