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(III EnVii III) #1902

No, nothing correlates to Platform and connection quality.

My PC does sustain a lower ping but I guess maybe the Lag Comp is a little more aggressive on Xbox as I see it start off on 5 and it can sometimes look like it’s syncing alongside others.

But, it’s still down to the connection.

And I fully understand your frustrations, all you can do is try.

A lot of these games are in groups of 2 or 3.

This is just some examples before I got my Diamond this season.

Notice how I either equal Diamond 4/5 players and far exceed anyone else below?

That’s what it takes.

(Drinkands im) #1903

Yeah, very nice! I think I could do it Solo, might take a bit. Might have a better shot next season. I still have a lot of areas I can improve. I just prefer playing with my friends over the need to achieve Diamond.

(III EnVii III) #1904


I rather play with friends and lose than play solo and win.

For me, the fun was in the 5 stacks, all mic’d up and just playing for fun.

Sadly, as per my other thread I posted, TC took away the ability by effectively making it almost impossible to search as a 4 and pretty much impossible as a 5.

(iUltraxx) #1907

I finally hit D5 in king! After a very long grind and always jumping around 98 and 99 percent D4.

The ranking system really works, you just gotta play GOOD, consistantly. No matter if you are playing against bronze players or diamond players.

(III EnVii III) #1908




I played a couple games last night, and I am still not a D5!! This is ridiculous!!! I demand to be compensated for my low rank!


(III EnVii III) #1910

You also getting MVP 50x in a row, beating full Diamond Stacks and not moving?

All while having 0 zero deaths in each of the 50 matches?


Exactly! I am one of (if not the) best Gears player(s) who has EVER held an Xbox controller. This is inexcusable

(III EnVii III) #1912

I’ll tell you how broken it is.

New season,

Booted up gears,

Pressed Start,




So broken - game is against me!


I feel for you brother. The fact that TC has not come up with a D6 just for us is beyond me.
Seriously, the ineptitude…

(III EnVii III) #1914

Diamond 6 - The Master of Masters

(Krylon Blue) #1915


I feel like my friend should have hit that by now too but every time he’s close the game crashes and he loses major percentage. He’s been as high as D4 80% even with constant crashes. So frustrating.

(RAMB0X34) #1916

Hi Octus! I made it to Diamond in 4 game types, Dodgeball, TDM, KOTH, and Guardian. Is there any way I could get a diamond character?

(iUltraxx) #1917


(Chaotik Element) #1918

I think to put it simply the problem is players want something to work towards and when there is no sense of progression then it makes the game boring and stale.

Remove the ranking system in gears or make it so you don’t lose percentages even if you lose. That would solve the problem.


…and also make for some insanely lopsided lobbies…

(Omen LP) #1920

And that would be different from what we are seeing now how :slight_smile: ?


Haha. Fair enough. Lemme rephrase that…

(Chaotik Element) #1922

so does that mean all previous games had lopsided lobbies ??? :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Because honestly it isn’t different now, its like omen said still the same and ranks literally mean nothing as you can see an unranked can have more skill that a diamond 5 sooooo i mean yeah.


But, as has been stated above several times, a progressive system is just not as accurate. Not saying this one is perfect, but it does the job. If you flat-line in skill, that is not TC’s fault (ugh. can’t believe i’m defending TC) it is your job to become more skilled