Make 2v2 gnasher permanent

i find it to be better competitive warmup at warming me up. I would even welcome it as a ranked playlist. just helps players get better with the shotgun.

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I wholeheartedly agree with this…made me miss Wingman so much!!!

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I can’t for the life of me understand why isn’t one of the Special Events active at all times, they should swap modes weekly or monthly between KOTG, OSOK, Bunny Hunt, 5 round Escalation and 2v2, it would help so much and add variety to play something just for fun, each of these is popular among players and swapping between them would ensure no one would get bored with them.

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I love 2v2 but need it comp and map rotates.

I find it too slow as Execution.

All that time loading maps, loading players, match begins, rounds win, new round, end of match, voting, reloading, match start.

Way too slow.

Change it to TDM with 15-20 kills and then we are talking :+1:

It’s fun. I like it. Period.

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2v2 on any other map would take too damn long.

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You could rename it to “Hide & Seek”