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(III EnVii III) #1882

This is only true for the following round, if there is one.

I almost never go down from losses.

And on the off chance I do, it’s gained straight back on the next win.

Gears 5 is still some time away.

September to November.

It will be on the horizon come August/September.

This is not always beneficial. In fact, many people who are high Onyx 3 could find themselves “stuck” because of this.

Playing Solo and playing well Solo is key. Big boosts in rank if you are getting a good chunk of kills more then the next highest slayer.

Playing with Low Ranks can also help as your squad skill level is lower but you have to make sure you perform. If they keep coming close to your performance then it’s beneficial to them more-so than you.

This is key.

I’m sure many people would like to be Diamonds.

However, spaces are extremely limited and it relies on consistent skill.

Not everyone can do it - some will try extremely hard and not get there and some will just “naturally” be talented and get there.

(III EnVii III) #1883

There is always a point.

If you start the round a person down then you should turn the negative into a positive and understand that you have everything to gain, nothing to lose.

It sucks when it happens for sure, no doubt, but you can always make the most of the situation.

I’d carry on playing 1v5 if it came to it. You just alter your play style and try your best.


I hate those. The other team just goes around being toxic…

(III EnVii III) #1885

True, but idk, it’s so rare that I just play it to see what I can do if anything :sweat_smile:

(Drinkands im) #1886

I always play to the end no matter what. Because anything can happen. One person on your team could have a string of bad luck and then turn it on. I know because it happens to me. I sometimes start off slow and turn it on. I sometimes adjust to the opposing teams play style. But even if you are down in a mismatch for the most part there is no reason to quit trying. As a matter of fact there is more incentive to keep trying as winning mismatches often reward big gains. I know i still have room to improve in a bunch of areas and im always trying to find the next place i can improve. I play Gnashers 2v2 to improve close combat. I play Arms Race to improve my versatility. At the end of the day my favorite modes have always been KOTH and Escalation. But since I can never find Escalation matches i have been strickly playing KOTH when i want to play a team oriented mode. So at the end of the day is there things the game could do better as far as ranking/server/ping sure there is and i think in any game there is always room for improvement. But i do believe what TC put together here does incentivize people to keep playing and overall keeps the game fun. I know i have fun with it and i hope they dont make too many changes for Gears 5.

(III EnVii III) #1887

Happens to me also. I can have an amazing fast start and then it kinda slows down.

Or I could start really bad and slow and then get into it.

Exactly :+1:

I play a lot of Gnasher-Only Private’s with up to 10 people (Free For All) and it really helps sharpen your skills a lot. 20 minutes of this and it’s good way to warm up.

(theshieguy) #1888

That might be how it’s SUPPOSED to work, but I can assure you it’s been nowhere near 50-50 this season. Like I said, 25% at best. 25% balanced, about 25% too easy and 50% too frustrating (doable wins that mismatch randoms can’t handle).

And, again, almost all of the AFK players and quitters I run into are UNRANKED. These are people that PURPOSELY stay in a match to either give the enemy team free kills or to troll in general. The AFK timer is five minutes. The Forge game above lasted over half an hour. What do you call a person who sits in a game in corners for 30 minutes without attempting to shoot anyone? A troll…

These players have no ranks, so the game doesn’t make them work for the lobby they are put in. If you cut them out of the picture, the only people they would be able to troll would be other unranked and maybe Bronze players. In rare cases, there might be a player not pulling his weight to protect a nice K/D number. But the only quitters I’ve run into that cause problems are the people clearly playing above their skill level. See scoreboards above. Now I’m not saying that taking out the unranked players will completely get rid of the AFK and quitting, but it most certainly would help.

Eh…not exactly. Low ranks can also be put on a team to even out higher ranks on the opposite team. All low ranks do is put me in a no-win situation. I’m always expected to win, so a win actually doesn’t give me % (because that’s expected and not exceeding the performance odds) and losses hurt me…because I’m expected to win. So, essentially, most games are a waste of time. The handful of games I’ve gotten where there is a Diamond, my teammates are clearly above their comfort level.

