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(III EnVii III) #1924

And people will naturally hit a ceiling.

You have to really understand what to do differently and practice what makes others begged to become better yourself.

People just expect to go into a lobby and regardless of what happens, expect big boosts off wins.


Yeah, my point exactly. I’ve been a Onyx since season 3. Do I blame this on TC? Heck no. It is my job to work for a higher rank

(III EnVii III) #1926

The first step is understanding that point.

The next step is to work towards moving forward :+1:

(Redfox888) #1927

It still doesnt help when half the team quits or decides to try and play 1v1 in the lobbie while the rest are triing to win. This is why a loss or win should not count towards rank but how you play the game. If you decide to camp a power weapon and keep losing it or cant use it effectively then you are not helping your team your just being selfish. If you want to pad your k/d just to feel good about yourself then go kill bot v AI and stop punishing players that actually want to rank up. K/d means a nothing to the ranking system unless you play TDM so your not doing yourself any favors either your just costing your team a win by being a selfish player.

(III EnVii III) #1928

Kills are pretty much much everything to the Ranking System.

(Redfox888) #1929

Thats why guys that get like 40 kills and 2 or 3 captures are all bronze and silver ranked. You dont get 40plus kills and go negitive kd. My kd is like .8 in ranked and i would be an onyx or better if i teamed up with some good players and could actually win games. Winning means twice what kd means to your rank. I play solo though because i cant dedicate that much time to playing a video game so I have to suffer with teammates that will give up if they start dieing to much by triing to go lonewolf and/or camp a power weapon they cant get a kill with so i lose 25% more games than i should because everybody thinks their k/d pads their rank in an objective based playlist.

(III EnVii III) #1930

Believe what you want, but Kills + Wins = higher ranks.

Because you need the kills to win the matches.

I’ve got a lot of Diamond 1/2/3/4/5 friends who almost never cap the ring.

But they get 40-50-60-70+ kills a game, every game.

(Redfox888) #1931

But they win if they were get 40+ and losing less 50% of games they would not be diamond but maybe gold or onyx if they were lucky. Plus you need to stay alive if your dead and respawning all the time you cant be there to kill those three guys that just came in and stole your ring from you. If your playing around on the other side if the map playing for kills but keep dieing while the rest of their team is trying to take your hill from one guy how is that helping your team? Especially when instead of using your killing skills to retake the hill you run off back to where you just died and maybe kill that 1 guy while there still 4 others near the hill that you need to win the game.

There was a post i read a few days ago from a team player that has lost almost half of his games with just over a 1 k/d that is ranked diamond. So how does something like that work? I myself was placed onyx after 5 placement matches only winning 3 of 5 and with maybe a 1 k/d if i was lucky and then was slowly brought down to gold 3 by losing 49% of matches while preforming at a fairly consistant level of top 3 on my team but not always top 3 in the lobbie.

The ranking system is still ranking how you preform as a team and not as an individual playing on a team.


You just don’t get it @III_EnVii_III

@GhostofDelta2 can you rid us of Envii’s lies.

(Drinkands im) #1933

If everyone is dead it makes it easier to take the cap. And just getting a cap doesnt win a match. Getting and holding the cap wins a match. Power weapon control is highly important in KOTH as power weapons in the opposing teams hands could be the difference maker. So winning 1v1, caps, kills, critical breaks, all add up to wins. They are all equally important for KOTH. You might think someone is off goofing around. Sometimes it is necessary to take out the guy with the buzzkill or the sniper. Otherwise you have no chance. It really changes depending on whether you are holding the cap or assaulting the cap. But to the ranking system K/D, caps (for KOTH), and Winning are all important. Quitting can also impact your rank.

(Drinkands im) #1934

Something that doesnt make the stats preventing your teammates from being blown up by boom or frags. This is so critical and there is no way to put a point system towards it. Someone can take out your entire squad with power weapons.

(Redfox888) #1935

Im not saying that doing that stuff doesnt help the team but when a guy contually sits at a power weapon spawn while the enemy has the weapon killing your teamates, waiting for them to use all the shots and then for the weapon to respawn is counterproductive to winning.

