[Main Topic] Studios Versus Challenge - Not Showing Any Progress

I have played more that 20 matches that’s a fact but it still says i’ve only played 18

Yeah same here I play 4 more ranked match and not gone up yet. Still on 90%.

So many issues with these skins :-1:

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Hi all,

I need to know if this has resolved since or if this challenge progress is still stuck.

Also is progress stuck in-game or on https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/my-rewards or both?


Still not showing any of the Normal Horde waves I did today.

Progress is still not showing waves I have done since your post.

Edit: Specifically talking about the website.

I have received them as of writing this. thank you.

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Thanks guys, now is progress correctly tracking in-game? i.e. the challenge in your achievements list? Need to understand if this is an issue only on the website or on the console or both.

This is the thread for Versus :wink: For Horde, please write your feedback here. Thanks!

It was also doing it on my achievements list as well stuck on 90%. But worked as soon as I went to do the horde challenge.

So your Versus Challenge completed at 100% and you were able to claim the skins on the my rewards page?
Interesting that you mention that starting Horde unblocked it – both challenges are not linked at all. Interested to know if more people experienced the same thing.

possibly just the amount of people trying to earn the skins

Sorry, I thought this was for both, that’s why I posted regarding on horde.

Now, maybe the theory of them being linked when they shouldn’t could be true, since I’m not seeing progression on the Horde once probably because I have not done a single multiplayer match yet.

I’ll try to check later after I play a multiplayer match to see if there’s any progress.

this is not counting games completed, pathetic, completed 35 games n mp, ruined a few peoples win streakes, sorry, for the mp guys n gals,yeah I don’t mean the gears counter that’s fuked, as usual, I mean the so called server counter on ms

I have completed 35 mp games, the skin reward is 20, I cannot claim, I cannot claim while having nothing too claim

Managed to claim 99% of the skins from both challenges. But as usual there’s a problem and no snub pistol was claimed. Why does nearly every weapon skin challenge have some kind of issue???

If I recall correctly, I think the snub was unlocked thru a stream or something else. I know because I have the Lancer and Snub.

Correct, the Lancer was awarded by watching the E3 Xbox Press Conference on Mixer.com or via the Xbox One Mixer App.

The Snub was awarded when watching our last Dev Live Stream on https://live.gearsofwar.com
This episode can be watched here - https://mixer.com/GearsofWar?vod=38506436


I just watched the video and still didn’t get the reward ?

I believe you had to watch it live so you could claim it through the quest tab. Not sure about V.O.D. (most likely no though.)

You had to watch it live. Not 8 days later sorry mate.