The issue is balance. Playing with Bronzes in an Onyx lobby is not fun. Playing AGAINST Bronzes in an Onyx lobby is also not fun. Even with a 5-man, the matchmaking will likely still give me lopsided games I have no business being put in. Or, worse, put me in a game against Diamond stacks abusing spawn protection for wins. The latter situation is a miserable affair, trust me. The matchmaking being a 1v1 system in a team setting (as Omen always mentions) is the problem.

The “never” I was referring to was losses due to uneven games. It’s one thing if you lose percentage due to several bad performances or crazy negative K/Ds in losses, when teams are evenly matched. But if I’m put into, say, a Bronze lobby, I shouldn’t lose % because two people quit on my team…and I still manage to get MVP by 1000+ points on a 0-2 loss in a lobby I have no business matching into. I had a screenshot somewhere but XBL buried it.

Long…term…SR. We’ve already established that your Onyx 3+ numbers from multiple seasons helped get you to Diamond 5 at some point…right? As I already said, my highest rank previously was Gold 1 in season 4. And even then, the damn game was putting me in high Onyx lobbies and tried to drop me down to Silver 3 on each loss. For whatever reason, the rank system still thinks that I’m playing above whatever the hell my SR currently is (clearly something below Onyx 2, judging from the volatile drops on losses).

Your current numbers are never going to be volatile on losses because the system already has your long term performance calculated more accurately. A percentage drop here and there is expected but nothing crazy because you already hit high Diamond and I assume you’ve never played COMPLETELY terrible in succession to make the game have second thoughts about where your long term SR currently is.

For me, the mismatch games I get stuck in hurt me overall (losses from teammates with double-digit death counts). The ranking is still hanging on to past data and not factoring in the performances I’ve put in this season as heavily as it should. So it treats each win like a fluke (little to no gains) and each loss as a sly conformation that I’m playing above my ceiling. Just to pass promotions out of Gold 3 and Onyx 1, I had to MVP something like four or five games in a row each time. And as soon as I lost a few matches halfway into Onyx 2, percentages started dropping again.

Three things:

1)The AFK player purposely gave the enemy team 25 free kills. Even if I got top of the list, the game would still have dinged it against me because…

2)The ranking considers a game like this 5v5, since 10 players are in the lobby. If that player was not trolling the team, the five-minute timer would have kicked him for legitimate inactivity and the 20 or so kills the other team wouldn’t have gotten could have helped salvage the game.

3)If he was kicked, the matchmaking now looks at the game as a 4v5. The loss doesn’t hurt me AS much and the last round that we should have won helps my numbers. We would have won on a 2-1 4v5 or the 2-0 it almost was on round two.

Also, side note: the numbers might look pretty for those top two, but imagine spending three rounds of a game with two randoms that are incapable of spotting enemies at all, and are afraid to push fights. Numbers over in-game contribution. The two of them sat by the AFK guy in the Overkill spawn area and just gave up halfway through round 3. The rank system doesn’t penalize anyone for not playing, because all it cares about are numbers.

Uh…no. I mentioned that in the first post:

The matchmaking is still using your behind the scenes numbers to find games. My suggestion now takes into account EVERYONE’S individual numbers instead of the current system that averages players’ numbers by five and matching five other people’s numbers by an overall team average. So if you’re Diamond and your friends are, say, Gold TSR with Onyx-level SR, the matchmaking will find opponents who are visibly Gold with SR close to your Diamond numbers behind the scenes. It could also be opened up to match Onyx TSR players between whatever number your SR is and the individual SR numbers of your teammates.

If you were searching solo, the matchmaking would be looking for people somewhere close to Onyx 3 SR or higher. The reason you can’t find games now is because team numbers are averaged. The matchmaking is currently trying to factor in four other numbers of randoms to even out a five-person average…not find 9 other Onyx players trying to break into Diamond. Or find any Diamond players searching at the same time you are.

And, remember, TC broke whatever was in the matchmaking that allows stacks to play against stacks (consistently, at least). If you were constantly finding certain high-level stacks last season, this matchmaking wouldn’t change that.

(theshieguy) #1889

Again, if squads are mixed, matchmaking would base an opposing team by the highest person’s SR and go from there individually.

If TC can fix the net code for Gears 5, the high ping person would simply be at a disadvantage. A message can pop up on the screen for the squad if a ping is detected that exceeds the limit during matchmaking. The squad leader can either choose to play or back out to the main menu.

The reason you probably can’t find Diamonds is because TC screwed up high-rank matchmaking and most of the Diamond players moved on to other games. Ideally, the system I suggested would be for Gears 5.

But, currently, there is no reason why I should be constantly getting matched up against lower ranked players as much as I do. Recently, it’s been many players with less than 20 total Ranked wins to their name. It’s become a common issue (and, no, they’re not ALWAYS on my team, but most of the time they are). The averaging that the game uses just doesn’t work. It’s not looking for even opponents, it’s throwing me into the first game it can find. Whatever that “allowance” is for larger skill gaps between players is probably the reason.

I know the population is low, but it’s not THAT low (in my region with a certain passionate playerbase still playing). I run into new unranked players every week, and still manage to come across Gold and Onyx TSR players I’ve never played against, or haven’t matched up against for weeks. Even when all the Diamond try-hards play on Saturdays, I get put in games like the Blood Drive match. It’s definitely the matchmaking.

So take a look at the death counts on the previous scoreboards. It IS the bad teammates. Arms Race is a kill-based game mode. 13 guns, 3 kills per gun and 39 kills per round. 78 kills altogether to get a 2-0 game win. If I took the Blood Drive game and evened out the K/Ds of everyone below me, the total for all of them is -29. So that’s 29 kills out of the 78 needed that they gave up to the enemy team.

The Mercy game: -27, the Checkout game: -28, Lift: -19…with an AFK player on the OTHER team who went 0-13. And, remember, the results are usually the same whether I solo queue or play in a duo. That means that even playing with a friend, I’m still getting three bad teammates or four worse teammates solo on a semi-regular basis. Bad teammates may be carryable in KOTH, but Arms Race is brutal when kills are given up.

I’m used to carrying and having to slay with 20-25 kills. That’s how I hit Onyx in the first place. But running into enemy gunfire in the open, trying to chainsaw or Retro charge someone in a 1v3/4/5 and dying…this is all basic no-no stuff no competent person above Onyx 1 would do. And the lack of players spotting also makes it hard to play well.

The bad gameplay is a terrible epidemic. I don’t think it was ever this bad in TDM…and it was bad there too.

Technically speaking, the high risk situation you speak of is also due to you having SR at Diamond 5. Any slip in top performance can cause drops. I couldn’t find the Octus quote, but the game only ranks you up on wins and down on losses. Even if I’m performing well, the prediction system is still holding each loss against me. Lose too much and there’s a debt to pay. Then mix in an iffy SR and I’m either stuck or destined to go down. Which brings me to this…

You’d be competing against your teammates in a stack anyway. The only difference is playing solo or in a duo there are less people in your squad which will mean faster rank gains. By matchmaking giving me better teammates in general, no game would ever feel uneven or…needlessly frustrating. Everyone in the lobby would have the performance numbers to be there.

And, remember, players are always working their SR up, (or they try to, once it stagnates) so if you are supposed to be at, say, Gold and you’re at a Silver SR, you will still consistently outperform players you are matched up with until you hit Gold. You’re not at the mercy of people unranked at Bronze level or thrown into a game against an Onyx 5-man. Worst case scenario, there might be a low Onyx or two that comes up, but never constant mismatches.

Eh…that’s half of it. The other problem is the prediction system. Let’s say someone wins 10 games in a row and MVPs five of them. Yay, they won 10 games, but if that team is predicted to win each time, then there’s no rank movement. The only way that changes is if matchmaking finds a higher ranked team numbers-wise that the team in question is supposed to lose to.

Without a way to even people out individually by their numbers, players are at the mercy of the matchmaking. Mercy, Mercy,
Mercy. So, yes, sometimes people hit a ceiling and performances have some improvements needed, but the main issue with rank freezes is…the matchmaking. Give people even matches and they’ll either play better or derank. But what shouldn’t happen is getting put in games that don’t offer any possible way of improving SR.

Not impossible, but frustrating. I play this game for a fun challenge, not to be frustrated. And, at best, I can get #2 overall in points. The top guy on the enemy team usually squeezes ahead of me near the end of the last round. Blame that on the constant team deaths. I’m definitely the reason the losses aren’t completely terrible most of the time. But the game favors wins above everything else. All I can do is play my best.

I…didn’t say that it WAS unique to me. The matchmaking imbalance was an issue when I used to play TDM, Dodgeball and even KOTH. The only difference with Arms Race is that unranked players have a more negative effect on ranking up. You can find a way to “play around” bad players in other modes. In Arms Race, games are a little too dense and fast-paced to do that, especially if someone is playing above their skill level. They will either get in your way and prevent you from getting as many kills or die too much and give up too many kills.

Um…contradiction? If matchmaking gave me four teammates of similar skill, even without the mics (and, let’s face it, most of the decent people I run into say everything in Spanish anyway), isn’t that the same thing? You know…except not being heavily favored to win all the time and the rank system giving me more progress on great performances?

I get what you’re saying, but every time you mention playing in a 5-Man, it reads like “hey, the matchmaking is a broken piece of trash, so you have to play with people you can trust.” When, in general, the game should feel like: play in a 5-Man if you want, but the matchmaking has you covered if you can’t. And maybe there’s an exception somewhere along the way after hitting Onyx 3. But, stack or no stack, no person who has 0 Ranked wins to their name (or anyone starting out or below Gold SR) should be solo queueing into an Onyx lobby. 5-Man or not, it happens and it needs to be fixed.

Let me go back to this for a second. The issue I’ve had with the matchmaking is BALANCE. Ranking up is a bonus for the time I put into this game, but the reason I stick with it is the search for a challenge. Winning is nice, but I’m not playing the game to win per se. I play Ranked to be CHALLENGED. I play Arms Race because the lag isn’t AS bad as other modes and it’s a mode that you can’t get by in only running around with a Gnasher 24/7.

It’s a mode that requires patience, aim, situational awareness and it rewards you for being all-around with power weapons. If I’m looking for a challenge and the matchmaking gives me a teammate who’s not at the skill level of the lobby, that’s an uneven experience that is not fun. Even if the person in question is on the enemy team, getting multiple kills on him is also not fun.

Rarely do these games benefit my rank numbers. They actually HURT my numbers, if I lose too many matches. So why am I even being put in these matches? Well, because the matchmaking isn’t designed to even out lobbies to keep every game challenging for players. So if matchmaking now only looks for people who are SUPPOSED to be in the Onyx lobby (either by playlist TSR or SR with some playlist progress) every game counts for something.

You’re focusing on the “ranking up” part of things and not the EXPERIENCE itself. Even if players happen to be “better,” no game will feel too easy or too frustrating. There will always be better players, but every game is now an opportunity for each player to either become better consistently and raise SR or play well at their skill ceiling once their SR has “settled.”

Eh…the matchmaking is why I can’t enjoy the journey currently. I think if I hit Diamond 1, I’ll probably help my friend hit his Onyx 1 and go back to Horde or play another game. There was an interesting path the games were going in until I hit Onyx 1 and Onyx 2. Games are so bad now that I just shake my head at the mediocrity. The reason I pushed myself with Ranked was the challenge. But now it feels like an overlong road trip. “Are you Onyx 3 yet?” “Are you at Onyx 3 yet?” “Damn, there’s still Diamond after that. Ugh!”

Okay…let me break this down ONE more time. If you are in a squad, the matchmaking takes the highest person’s SR and matches the squad with opponents between the highest number and the lowest SR of squadmates. If there is a large gap, say a Diamond and a Bronze, you get put in an Onyx lobby and the Bronze has to play as well as possible.

So, for example, if I squad up in a duo with my friend who’s Gold 3, the matchmaking will find three players who are either at my SR or above his SR. No one higher and no one lower. No unranks without previous data, no players at Bronze or Silver SR. It’s either people who are at Onyx SR with Gold 3 TSR or people with Onyx SR AND TSR. The opposing team would be five players of the similar SR individually that’s close to my SR.

In a 3-Man, randoms #4 and #5 would fill the gap between each person’s SR numbers:

Player 1
Random 1
Player 2
Random 2
Player 3

And in a 4-Man, the random of the team would fall between players 2 and 3 (the “player 2” spot in the example above).

In a 5-Man, matchmaking would find a team as close as possible individually. If it’s a situation where players have wildly different SR beyond one color difference (a Bronze SR and Silver SR in a lobby with 3 Onyx SR teammates) the lower players would have to play in a higher lobby (Onyx SR opponents) to keep things even. Ideally, the closer in SR squadmates are to one another, the more even matches will play out.

TC can take the prediction system out of matches in general and apply them to full stacks, or multi-person squads when necessary. So the basic principle still works without randoms who are mismatched. If you’re on a squad of four or five people, the ranking can lean more on a win for the stack versus randoms or lean on the stack with the closest individual SR, if it’s a game of 5-Man against 5-Man.

TC also needs to add a toggle to the settings, giving players the option to match against or avoid 5-Man teams…instead of it being a strict involuntary mandate like it is now.

(III EnVii III) #1890

A proper response will take a long while to write up, if I get a chance, I will respond in full.

It would essentially be myself repeating a lot of what I already said, I’ve considered your points and there’s not much new there.

I will however quickly address this point as it will most likely solve your issues:

There is no contradiction here,

First point is in relation to your first part of the reply.

If you want even skilled players then you still have to perform even better than expected - this can be difficult because by the very nature of things, you will most likely perform roughly the same, hence being matched due to similar skill levels.

This causes games where you won’t see any increases because everyone is performing as expected.

But then, if you face a team slightly above your teams Skill Rating - the other team will have just about enough to get the win.

This means that although you 5 would perform similarly as expected, your still going to lose with better or similar skilled players.

Likewise, a team with slightly less skill and your 5 would edge out the win but again with a performance that is pretty much equal.

This means that you were always expected to win, the other team were evenly lower skilled and ranked and therefore not worth much.

So in one sense, if I have 4 other players matched exactly to my skill then it’s ridiculously hard to outplay them and be recognised as deserving % increases just for winning if everyone contributed more or less equally.

Likewise, if the other team is identical and a 50-50 then it’s so even that a win or loss either way won’t really benefit or hurt me.

Now secondly, my point about the 5-man, that’s moreso about the AFK and Quitters issue.

It doesn’t mean playing in a 5 automatically means playing with better players, even a lower skilled player with good communication skills can be more useful than a slightly higher skilled player who doesn’t have a mic and isn’t as coordinated.

Remember, these unranked or first time players I also see in games are usually Smurf accounts when they are hitting Onyx and Diamond lobbies most of the time, in my experience.

And I’ll tell you how they seem to make it in, my friends tested this and confirmed it, you need to hit level 20, and if done in social (like most people would I assume) - its about 3-5 matches.

Octus has said that within a few games, the system can accurately gauge a person’s skill level.

This was true, my Diamond friends who have smurf accounts got to level 20 in social and when they search for games, they got into Onyx Lobbies and then soon after, Diamonds too.

But when they played bad on purpose on the way to 20, for example, in KOTH, only capping and breaking hills and then went into ranked, they were with far, far lower ranked opposition (Bronze to Gold).

So all in, sometimes, on the flip side, being in a 60/40 game on the 40 side is where it’s frustrating yes, but all to play for.

You do only go up on wins and down on losses but that doesn’t mean you can’t go up on losses in the background.

I can lose two games with no % loss and then on the third get, get the win and see a % increase straight away.

As I said, if I feel a game is going to be lost I’ll somewhat go for kills, help the team and hopefully maybe win.

If not, my performance was still as expected or better and so my increase is simply held until the next win - of course providing I don’t play and have a bad game before then.

And I’m going to leave you with a final point:

Currently, everyone is playing under the same system.

If my friends can get Diamond, not once, not twice but THREE times or more while playing Solo and experiencing exactly what you, me and everyone experiences then I do believe at some point, you have to take a look at yourself and understand that the Ranking System is not about who believes they should have a certain rank but above who can consistently perform within the system to EARN that rank.

Nothing you have said in relation to AFK, Quitters, people throwing matches, low ranks, unranked players, bad team mates, much higher ranked and skilled opposition teams in comparison to my own, all of that I have also experienced, as does everyone who plays solo.

So the system works well for the most part in showing accurate ranking.

And having said all that, at the end of the day, the Rank itself doesn’t matter.

Play the game, have fun and just challenge yourself to be the best player in the game wherever possible regardless of win/loss.

Trust me, once you hit the top rank, there’s not much to play for.

But while on the journey, when people don’t know your true rank, and you absolutely destroy them, it’s people who message you and can’t believe your Onyx 1.

Little do they know it takes 2-3 hours to find a game and so progression is slow thanks to TC and their Strict Matchmaking Algorithm placed in Season 6 :+1:

But, even adapting to this and playing Solo a lot more, it was harder, but I got my Diamond.

At times I tried to play in 2-3 person squads. Increases wait times but I enjoy not it being easier to win, but fun to play with my friends and be able to speak to people rather than a silent game throughout.

I definitely miss the days of 5-Man KOTH squads - so much more fun than going in as a 2-3 and then someone going AFK or quitting.

But, TC changed the system, me and others voiced out against it but was met with silence from TC and no response to logic as to why it’s bad.

I’m all kinds of excited for Gears 5 and I hope it reaches a much wider audience as well as the PC version being on Steam like Halo will be.

A lot of Diamonds deserted Gears 4 Ranked in Season 6 because contrary to what TC stated, people are not going to wait hours in hope of a game.

So, just appreciate the fact that you can get into games, understand that playing solo will have all the flaws you mention because that’s a choice you are taking to play that way (I have no choice but to play Solo or as a 3 at the most it else with a 4, wait times are ridiculous and as a 5, never finding a game).

So while you consider yourself unlucky to be placed in these matches, from my point of view, you are lucky to even be in those games!

I think you spent a day in my position where I’m on at peak times, solo or 2-3 person squad, searching for 6-8 hours and lucky to get 3 matches in then playing ranked game after game even with the bad situations you have to put up with is a whole lot better than just sat in the lobby…

(Drinkands im) #1891

What mode are you usually playing? Just wondering because as long as I play KOTH I get a match within a minute. All the other modes are ridiculous besides 2v2 gnashers.

(III EnVii III) #1892

I’m strictly a KOTH player wherever possible.

I will play and enjoy 2v2 since it was introduced.

This season I have been forced to play a lot more TDM for two main reasons.

The rest of playlists have no chance of finding games whatsoever.

If you want to read up on my wait time and que times, here’s a thread with a few hundred replies.

(Omen LP) #1893

I was in Fr4gs’s stream last night, they had 2 PC players on a squad with 3 Diamonds and gave up on a TDM match after several attempts; seems like even NA TDM now hit and miss, for high ranks on/with PC.

(Drinkands im) #1894

What does it mean when someone has no stats like this? This guy completely walked through our team one shotting everyone.

(III EnVii III) #1895

Yeah, me and Krylon, Alice or Metal Gear Mo have exactly the same issues.

