[Main Topic] Microsoft Studios Lancer and Snub E3 Mixpot Unlock

6 skins for VS
6 skins for Horde
1 skin for E3 mixpot viewers and a second chance to get this skin also was on a TC developer stream.
1 skin for viewing a TC developer stream

Can get get another way to unlock the Lancer please


i started a feed about this 2 days ago as i couldn’t find anything about this and when i got a response 6 hours later saying this is what took place i was like where on this site or twitter were we the gears players told upfront about this e3 stream as am i alone on this as i agree i would really like TC to offer another chance to get these 2 skins to complete this skin set. Anyone else agree?




I think TC will read the comments and threads and offer and alternative to get the other two skins :+1:

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I have redeemed and installed the pack but the game don’t want show up what i get…

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Might take a few hours :+1:

Mods have said in the current eSports stream that TC is looking into the issue with the Lancer from the Mixpot. The Snub is not part of the E3 Mixpot, they said it will be given out later.

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I hope so

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No it should remain mixpot exclusive. If you missed the stream, you missed it. I don’t want to see the skin given to people that didn’t even tune in.


I got the dlc on my Xbox downloaded but got nothing. Did you get anything yet?

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Honestly I haven’t played in xbox for months lmao. So can’t check otherwise I’ll probably have like 50gb worth of download’s to do.

Sorry if I can’t be much help.

Are we talking about the actual E3 conference? If so, Xbox has tons of ways to watch it and I chose to use YouTube via Apple TV using the Xbox Channel feed. I tried Mixer last year and it kept degrading my quality and freezing despite my connection being reliable so I went a different route this year.

Not a big deal either way but remember plenty of people tuned in through other official channels so I wish they didn’t run this as an exclusive Mixer promotion but oh well.


Yes Please

Have patience, everything will be ok :+1:

Same! I turned on my xbox & saw the DLC install but nothing’s actually in the game. I’m gonna assume it’ll take a couple hours to a day or maybe longer. For it to actually show up in game.

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I heard it can be up to a year o_O

Same here

TC are working on a fix for this :+1:


I agree with u, another way to unlock these skins

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Yeah I downloaded the dlc pack too and got no pack when I went on the game please help