Make diamond skins more beautiful

Diamond skins do not have the brightness that they should have, those skins imposed respect in gow4, I propose their improvement in terms of brightness and blue color, I add an image with thei

r comparisons


I agree.

I don’t understand why they look dull & lifeless.


Because this game is dull & lifeless!? :thinking:


I agree the skin is boring now in comparison to the previous, but…

I have to disagree with this. Any respect earned from me is not related to a weapon skin in the slightest. It means very little.



All of them do not appeal to me, the bronze however looks good. Its got a destroyed beauty look to it.

Tc already redid them, and I like the way they look now. They are more flashy than they were at launch, but not as cartoonish as they were in 4.
Literally everyone and their grandma is diamond now. There isn’t much respect for that rank at all anymore. Skins won’t change that.

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Damn, are you really TC ? Is this the way someone from TC should be talking to costumers and fans ?


I thought the change wasn’t implemented yet? In one of the OP5 streams a member of the skin-division mentioned it.

Regardless of some clumsy statement the OP made it doesn’t change the fact that the Diamond and Master skins look bad. Even if a good handful of players believe the ranks are easy to obtain now doesn’t change the fact that they don’t stand out. At least in GoW4 you knew if someone had the Diamond skins. Now the Diamond skins look like a liquid mess and the Master skins literally is just the Ember skins with a master logo on it

It’s lazy man and it doesn’t look good. Atleast the banners are abit more outstanding.
Maybe that’s the trade off here yeah? Diamond/Masters being easy to get, the skins are less visionally attracting.

That member you’re talking about it is either wrong or it was a last minute decision change. Since Op5, diamond is hugely improved compared to how it looked at launch. It’s almost a night and day difference. They are indeed more flashy as @TC_Clown said.


Could have been one of the streams leading up to OP5. Idk, the reply just pissed me off because good questions got ignored but stupid ranked skins got adressed.

The Lancer looks amazing, its the suit that makes it look bland and boring though. I mean- look at that armor! Its just bland and blue!!

ECK!Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 1.53.58 PM

The diamond lancer in G4 and G5 still are bad. Even the re-up reward shouldn’t be these desert camo weapons.

I must say the Diamond skins did look better in four. Especially when you put them on black steel characters. Then they went to chrome which looks â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  in my opinion