Main thread for TDM - Back after preseason with major changes

Team Deathmatch – TDM is making its return to Ranked at the start of the official season. We’re updating this mode to be 4v4 and we’re going to limit matchmaking in this playlist to solo & duos.

Update to reflect TDM coming back to ranked with major alterations


Instead shooting own foot like usually ,
TC is now cutting their own head off ,
and thats just sad, why dont just remove those dead game modes like 2vs2 and Gridiron.

Two most popular game modes through history of Gears of war are : Koth and TDM

“Or maybe i’m wrong”


Gridiron is still popular, far from dead. It will be the new go to single elimination mode.


Gridiron and 2v2 are always packed when I’m on…


Gridiron waiting time 45 minutes :wink:
2vs2 is just lame :wink:


People are mad, I get it, now you know how us Guardians have been feeling… but does there need to be 6 different threads about it?


I don’t know, but maybe TDM was way the ■■■■ more.popular then Guardian. So of course more people are gonna say more ■■■■.


Yea cliche generic modes do tend to be I guess, huh.

Than, btw.


The idea of TDM, being generic and cliche is the reason why people like it.

There’s nothing wrong with simplicity, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Sorry that TDM isn’t chasing a flag or ring chasing.


The point is it never should have been in ranked to begin with, it is casual by design… how you supposed to be competitive with a single trash teammate burning 12 lives by himself lol… don’t get me wrong I like playing it too, but again it should have been casual anyways.

Regardless of any of that, not even the point of what I was saying… the whole point is search function, keep the complaints in one solid thread, everything they preach on these forums. You’ll get more likely a response or noticed with one widely angered thread, than multiple eventually buried threads.


Casual by design,

I mean is that a Problem just to TDM by itself?

Of course not, KOTH is just chasing a ring, what’s so complex about that.

The argument of all the lives being wasted by one guy doesn’t hold up because most of the time in a 5V5 KOTH match and you have that ONE garbage teammate you’re gonna more than likely lose. Because by then it’s really a 5V4

Like I said earlier, People Are Pissed, TDM has the bigger population so of course multiple People are gonna make multiple posts right when the news drops that TDM is gone.


You’re not going to win any arguments with me bringing up my 2nd least favorite mode behind Escalation(and yet as much as I hate KOTH, I’m not too blind to realize how popular it is). but none the less our points have been made.

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I dont understand why people even think Gears TDM is in the same vein as other traditional TDMs. At least in Gears you still had the “final stand” approach to it that differentiated itself from others before it. Now instead of the typical first to 50 kills you had to at least manage your limited resources in the life pool. You could sacrifice a life here and there but it was vital to keep an eye on that pool. Some insane games could come out of them for that reason. TDM is casual by design but has that “hardcore” Gears flavor. Just my thought anyways.


Well that’s why I like it.


remove escalation its a stupid mode anyway , we are gonna play king of the hill on rank til our hands bleed to death to win

There is Ton of players who play only TDM ranked , removing TDM will Drop player counts a lot ,
yes these players wont change game modes they change game :wink:


It’s crazy to me that people will be upset about a change, but not take the time to watch the dev streams where they explain their reasoning…

They said this is a temporary change, so they can improve the experience of TDM.


2v2 is awesome, maybe you’re just bad at it…


They already did, Escalation will not be in Op 4…

Do you guys read, or just like to complain?


ah ok, but why remove team death match it makes no sense