Main thread for TDM - Back after preseason with major changes

Don’t forget to add the matches that start and then end before anyone has the chance to fire a shot.


thanks for finding this :smiley:

“its exceptionally popular”!!!

re trolls, ban them, I can easily record and put proof somewhere (Xbox, Youtube, twitch)

will it come back, yeah, no, maybe… the only thing we can do for now is try and provide feedback that we want it back


Put TDM back on ranked please!

Is this the only PVP shooter that doesn’t have a Deathmatch as a main mode???

2v2 is my favourite mode but when my friends arent online its all about Deathmatch. I enjoy a KOTH occasionally but I like my kills to count more than a ring! When it comes to a game where the objective is to kill the opponent surely TDM should have a spot on ranked…

In hope…

Many thanks :slight_smile:


This right here. We have a winner here lol!! This would be the best (& most direct) way for TC to communicate their plan.

Something like removing a current staple temporarily is a huge change and to not explain it through the op4 breakdown/message of the day thing is a massive oversight.

TC has made some good progress and so far the new rank system seems pretty solid. So good job TC! Thank you TC for making some efforts for better communication, but some things (like this tdm debacle) need to be communicated directly to the community within the game.

The only reason I knew what was going on with tdm was because of seeing people talk about it on the forums. Even the, there has been a ton of confusion around the issue and many people who have no idea what’s going on other than tdm is just gone from the game. Like the mode or not, people (not me) are leaving because of it (or the lack of clarity/understanding of the issue).

It’s like coming home from work to find out a family member or roommate sold your couch without telling you, and when asked about it they said “well I announced the offer on Facebook story, did a live stream, and put it out on Craigslist. How did you not know? I communicated about it, that’s on you”

Lol like who does that? Mistakes happen and if they own it and learn from it, then cool everyone can move on! (I think the solution for something like this is the one SKORGE quoted)

If TC is still wondering why all the hate/saltiness, they need to realize that they aren’t consistently communicating their plans with big changes within the game (which is the most direct path to reach every person playing the game), and accept that most people don’t keep up with Twitter or the live-streams.


Please, bring it back!



latest update

We’ve also heard your feedback about TDM – both for and against it as a Ranked mode – and there are many conversations taking place in the studio about the future of this popular game type.

@TC who are you listening to?

according to your dev stream the numbers indicate otherwise (that Ranked TDM is what a majority of players wants), A few people do not represent the majority but the numbers are a better indication (i.e. popular game type)…

This forum feels like we are shouting into the abyss. where does TC get this feedback from?


I’ve wondered the same question about TC and many other business/corporate entities haha. Though the new ranking system seems to address much of frustration discussed on the forums on previous rank systems.

Anyways, I don’t understand the reasoning for removing one of the most popular modes from ranked. I have mixed opinions on tdm as I was always more of a warzone guy, but ranked tdm was my next go-to playlist as I prefer non-objective modes over objective (though I do play other modes periodically).

Admittedly, once gridiron came out, I have probably played that more than tdm, but again I think it’s good to have at least one ranked non-objective mode that obviously a lot of people still play(ed). Not that the ranked players are all stellar players, but making social only, new/super casual players are gonna get wrecked if the ranked population all switched over to social tdm.

Not to mention it seems like many tdm players enjoyed the ranked playlist more than social one. Maybe that’s just me?


Please check out my idea here: Idea for making TDM more competitive (and suitable for Ranked)

It’s already competitive and suited for ranked.


Quickplay is one round to win, You spend more time voting, loading and sitting in intermission than you do playing. Not to mention when it starts with 5 versus 3. It is absolute trash,


I think an easy fix for tdm would be instead of a 5 death limit per player which imo would make camping a problem for players on their 5th life. After the first 5 deaths, any subsequent deaths would hurt the player’s rank heavily. So the next game the stronger player’s wouldn’t have to deal with that player.


Would be easier to subtract GP for each death. If it’s something like 10 GP a kill, -5 GP per death. That way, if their K/D is in negative they’d lose points at the end of the match, in addition to the entry cost… Which, as you suggested, would hurt their rank.

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Even worse is that there’s a bigass tutorial on it before you start.

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Then you clearly haven’t played social TDM. It is one round to win, frequently starts with massively uneven teams (such as 5 v 3), and ends up placing Onyx, Diamond and Masters players with bronze and silver. It’s absolute trash.

Why do you even care at all? If you don’t like to play Ranked TDM then don’t. How does it affect you if I want to play Ranked TDM?

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Bring ranked TDM and Escalation back and remove KoTH.


Because koth was originally in gears one used for gnasher duels not ranked.

Escalation is pro mode so should be in ranked. Don’t like it then your arguments for koth are now invalid.

Gridiron apparently from esports streams there looking at bring that into a pro mode which means again should be kept in ranked.

2v2 I’m 50/50 on

FFA is for your solo flex players that like to moan about team based modes but play them solo anyway and when lose moan about losing points.

In a way FFA shouldn’t be ranked as outlined above the solo flex players choose team based modes.

Before you disagree with KoTH because it’s objection based, so is Escalation but a lot more objective based.



Sorry haven’t seen or played LOL mode

I think he means League of Legends?

Get this trending on the forums and on twitter boys and girls. #BringTDMbackOrIQuit :joy::joy:

Seriously though what is wrong with them? Why is it not back yet? Why are they listening to 1 person in 1000 about there being an issue with TDM?! It was fine and would work great with this new ranked system. Yeah don’t get me wrong I moaned a few times about getting rubbish teammates but I didn’t stop playing, like I’m finding myself doing now.


Won’t matter if everyone quit Gears5, they wouldn’t bring TDM back before op5.

100% this op for us will be maybe the last…