Make Gears 5 a modular installation

No brainer. Make users of xbox one and win 10 download your Base game which will contain your core library. Once in game, users can choose to download campaign and / or Vs and Horde.

120gb installation where I haven’t played the campaign for over a year is a waste of space and bandwidth. Other games do it and makes sense.


I really like this Idea. Myself for example, I don’t play Horde so I would love the option to remove it as well as the campaign after I finish it.

This Still allows the Achievement hunters to keep everything installed if they choose. Specifically for the release of new challenges and achievements

I agree it really is a waste of space for people who only enjoy the Campaign or Horde .

Gives us a little freedom for other games if you choose.

Also being able to disable skins would be great, I don’t need 3000 4k res weapon skins on my installation when I’ll only look at 2-3 forever.

I like the big downloads because it puts my internet to good use.

I’m paying so much money I need to be downloading big files.

I hope Gears 5 has future 8K Res Support and downloads are at least 250GB for PC :+1:

Not going to happen. If you don’t have the data on your drive, you won’t be able to see any of those 3000 4K res weapon skins should other players choose to use them. It would have to be a placeholder on your end instead. Part of the reason people use skins is so other people can see them.

Separate downloads for campaign and multiplayers is a possibility, but that’s about it. Even separating versus and horde would be silly. Most of the files between the modes are shared. They use the same maps, weapon skins, and most of the same character models.

You make much sense and I agree, you would end up just splitting it from Campaign and Mp but maybe a lot of the two modes share so much that it’s jusy easier to deploy the entire game :+1:

Which is very easily done, you can just set it to the default character or weapon skin if the skin isn’t downloaded, a few games do this like for example company of heroes 2, you check a box that disables user skins and it will only use default skins for everything from the menu, to unit skins.

It wouldn’t split up the community, they still play together, but for one client it would show the skins if they had it downloaded and for those not interested just the default skins.

It would be rather simple to code, depening on the user’s selection on showing skins or not it would go something like:
If yes than show player skins
If no than use default template for all characters and weapons

They could use the same system they have in place now in gow4 and just add a client-side option to use a preset template of skins to override player-set skins.

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Yeah, but that’s a shaft to those who want to show off their skins. With how much emphasis TC puts on skins as a form of progression, there is not a snowball’s chance in hell they’ll have the option to not download any of the files and use placeholders. I’ll **** bricks if they do. It would fly in the exact opposite direction they’ve been going.

OP here. I was referring to splitting campaign from horde / vs mode.

Horde and MP have to go together because the use the same maps. End of.

Campaign should be seperate so it can be deleted after completing it which means getting rid of all those video files!

@anon86589457, @TC_Octus if you could raise a suggestion in JIRA and assign it to big man Rod please. I know he can influence this.

no, you just cant split files and make them modular. you need to know how is a game developed.