MAKE AN ACHIEVMENT (joke thread for comedy)

achievement requirements

achievment name

achievment description

play a versus match with 4 team mates using the mexico flag emblem.

no abla espanol? (25g)

must be the only one on your team not using the mexico flag emblem and stay until the match ends.

example: Must win a versus match without leaving spawn or touching your controller.

You guys got this (50g)

You cant leave spawn or perform any action on your controller and hope your team is good enough to win without you before you time out.

example: Play a horde match well above your skill level.

It’s all about the skins (25g)

On your very first horde match choose the highest difficulty posible and you must remain unactive for atleast 1/2 of the waves

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To be honest this may be the easiest achievement to get in the whole game if you live in the USA.

Sentry nightmare (-50g)

As engineer, spend most or all energy on sentries, until there’s not even room to walk inside your base.

(Make everyone else’s horde experience garbage!)


I’m in Britain and its still doable for me.
Just play at about 4-5 am and you’re almost gaurenteed to wind up US servers.
I basically just did this.
Although one guy wasnt using the emblem his ping was definitely Mexican.

Surprisingly I was the lowest ping in the lobby, don’t think a single player was actually in the states.

These Mexico players need to be placed into their own games. Every match tonight and every night is a spongefest with constant random teleporting due to these high ping warriors. The internet isn’t a new concept and the majority of Mexico has internet on par with the most middle of nowhere homes in the USA. This needs to stop and fair matches need to be brought into play. If they don’t fix this I’m going to be done the moment I get my Diamond rank because I will not tolerate the cheating these players are granted for their subpar connections.

Make Gears Great Again!

“The Summer of 83’”
Deal 83% damage on a point blank before you die, 5x in a VS match.

“Take the Money and Run”
Play as a Scout who deposits no money, and then quits after the first lost wave.

“Moral Victory”
MVP a VS match where you lost because your team was entirely incompetent.

“Phoning it in”
Play as a Sniper who drains fabricator energy and does no actual sniping.

“The MeowMix”
Kill yourself with your own flame nade and hope your friends don’t see it in the kill feed.


It’s not just Mexico, in some of the more rural areas of the UK we have abysmal networking, using old telephone cables likely made and buried before you or I were born.
Its true for alot of Europe actually.

Filtering players by their connection is an idea I’ve seen raised a few times which seems the most fair way to go about it, I’ve got no problem playing with people half the world away. As long as we’re all hitting the server with a reasonable ping.

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I understand there’s different issues in Europe but I’m mostly focusing on my experience within the United States. 100% of my matches have at least one high ping player that breaks the game and makes it an inconsistent mess. In the off chance they get disconnected the game runs like butter unless said player decides to come back. 99.9% of the time this player is from Mexico and as a result is the focus of the issues so many of us in America have. If they had decent connections I wouldn’t be here calling for an end to them on our servers but their networking is just terrible from an infrastructure standpoint and then they use WiFi and let more than one person at a time use it when it’s only suitable for a single person.

Plain and simple, keep them away from my games. Otherwise, once I hit Diamond, my usually low (sometimes 60s if placed further) ping and no quitting mentality is out of here. Too many games available and no matter how much I love Gears I will not stand for being on the “cheated” side while the “cheater” is granted super powers. My ISP doesn’t provide me a stable Gigabit Fiber connection for me to suffer constantly. Oh no, let them suffer for their lackluster crap. It’s not just me getting pissed off; it’s all of my friends and their friends. I’ve lost so many people to play with in the last year because, and I quote. “I’m not going to be cheated by team Mexico”. When I asked if they’ll play recently, their response was “is Mexico locked to their own server yet?” to which I respond “Nope”. They immediately say “well, when they are and the lag isn’t a guarantee no more let me know”.

Now come on, how is this acceptable still? Everyone knows high ping advantage exists. What is this, get rid of host advantage but add in high ping advantage? No other games has this issue and anyone who flags this post is nothing more than a high ping warrior trying to draw attention away from this subject because they know they’d be half as good if it was gone.


It honestly baffles me that I can reach your servers with a better connection than any I’ve been able to readily identify as from Mexico.
Really just goes to show that in this day and age distance alone ain’t s*** its the quality of the connection and infrastructure that matters.

I feel your pain, if I wasn’t mostly a horde player I would have given up on this one. I have 0 RL friends who will play it anymore. Only one is even considering buying gears 5.
They’re all vs players and they all got sick of this high ping advantage. In particular the taunts from high ping players who seemingly have no idea that their abysmal connection is why we can’t kill them, on of my fav quote is a mate who said something like “their model is right in front of us but their hitbox never left spawn”
That’s exactly how it feels to me.

lol. This was not a mexico thread.

Lol, it got turned around a bit because of that achievement idea. My bad. :sweat_smile:

Most of these in here are more legit than the “official” thread lol

ShotDropped - Kill yourself via headshot with the Dropshot - 0G

Something I’ve nearly mastered & did in Horde earlier.


Be the only team mate within 20m of the ring in KOTH for 30 seconds, 3 times in the same match.

“Duh, it’s KOTH, not TDM”


Story of my life. This would be a daily achievement.


Lipton: 10 Tbags in a vs match

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The dirty dirty: 10 kills for 100 points

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How about “obtain 117 points killing dbno enemies” and call the cheevo “masterthief” ?


Going off prematurely (10g)
Kill yourself with the boom without killing anyone else

Never give up (10g)
Get kicked out of a match 3 times for going AFK and rejoin 3 times.

Negative nancy (-10g)
Go negative after a whole match. I am talking about score not k/d.

Square Root of Negative One ( √ -1)
Get a negative k/d RATIO.

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Joke, but has happened to me.

Somehow… Steal a kill, go afk for 5 minutes, and THEN QUIT

Campdrive Pro;

In any ranked match on blood drive:
Complete a match where the timer runs out bc neither team even so much as descends the stairwells.