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(anon86589457) #1

Do you have a Gears of War tattoo? We want to see your Gears Ink!

Post your photos to this thread for a chance to be featured in next week’s What’s Up.

We look forward to seeing your photos, and remember, everyone featured will receive the TCA Commendation Lancer!


Gears forever

(iBaDD iNeWzZ) #6

good thing my wife tattoos, lol gotta figure out where to put it. suggestions. anyone?

(Embry Starred) #7

Modified gears of war 3 Dom tattoo

(ElderCarmine) #8

(Fabs8213) #9


When will they give the lancer tc? or how do we claim it? first of all, Thanks.

(GRANT C0RE) #11

Earned myself seriously 4.0 a few months ago and since I missed out on getting the emblem in-game, I decided to get it tattooed! This has been a huge achievement for me and there are so many people in the community I would like to thank who helped out along the way! @anon86589457 @TC_Octus

I didn't get my emblem for the archivement seriously 4.0
Seriously 4.0 emblem (2)
(zandyocalypse) #12

Little late to the conversation, can only upload one photo of the newest one but here’s the start of my second gears arm sleeve

(zandyocalypse) #13

First sleeve:

(zandyocalypse) #14