Make Gears great again!

Every (hardcore) Gears player who thinks this Gears 5 is not Gears anymore please reply on my topic.
Every damn thing in this Gears 5 is broke:
The Lancer
The stupid flash grenades
The red screen when you get hit (causing chaos)
The maps (dying because the environment)
The money making system for Iron

Please Coalition read this topic, fix this game and
Give us back our beloved Gears


It’s a lost cause. They more than likely won’t change much. They have already put so much time in to make it. They may adjust the Iron system and perhaps the Omen now since they are having for feedback on it. They may also tweak the power of the weapons but other than that, I don’t expect to see many changes.


I think the best thing we can do is put our money where our mouth is and play Gears 4 instead. It’s a flawed analysis because despite it’ flaws, Gears 5 is a newer and better game in a lot of ways, so people will play just because of that, but yea if you want to make a statement ply Gears 4, show TC this is the type of Gears we want.


I just hate the constant flash bangs and the new inverse omen. Why change something that’s worked for 13 years. The precision weapons excuse is bs. I could still aim with the previous omen. I’m a firm believer in “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”


You’ve got my vote :+1:t2:

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No, I dont think they will …

Punish TC by playing GOW4 :slight_smile:

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Just want to add some points.

  1. Bad feedback when you gib someone

  2. Hard to know when your teammates are downed

  3. Lack of love for the swarm

  4. Way to Slow (hold button) to perfom an exucution

  5. To strong auto(sticky)aim. This is bad when you are against more than one other player.

  6. All characters should be available in all modes.
    Or separated properly for the different modes. Its confusing to know what character belongs to what mode.

  7. The new characters feel missplaced and has no build up whatsoever.

  8. The campaign has some serious issues with constantly building up things. And not ending them properly. And alot of pushing for conversations about emotions and feelings. And just feeling really strong for something and then just not feeling anything. Its super wierd its like teenage girls or something…

  9. Change the buy weapon button, in Arcade mode. Its now on the mark enemy which is highly obstructing… Instead of marking the enemy, the player getthe ui with 3 big options on the screen. It will not make people mark more.

  10. In Horde mode you buy skills with the X button. This is the rodie run button if you play Alternate. Not good.

  1. Lack of love for Gears…:grin:
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Well right now I’m drying tears off my controller. I keep reading disappointing reviews of the new release. I have a copy on reserve but I’m not sure if I will buy the game. To me the new game sounds as far off the gears scale as judgement was. I guess I’ll hold off and continue reading reviews and forums. I feel bad for all those who love gears and have shelled out the bucks. I suppose somebody has to be the test subjects. :disappointed:

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Good Post. Would be nice if they listened . I was really surprised by the OMEN change

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I’m not sure Gears can ever be great again. Microtransactions and other barriers ruined it.


i payed 90 dollar for this crap and i want a refund!


Great way to help Gears would have been to wait for reviews and see what its like before you buy it. They should only get your money if they’ve earned it.

Hence the reason why they came up with a 4 day “early access” which in hindsight is even dumber the longer you think about it.

I’m glad I got it through Game Pass Ultimate. Didn’t waste a dime, only time.


I feel with these changes gears 5 can be a better game!! I feel like this game is definitely catering to the casual gears players more than the hardcore, long time gears veterans.Gears has arcade tdm and social for the casual players let ranked be what it’s really suppose to be!! Rod Ferguson said “they must betray fans to innovate” it’s ok to innovate but don’t leave the hardcore fan base in the cold because once the Call of duty’s and Battlefield games come out the casual fan base leaves and you have the vets still sticking it out playing your game. Thank you!

Aim assist- It needs to not be In ranked play If not tone it down a lot because it is ridiculous

Execution- Tc needs to add this back to ranked matchmaking it has been the staple game mode for gears of war for a long time! Nothing is more intense and satisfying than having one life per round and your facing a 3v1 and you clutch it to win the round or match!! Heart pounding moments!! Ranked should have at least one Non Re-spawn mode!! Playing this in a custom match doesn’t have the same feel,plus you don’t rank up or get xp!!!

Flash bangs- These bad boys should be a pick up item just like how shocks are a pick up!! I feel like I’m playing call of duty when all these flash bangs are going off!

Weapons- Every weapon in this game is OP AS HELL!!! Weapon damage needs to be reduced especially on the gnasher and lancer!! The gnasher also should have 8 shots not 6 I don’t understand why you made that change!! Gears is a shotty game it’s not going to change! So quit trying to do stuff to change that.

Bugs/Network-Their is this bug in the game where my character stops running mid roadie run it was happening in the beta and it’s still in the game and also it’s really hard to plant a nade on the ground it doesn’t always want to plant.Network wise the pings are all over the place please address this ASAP!!

Damage omen- Please change it back to the old one it’s so hard to see when your in a gnasher fight and your taking damage.If not reduce the affect that it has on your vision to see your enemies!!

Stats/Rank- I noticed that it shows your K/d and stuff but you can’t see how many kills and deaths you have??? That makes no sense?? Another thing ,at the end of a match the game doesn’t show the ranks of people on your team or the team you played against like gears 4 did… what’s up with that??? I would like to know who I beat as far as rank goes!!!

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Youre absolutely right. No Content, Trash Maps, Trash balancing. Literally the Worst Gears in History.

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The lancer needs damage adjustments and removal of stopping power.

Flash grenades should not last 3 secs maybe 2

The Red Omen is not that bad but could be toned down

The dying from the maps is your fault simple as that.

The system for Iron is not even bad just overreaction they dont have a season pass so the store is going to be the money maker. Stop acting like you are entitled to everything in the game you are not.

They could implement Iron into the Tour of Duty where each challenges rewards 5-10 iron. harder ones offer 10 easy offer 5 .

In general stop acting like everything in the game you should have thats not the case. Compared to some stores this game is good so stop being such a whiny kid.

The only thing people should be moaning about is lack of cool items such as skins etc. And the fact when you Re-up you only get a spray what they have said they are looking into changing that.

Also the story in the game from a story and technical standpoint is very very good but people just focus on negatives . I have also played Gears from DAY 1 since the franchise launched.


Try it in Gamepass… O noooo that’s the reason they charge us Big Money for some skins, outfits and banners​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Wrong. The campaign is amazing but everything else deffo needs a lot of work, Give credit where its due the graphics and optimisation and Campaign have been doing very very well.

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