[Main Topic] Studios Horde Challenge - Not Showing Any Progress

Just did about 70 waves and it’s not tracking on the website anyone else having this issue?


Has to be Normal difficultly or above in online i believe.

Been playing horde mania on normal difficulty online does that count?

Not sure if it does.

TC were really vague.

I’d stick to regular horde or wait until tomorrow to see if it updates.

Thanks for the heads up!

yeah i just done the last 13 waves and the cheevo pinged straight away

No problem :+1:

So regular horde then?

iThinkSo :v:

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How or where do you redeem these challenges?



Thanks man, im having a hard time finding stuff with the new layout.

No problem bro :+1:

So how do i get 98% when I completed 200 waves? That’s an odd number

Yes, it doesn’t work or track on web page.
Only in-game on Xbox console through Achievement Tracker.
However, if you get 200 Waves done and go to that web page, you can still click claim even though it will say 0/200 Waves done.
I’ve done it.


196 Waves?

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Aha yeah, that’s true :+1:

I did 4 war machine speed runs and I finished all 200 waves and I just ran 2 waves solo and it didnt register…hmmm perhaps its glitched for me oh well…I’ll play again Thursday and see

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I’m pretty sure it’s only via Matchmaking that it counts.

But yeah, maybe give it a few hours to update.

Nah. I did mine in private Horde with friends. It definitely counts.

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