Make crossplay mandatory

It’s tiring to play with the same players on PC because players remove crossplay to not play against pc players, but they don’t see it for us who play on pc because in 3 games in a row I play with the same person over and over again and it gets monotonous that person plays in a team. There are very few pc players and I think it would be the best for the pc community.


Blame the cheaters.


Because there are cheaters using aimbots when playing on PC .


Let’s be real here, half of the pc community uses mmk which in itself is an unfair advantage against controllers.

Then there’s the accessibility to aimbots which is rare, but still there. Yes it sucks but I’d like to not lose to people using mnk and hacks, mostly mnk every other game.

Especially in higher ranks, it is abysmal.


I actually think this would make so many people quit the game, or at least stop playing ranked and just play umgs.


Console players can use MKB too
Console players can now have 140fps with Xbox Series X
Console players are getting FOV adjustment soon

where is this fairness you people keep talking about? Maybe right now but soon there won’t be much of a difference between the 2. In reality no one wants to learn KBM Gears because its actually difficult.

And if you wanna be nit picky saying some people can get higher 140 frames, good luck pulling that off on this trash can optimized game because it won’t be happening on anything but an Intel Core


I think you mean Xbox Series X, and there’s no way — I play on the Series X, this thing is not even getting 120 fps in game. Maybe in the menus, but not in fights — there’s no shot it’s getting 140.


Heard quite a few people come on here talking about how great the Series X is and how they were getting 120fps and I’m like…wtf I get 130-140 on a 2060? Only to figure out that the game literally runs worse on NVidia cards. This PC is freshly built and I was only breaking 140fps

If the Series X isn’t making it to 140fps then I’ve been misinformed, sorry. I’ll have to do more research but people claim it runs very well for Gears.

It was never supposed to make 140, it’s supposed to be capped at 120 but you’re not even getting that. The Xbox One original is apparently at 60fps — utter lie though, it gets like 45~ tops, then you get in a big fight and it drops. People go from that to the Series X and it feels so much better, but it’s still only like 90-100fps when you’re bouncing around. A lot of competitive players used to play in 720p on the Xbox One to get nearer to 60 fps.

Edit: I care about fov more than like everyone probably, is that actually confirmed or a rumor? It feels like a rumor on the basis that it makes sense, yet I’ve never seen any confirmation.

It was brought up during a stream that it was suppose to be an option in the future. If its not here by OP7 just assume it won’t be coming but they definitely said it.

Also Snubbs, alright. Say console players ARE only getting 90-100 frames right? Lock the Maxium frames for that playlist

This is not out of the realm of possibility. Truth is it’ll never happen because people will still cry about something that’s unfair. PC players have hackers, we can’t have that! Do you know how many messages I get from stupid people calling me a hacker and I’m not even using kbm?

It’s likely the frames but your average console doesn’t know what a hack looks like since they close themselves in this box that is crossplay off. In all my time as a PC player I don’t think I’ve run into one hacker, only see it in videos people post or “claim” are hackers.

lol there’s no way pc kids would like frame caps. It’s very jarring to go down in frame rate, like it kind of makes me feel sick when I get on an older gow game and it’s in 60. Someone who’s used to like 140-150 being put down to 100~ would probably make them sick. FOV adjustment for console players is probably more likely to be Gow7 than Op7.

You play on PC?

I play on console but I have the game on pc as well, I’ve played it a few times that’s basically how I know I’m not getting 120 on the Series X because on my PC I get like 110 in fights, and it feels noticeably smoother.

The mouse and key board(no aim assist) isn’t unfair against the controller. The PCs fps is unfair against the console.

60fps doesn’t keep up with how fast and responsive 120+ frames are. The next gen consoles keep up with some PCs and u can still use mouse and keyboard if you like, but some PCs have 220+fps which is insane. There are other features available on PC like FOV and settings that optimize better performance.

I use controller on pc and I am literally a monster. My movement is still insane with the slower tuning,

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edit: bahh!

I agree on that : splitting the player base is NOT a good idea. However, something has to be done.

Xbox consoles are solded with controlers, so buying a mouse&keyboard to be as fast / accurante as pc players seems like a “pay to win” option. Same with pc monitors or console Series to be able to play 120fps.

I have an old xbox, an old tv and it is very frustrating to play against some other players when they killed with a shot animation wich lasts half a frame. Gears 5 duels are rythm based and fps (and m&k rotations) are game changing and can be seen as unfair.

We’ve had this argument before (not you and me specifically but the Gears Forums on itself) but I still don’t believe MNK is any more powerful against Controller in Gears. I body PC players all the time in both 4&5. The better aim is one thing, but unlike most click and kill FPS shooters in Gears, aiming is half the battle.

I believe the main reason why a Toggle could exist is because of Microsoft’s ToC’s which state there has to be an opt out option for console players.

This was just something I had read at one time for Microsoft’s cross play games, but does make sense.

Alternatively, TC were worried about cheaters.

That’s not to say console players don’t “cheat” also.

I’ve long been in favour of Input Based Matchmaking.

Games are going this way, I don’t think it would have a big impact, if the PC players mixed with everyone, you wouldn’t see them as much anyway.

1). Well, 120FPS.

2). Not happening in Gears 5

I was getting up to 360FPS in 5 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Series X is locked to 120Hz in MP mode, regardless of what’s going on.

Ah here we go again lol.

I don’t see it happening. May very well drive away a certain amount of players and TC cant lose anymore players than it already has.

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Isn’t there some sort of hard cap where frames just become pointless though
also list specs pls
I’d like to know what it takes to hit that many frames on Ultra + high textures

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