Major Bug Surge be careful

If you do an arm rip execution where you hit them in the head with their arms the chapter never ends, even when the door closes. Did this 2 times, confirmed both times. So you’ll just have to quit, despite “winning”. Annoying.


Thanks for giving us the heads up. I remember when Lahni’s efficient executioner wasn’t working with the other arm rip either.

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…why would you be executing NPC’s tho?


To see the execution in game without worrying about a revenge kill. Some people just wanna see how an execution looks outside the customization screen.

Also, if people are PvE only, they gotta do something with those executions they unlocked.

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But… But… Being chased by someone trying to revenge kill you is one of the best parts of the game tho. :tired_face: It’s so exhilarating

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Better raise a support ticket so they can look into it.

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This is referring to an enemy, it was a solo surge run with no NPCs. I killed the last drone with an arm rip execution, after it died the level never ended as it normally does when all enemies are cleared.

Paduk called. He says he wants his stim and to make those Swarmy ■■■■■ squeal.

Npc refers to enemies also

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