Make it so we can disable crossplay for any versus mode

It sucks playing against anybody using mouse and keyboard and I dont see why there isnt a option to disable it entirely. Its annoying when you lose every fight to somebody then check their gamercard and see the pc icon. It just makes the game less fun for console players and only benefits pc players. And the bots do nothing but drag your team down.

And what about when you come up against a top level controller player?

Then its a fair fight

What about PC players that use controllers??

You can turn it off in setting dude setting-something like multiplayer or network and is says cross play on or off

Thats only for ranked. Every other versus mode is forced crossplay

That’s seems stupid but fair enough,I would have thought it would turn it all it doesn’t specify if it’s for socaoi or ranked

it says ranked but they should have the option for both