(Main) Rod leaving The Coalition

I’m not sure this was talked about yet, considering it just happened, but it seems Rod is stepping away from TC.


I can’t see how that can make Gears get any worse


It doesn’t surprise me , Gears 5 was a total and utter mess … Its time to bring someone who can have audacity and passion to get Gears of War into the right direction.


Honestly this doesnt come as a suprise to me, when Rod took the christmas/new year break he never really returned to gears.

I dont see how this will change things though, probably someone internally will step up, were not likely going to get someone outside of TC.


Not immediately. TC is capable to maintain and produce new DLC and fix bugs for the support of the game. Gears of War is a big Xbox IP. I am sure Phil Spencer will not let it go to waste and will appoint someone suitable to head the franchise when Gears 6 starts development cycle.

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He came back and helped deliver us more gears of war but now he leaves when the game is in shambles.

Mixed feelings from me.

Who will leave too? Who will replace him?

No wonder he didn’t talk much about Gears 5 after release. He went kinda missing just like Cliffy B did before he officially left.

Does this make it more likely to see a 2/3 remaster? Does this mean that we won’t see a new Gears of War title for a very long time?


There are so many things I want to say… so many ways to express how I feel… most of which would get me banned.

I think this gif will suffice.


Oh thank god…

I can only assume he had a major role in this debacle.


Yeah, his return wasn’t all that successful.

Out of respect for him, I have to think that he wasn’t really involved for Gears 5 and he was content with a money grab or something.

I think that this is great news so we can move forward or simply let it die.


Just posted.



Using this as main thread.

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What is the status of Mr. Cleven as mp design director?

Gears will go into a hiatus but this is for the better…i think and hope.


I wouldn’t mind seeing The Great, Wise, Mighty, Knowing Mr. Ryan Cleven as head director of gears.

Good pick.


Is he still even at TC?

He does have some good ideas but he was being stopped by an unknown force lol

honestly, for me at least, is a good news, despite he has kept in life gow in last two episode i’ve felt that he mostly focused on mainstreaming the game, attempting to please everyone without end hurting anyone, this way the games resulted being a bit flat in storytelling and innovations, plus i’ve noticed a deep focus on cashgrabbing and microtransactions that original trilogy didn’t had at all, i’ve just been forced to drop the game after some weeks because in online was impossible to unlock anything within decent amount of time, let’s hope someone really caring for gaming will take his place.


Who Ryan Cleven? I’m pretty sure he is, I don’t think I’ve heard any news he has moved away from the company or gears? Have you?

That would be a blow to the game I assure everyone. That man actually understands the game, he has the acumen for it down pat. Would be highly lamentable to see him go, as opposed to this Rod.

I think that someone has already been appointed to be studio head, Ryan Cleven, both him and Rod when silent at about the same time and he did say he had personal issues to take care of, maybe this is it he is being trained to become the studio lead, and to be honest I think that would be best.