Make Collector's Clayton Carmine skin available again please!

Its a really cool skin and i have not been able to get it. Its been a long time since i saw it in the featured or anywhere.

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I’m still waiting on winter armor marcus

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Don’t ask for skins. The more you let them know what you want the more time it spends in the vault.

Be available just in time for gears 10

There was a Collectors Clayton skin??? And I missed it???

It came out way back in April (2020) so was in Operation 3. It was quite early on.

Here it is.


They brought back Collectors Thrashball Cole, I’m sure they’ll bring back any other Collector variants too. Looking forward to getting my hands on Collectors Major Paduk.

Well damn. Looks pretty good. Only one I’m missing now. I’m sure it’ll come back at some point