Make arcade blitz only

I’m tired of the camp fest that is team death match. I swear the only people that vote deathmatch are snipers. I once had a game that lasted for what felt like a whole hour. Gears multiplayer matches should not drag on longer than it needs to.

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Nope strongly disagree I can’t stand blitz it’s a game mode that can’t decide what it is and people just use it as an unlimited deathmatch mode and spam the ring with shock granades. Granted I realize there are those that enjoy the game mode but I’d prefer it be made into its own lobby so when I have to play arcade (for say a daily challenge) at least I don’t have to play that abomination of a mode.

stands in a corner for 20 minutes with a long shot yea very fun. Using shock grenades, frags, boom shot, salvo, etc is why I love blitz. You use your weapons not for simply killing people but to assume control of the ring. Defending/ claiming the ring is what separates blitz from tdm. You can’t really camp in blitz cause if you do you’re no help to your team. If you’re whole team isn’t at the ring chances are you’re gonna lose it. Another thing I like about blitz is kills don’t matter, the ring does. There’s more freedom in blitz than there is in tdm. The last tdm game I played was just teams camping at spawn in blood drive, and it was so friggin tedious.

I mean agree to disagree. Your not wrong about arcade (btw I’m that sniper LoL) but blitz is just as bad in a wholly different way. There is no control of the ring you go in there specifically to die and if your lucky you can get 5secs before your spamed to death. For me arcade is the lesser of the two evils and when I have to play that game mode for the limited times I do I prefer solely arcade. I’m not a big tdm fan either. I prefer koth, ffa, or 2v2 if I play multi. But I mainly stick to horde.

I had one sniper pin down my whole team in tdm in check out. After that both teams switched to snipers. Tdm suck.

Like I said I whole heatedly agree tdm is crap and arcades version isn’t any different as I stated I’m that sniper I pick my shots and run away from enemies if they get close. LoL I had one match where I went 16-1 from doing just that. However it’s also why I hate that game mode because it doesn’t discourage that type of play style granted I’m not above exploiting it when I’m forced into those modes. But c’est la vie daily challenges must be aquired by any means necessary and if your gonna force me into a game mode I have no desire to play then I’m not going to invest myself in playing it properly I’m going to get what I need and get out.

I’m glad there are players that like arcade. I’d play it more because the concept is cool, Especially with the headshots enables for all guns, but I wish the normal versus tuning was in there. The current tuning in arcade just doesn’t feel like gears being a person thats played since the beginning. Just my opinion not trying to dis or argue :slight_smile: