Make inconceivable actually doable

I’m sick and tired of Playing of Playing Horde and Escape for daily rewards and basically can’t complete them because of ■■■■■■ Modifers. TC knows how broken they are and you do as well.

I don’t know about Horde, but AFAIK Escape is the same modifiers from before. In fact, it’s even easier now because ironman doesn’t boot you to lobby anymore.


All I know is almost no one pays attention to the modifiers or they are ill equiped to deal with shielded heavies. Countless runs one Clocktower and every time bar one successful run demos, tactions, veterans, jacks, anchors and engineers all failed to counter the shield and could not adapt to the medifier at all.

Found blademaster and brawler to be the perfect choice to counter these mods but without a competent team they can only do so much.


Funny, that. I did one run on Master and it was an immediate success, using Jack. Not sure if I ran into a glitch but the shield on Scions and DR-1s didn’t do much to stop my zapper stun at least, from the front. Also handy when I hijacked a Scion or DR-1 and they had a shield too, not that I had taken over many enemies during the run.

I reckon having a Pilot wrecking with the Dropshot or just going in face hugging enemies with the Silverback(except the Ice Scion because apparently it needs to freeze the SB in .5 seconds) also works.

But yes, some people would really need to read those modifiers. Or play Escape.

Also, OP, the difficulties are not “broken”, they may require some adapting to depending on present modifiers, but generally speaking a good team shouldn’t struggle much even on Master.


There’s nothing wrong with these difficulties, but the daily challenges and the mixed mutators can cause problems in public games because people don’t read the mutators and what they involve; and/or they want to be carried because they want to unlock the Heroic Venom [insert weapon] so they go as a poorly suited character. I mostly play with friends using party chat and we don’t come across these problems purely because we actually pay attention, discuss a game plan and negotiate and compromise over who plays what role. The issue is stupid people really.


Yeah just another day of players who have no clue what to do joining my games lol.

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Read the mutators.

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Ran that last night, wasnt too bad. Had a demo, jack, eng, sniper and i was tactician. Wave 45 we almost had a wipe but we got through it. Was setup at spawn

This. Case closed.


I have been in public games where there is extra headshot damage but reduced non headshot damage, and found myself as the only Marksman, in a team comprised of brawlers, blademasters and infiltrators. On top of that, they insisted on buying sentries!

Get in a private lobby where the mutators inform what classes and cards people run.

Even if I host a horde without Iron Man, the players leave quickly when they’re killed, a shame.

Not as bad as seeing Demo/Tactician with the less explosive/bleed damage or Gunner with the less heavy weapon damage. I swear there’s so many stupid people that don’t bother reading the mutations and just see “CXP must farm “


And that class can also have a Torque Bow bleed build.

Today’s daily on District essentially kills off explosives and bleed damage. I started up a lobby and asked for no Tacticians and Demos. Immediately, I get a lobby with double Tacts and a Demo. When I typed in chat they’re no good for today’s daily, one of them called me a noob. I’m the noob, but these guys apparently can’t read.


He only has 1 torque bow card which bleeds and doesn’t have any damage buffs unless you spend on perks. Concussive explosives requires you to be within 15m which might get you killed on Incon. Torque bow doesn’t benefit from Gunner’s healing passive either so how is that a “build”

You might as well just play as Marksman and headshot everything quicker than Gunner can charge the torque bow

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And then when people come into a match and realise they do no damage with explosives, they go complain on (enter platform of choice). You can’t win. There’s only varying degrees of losing. Although I do like seeing the realisation that they chose the wrong class in-match.

I remember a match on Harbor when the power drain mutator was on that increased the cost of fortifications by 1000%. A Mechanic came in, took a look at the fabricator, then left 5 seconds later. Another Mechanic (a different person) came in and did the same thing literally 30 seconds later in the same match.

Unless the the text is massive, bold, underlined, and shown in the centre of the screen in flashing colours, and Comic Sans, players will miss it.


And you can still use the ult - when the modifier is no heavy weapon damage - and even without the bleeding if -90% bleed is in play as an immunity period for revives if it is necessary, help your team get their ults back faster simply by getting shot, etc. The Torque Bow bleed is also fairly decent at longer ranges where Concussive explosives doesn’t take effect.

Just because YOU don’t like that it’s only one specific skill card relating to the Torque Bow doesn’t make it any less valid or viable as a way to play the class.

And when I refer to “build” I mean it in the sense of the skill loadout - so for the Mulcher build it is Heavy Capacity, Mulcher damage, Bait Armor, Reflect Shredder and one other skill of choice, for the Torque Bow, Shredder, Bait Armor, Serrated Edge, Concussive and one other skill of choosing, can be Heavy Capacity for Salvo stunning.

So if people went down so frequently at 15m or less range, why is it that others can make close combat roles work effectively? I don’t think it’s a class issue for the most part then, being honest.

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To be honest, there’s Custom HB with Disciplined on Tactician and Custom Lancer GL bullet build also works fine on Demo. T-Bow headshots with 200% headshot damage also works, and don’t need bleed or explosive damage for this. Tri-Shot with Disciplined also works too. Not everything is about explosions and bleed when it comes to Tactician and Demo.

Gunner spawns with T-Bow which is a stronger headshot weapon than Marksman’s Longshot. Even if Marksman used T-Bow, it’s still stronger than using Modified Longshot. And since Gunner spawns with T-Bow, that means no waiting for Elite Hunters to spawn at Wave 9-12. And no need to spend 2,000-3,000 power to buy T-Bow from Fabricator. With the 200% headshot damage modifier, Gunner can score easy headshots. They could suicide with Incendiary to spawn more T-Bow and can fill Locker easily. The Practice Every Day card means no reloading while Ultimate is up. So when you fire a T-Bow arrow during up to 12 seconds Ultimate, you won’t have to wait for reloading and can charge up another arrow instantly.

You’re right, but 99% of players use those classes for explosive and bleed damage. I highly doubt they were running those builds, and even if they were, I would rather have had a Gunner, Marksman, and Vet to fill those roles.