[Main Topic] Studios Horde Challenge - Not Showing Any Progress

It works in both Private and Public Horde.

Yeah I’ll check tomorrow morning if nothing then I’ll contact TC

Ok - I heard different but guess it does then :+1:

My tracker still says zero no matter if it’s public or private. Frustrating to get no response on this


Strange why it’s only some people that are affected?

Im on PC so I can only look at the website tracker.

Update: Booted up my wifes xbox and it appears there. Im 73%. Why the website isn’t working who knows.

I’ve played 110 waves of private and it still says 0/200. I will try online and see if that works.

I just completed 200 waves on horde and received achievement. Went to claim skin and it doesn’t show that I even did one wave…what’s going on?

It shows what I’ve done so far for verses but nothing for Horde.

Please help.

Mine only shows on my console, though after my last few games of Horde (and a few ranked matches) went back to console to check progress and it hasnt moved,

Website now shows 0/200 and 2/20. Xbox shows 73% and 0%.

Update: achievement popped mid horde game and was able to claim despite website still showing 0/200

Horde Mania DOES work with the challenge.

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It’s just a visual bug, I claimed it and it still shows 0/200, here’s proof: https://imgur.com/a/3u80cPX

I played on private AND public so it works for all modes.

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Ok I just claimed my skins…98% and my community page shows I got the challenge 9 hours ago…odd but hey…next is ranked

Congrats bro!

I’m the opposite at the moment :+1:

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How so? You can’t claim them?


I mean I’ve done the Ranked challenge, need to do Horde :+1:

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If you have issues with it not tracking and you should be getting credit on the web site… The last two challenges (Griffin and BTTE) they wouldn’t track for me, until after I did a complete shutdown on my Xbox and restart. Both times within 5 or 10 mins of doing that, the tracking started to work…

That hasn’t solved anything. Between 3 sessions I’ve easily done 350 horde waves - no tracking on xbox. The challenge is just messed up , and TC are ignoring it.


It must only count when playing private with other people then. None of my solo private Horde waves counted

@the-coalition are you going to fix this bug on the website or…?

It has been two days now and we have heard nothing but silence