An example of the kind of 1v1 that im refering to happened yesterday in a match that our team was winning. We only had one more hill to cap and this guy stays at the last hill firing lancer bullets at guys spawning to try and draw them to him instead of moving to the next and laying down cover fire for me and the other shotgunner. This kind of stuff does not help win games.

(III EnVii III) #1936

If you are dropping 40 kills every match consistently, you are definitely Onyx 3, if not borderline Diamond because that is consistent and remember, if you are getting 40 Kills when against other Diamond players too, you are obviously skilled as when I go around with my Diamond squad, we suppress the opposition to the point where they get hardly any kills.

So in this case, only 1-3 people need to actually cap the ring. The team is so strong at killing that there’s no threat to the rings themselves.

Exactly my point.

To get 40-70 kills a game, you simply are not dying often.

Therefore, your kills matter a lot as it allows you to either capture the ring or defend it.

So you see, essentially the slayer is winning the match.

Trying to get kills and failing, is not the same as actually getting kills.

I stated that you need kills to rank up and those that do get them are the ones that are the higher ranks.

High ranks won’t do this.

Onyx and above normally have a good sense of where to be.

It would have worked because if true, they deserved the Diamond.

First of all, you getting a higher rank in Onyx but losing 2 matches just proves my point of needing to always win the match.

I’m not saying it doesn’t matter - ideally you want to win all your games but performances matter even moreso.

I don’t go down from losses or very rarely go down because I always try and maintain a high kill count. I do get a lot of caps, a lot more than most people, my average is 12 caps a match according to my stats but that doesn’t ever affect my rank.

The next part you say you got deranked by losing - but you say you were “consistent”.

When you say top 3 but not too 3 in the lobby - the game looks at it as if it was top 3 out of 10.

You are competing with your own team and against the other team - so against 9 players.

You lost because you couldn’t maintain the Onyx Rank in Skill Level in those matches.

No, it just expects one team to win over another however it looks at individual performance for individual rank.

You put a Onyx 1 in with 4 Diamonds and win 20x matches in a row and that Onyx 1 isn’t going anywhere in terms of rank.

(Drinkands im) #1937

The ranking system works pretty well. I can def tell the difference between ranks when im playing them. For people that dont like the ranking system there is social quickplay. And you do always see progression through your reup.

(Drinkands im) #1938

Thanks for all your help explaining the ranking system. With your help I now understand where I need to be to get Diamond. Not sure if i will get there but my stats are still seeing improvement, but I know I am not “there” yet. Like you said I think you need to be putting up around 40 kills and winning matches against full Onyx 3/Diamond squads. Im only putting up about 25 right now (solo) so still have some work to do. But that is an improvement from where I was a few weeks ago. When I face Gold ranks with my Friends im putting up 50-80 kills plus a lot of caps (20-30). So I think I am placed in the right spot right now and just need to work to get over the hump.

(III EnVii III) #1939

Amazing, glad I could help!

I think once it clicks for you and you understand then you can be stress free and just accept how it is.


Just keep at it and you will get there no doubt!

(Drinkands im) #1940

For me now its just about adjusting to the speed. You need to make quick decisions and not miss many shots at a fast pace. I think i have the understanding of what to do to win. It is just executing the plan.

(III EnVii III) #1941


It helps to be ever so slightly ahead of what you need to be doing.

Shooting as you go into cover for example rather than trying to go into cover and then shooting.

Timing is really important!

(Redfox888) #1942

Does this still apply when you only get +10 for the kill and the other guy that did all the work to get the down get most of the score? This is my biggest problem with the ranking system if kills are so important to rank then the amount of downs and assists should count just as much in my opinion. I have had plenty of games where i will down someone with no enemies around and some dill hole runs up and kills the guy while im reloading. This should not count towards someones skill because it takes no skill to kill a player that cant defend themselves.

(III EnVii III) #1943

Its the kill that counts, but people wont get to Diamond by only takings other peoples kills…