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(Redfox888) #1964

So i was right that winning means more than killing. If your not winning your dropping. I definately lost more games yesterday. Gotta love the quitters and campers. The worst one i think was the one last night when i had 16 caps and 42 kills and some guy says he is carring the team camping the drop shot getting killed.

(Drinkands im) #1965

Lol power weapons “can” be a difference maker, but if you are camping and losing the weapon then you are pretty useless. I play very simply i dont go too far out of the way for power weapons. If its on my path to cap i check to see if its there. If its not i go to cap. If cap is crowded with 5 you look to see where your team is and try to pick off what you can with lancer. If you dont see a way you can successfully get into that cap then you look at alternatives. Which is typically a power weapon. Anything you can use to pick off guys.

(Drinkands im) #1966

And yes Winning is the most important metric in Ranking. But if you win and dont perform better than you are expected you still dont go up. And if you are losing more than you are winning then you are below the requirement to move up.

(Redfox888) #1967

Ive noticed that too if i have a bad game where i cant get kills and keep dieing alot it goes down worse than if i went positive and had 20 or more kills.

How do you upload screenshots from your xbox? Does it just use the explorer app to access the web site?

(Drinkands im) #1968

You can get the xbox app on your phone. Any screenshots you save will be there.

(Drinkands im) #1969

The thing is that if you lose and perform well you wont go down. But you will need to win more matches to go up. When i was above 50% win% i was consistently climbing. Now that im at a 46% win% i never go up when i win and always go down when I lose unless I put up amazing numbers. See attached match. I had an amazing match but we barely won. I think i went up 0.5%. But there are multiple reasons.

  1. everyone is ranked below me
  2. we only won 2-1 winning 2-0 is a bigger gain
  3. most likely we are expected to win

(Redfox888) #1970

Ok thanks. I was thinking that something more was going on than just kill numbers and wins. It must have been that the games I won I was supposed to win and also some of my losses that I was supposed to win but didn’t.

Do you guys get people that quit even when they are winning? This happens to me a lot more than I expected this late in the life of the game. It reminds of gears of war 2.

(Drinkands im) #1971

Yeah tons of quitters and i guess some of them are disconnecting.

(Laaaaaancer) #1972

I had a guy like that in a game today. We were on Forge Blitz. He was camping Torque or nades the entire game and was always away from the hill. It was basically 4v5. I had to put in a decent amount of effort to get the win. Ended up with 18 caps, 66 kills, and almost 40 downs. We got lucky that the other team wasn’t very good. He then invited me to play right after lol. Yeah right. Not gonna play with someone who doesn’t play the objective.

(GhostofDelta2) #1973

Nothing worse in Koth than a longe ranger who doesn’t kill enough to hinder the enemy team. I don’t mind the slayers who stop people just before the ring making the opposition effectively waste time running, respawning and running again.

(Drinkands im) #1974

Im basically done with KOTH for now after last night. I had 5 matches and only won 1 of them. At least 3 of the other 4 someone quit on our team. One of them was tied in the first rd. One we had won the first rd and the guy quit in round 2. The other one our teammate was sitting at spawn rd 1 and then quit out or was booted. It was a horrendous night and what could have been a winning night turned out to be a 20% win rate night. I lost 10% in my rank overall. We (me and my one friend) then went to 2v2 gnashers and i gained 10% so im at Onyx 1 75%. Im basically just going to focus on Gnashers and try some other modes (TDM, Dodgeball, if i can find a match). KOTH is not enjoyable when someone is quitting every single match.

(Redfox888) #1975

Does anyone know how many matches you have to win at 100% before they let you in to the next teir? The blog says that it is calulated by round so I should have gone up last match but am still at bronze 3 100% after winning 2 in a row with an MVP ribbon in the second on TDM.

Why is it so confusing? I think my team was supposed to win because we had one guy that was gold 3 and their team only had a gold 2. We had a player quit in the first round so we were down 1 guy which makes a big differance according to the blog. It says that preforming well under this difficult situation is reward more than the 5v5 games. And we won so idk why i even try and play for ranks anymore.

If they dont change the way this works for 5 then i see it die a quick death as well.

(III EnVii III) #1976

When you are 100% - you don’t want to play until promotion IMO.

You have to wait a maximum of 2 hours.

For me, it changes at 8pm, 10pm, 12am, 2am, 4am and so on.

So you just have to wait and you will go up.

Playing more and losing can mean you lose the promotion and go below 100%.

(Drinkands im) #1977

Exactly what Envii says. Promotions are every 2 hours on even hours.

(III EnVii III) #1978

It used to be odd hours until season 6 :sweat_smile:

(Drinkands im) #1979

TC screwing every one up! Good thing i just started in Season 6 so I dont know exactly how badly they screwed the pooch.

(Laaaaaancer) #1980

Useless long rangers are the worst in KOTH. It’s why I hate playing on Canals or Speyer. There’s always that one guy (and he’s always on my team) that tries to snipe the entire game and isn’t very good at it.

(Redfox888) #1981

If this happens the next time it spawns I will go grab it and pack towards the hill using it like a boltok. I usually get at least one kill and maybe a down or two if my team is pushing.

(GhostofDelta2) #1982

And inevitably brags about his k/d.

(III EnVii III) #1983

I’ve seen people try and sit back to Sniper in games where it’s like 160 to us - 170 to them and the opposition is about to cap the ring.

Like unless you are about to get 5 headshots in a row, within 9 seconds, get in the ring please :sob: