Make Midnight Omen Craftable!

Please make this skin set craftable! For me for example, who arrived late in the game it is impossible to complete!

They make make it craftable when they decide fo stop support for Gears 4 or 6/8 months before Gears 6 release or even earlier perhaps who knows.

But as of right now its unlikely, i think what they going to do is just making them earnable again via borde challenges.

I have a ll of these ones except the lancer one was that only the Jingle Juvies or did it come back I am just wondering I cant seem to find anything about it? :frowning:

As far as I know, it didnt come back again. But I cant be sure since i dont track horde events and skin drops unfortunately.

Okay I guess it hasnt from what I can see, thx tho :slight_smile:

I think the retro has been the only one to come back. (It’s the only one I remember, at least)

Craftable ? Why ? When all players have past lot of time to play in lot of game to unlock them ! Be serious. Respect the man who have burn lot of hours in game for the full weapon set. Craftable is a fast and too easy way !

You do know its going to happen eventually? TC said in a previous dev stream that they have the ability to make weapon skin sets craftable.

So its possible the midnight omen skins will become craftable say 6-8 months before Gears 5 release.

They are definitely going to keep it uncraftable forever imo

I wouldn’t worry to much about the skins, Midnight omen and the flaming skins will eventually be made craftable once support for this game stops.

Exactly what happens when I play horde. I get borde.

haha nice nice catch! I didnt even notice that typo! But to be honest I did get bored of Horde so it kinda works even if done accidently haha.

I too spent a lotta time on it and see no problem in making them craftable.

How about you, @HUG3_N3WB?

I stopped playing due to the PC crashing bug…

But even if I were still playing, I’d vote for making them craftable. Holding skins hostage like they do is just lame.

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