It could be just two of us and even on US servers it just will not match us with anyone.

That’s why when I was with Alice and another Diamond, the 3 of us being a Diamond Team, he switched to a alt account with low ranking and 2 hours of searching turned into 10 seconds!

So it can be frustrating that when it’s 12am for me, I’m searching as a 3 till 2am and no matches and the second you bring in a low rank, boom, game flips and gives you a match!

But the issues still happen whether I’m solo, 2 or 3.

4 makes it really difficult as the random is normally really low rank.

5 is impossible.

(III EnVii III) #1896

He will most like have his games and stats on a private setting you might have to be friends with that person first before you can see information, that would be my assumption as to why you can’t see anything.

(Omen LP) #1897


I was in a KOTH game couple of days ago, we ended up with 2 PC players on the other side… They were both unranked, first placement match for both of them, and they just ANNIHILATED everyone in their path… A team mate quit (I was with 2 other people), and we lost badly… Every Longshot bullet was a headshot, every lancer down was like 10 rounds, they were really good…

Clearly high rank players who got tired of not finding games, hehe :slight_smile: ; I was ok with it, until they started to insult everyone, near the end…

(III EnVii III) #1898

That’s the thing, they will seem OP if they are coming in at a lobby that’s lower ranked but that’s the result of TCs bad decision making and not making things transparent.

If I knew X amount of people within my Matchmaking scope we’re playing in a certain mode, I could choose to go and search.


I squad up with 4 people.

I want to play KOTH.

It should show me 100 people are currently playing that I could potentially match with taking into account my current team.

This would be fantastic.

If I’m with 4 Diamonds and so no one is currently available in that mode, then I’m searching for no reason with no way to tell.

It literally is a simple concept.

Let’s say by dropping a Diamond and being a 3, now suddenly 30 potential players of various squad sizes could be matched with me.

Or perhaps running a 5 man at that time is worthwhile because there are a lot of other 5 man squads so 200 players are currently in my scope to match with (equivalent of 40 teams made up of 5 for example)

Same with Rank.

The solution is:

At the post game report - breakdown the Rank as you do with the XP Rank.

Show current rank and % right there and whether it went up, down or stayed the same.

Then do a quick calculation and breakdown.


Won 2-1 = +3% Rank (2% per round, minus 1% lost round)

Kills = -2% Rank (Show expected Kill Count and then Actual Kill Count, of course in this game, you got less than expected and so you lost rank. If the opposite was true, you could have gained rank)

Assists = Same as above

Ribbons = MVP, Smooth Operator (should perhaps give minimum of 0.5 to 1% regardless of win/loss and seems to be a big part of confusion, I understand why being MVP simply doesn’t automatically make you worthy of % increase in modes like KOTH but to simply it, should have a little more weight)

Playing Objective if Applicable (perhaps getting a lot of caps and breaks leads to some increase or not enough means you stay the same)

Team Makeup (playing in a bigger squad increases your expected/predicted results so you have to do even better. Playing in a smaller squad or solo decreases this. So a Onyx 1 playing with 4 diamonds will have to massively outplay and outshine all the diamonds consistently to be considered to be able to make an impact even though Diamonds are there. Whereas if that Onyx 1 was Solo against the Diamonds and could come close to that level, you would see massive increases because the Diamonds see a decrease due to playing too similar to a Onyx 1).

So this would just be another part of the report.

Really simple.

Then, people can see:

Oh I didn’t go out because yes I gained some percentage for winning 2-1 but then I didn’t get enough kills against what was predicted.

Or yes, I see how I went up. Got the 2-0 win and actually got 20% more kills than expected so went beyond the predictions to gain percentage.

That way, if you do something like play as expected and so don’t go up, you can visually see this in plain text with the pluses, minuses and what causes you to stay the same with no gain or losses (prediction was you win 2-0 and you did so. Prediction was you get 30 kills and you got 29 but got an extra Assist above prediction, so it evened out).

Because all three are possible after every match, 5 matches or 50 matches.

You could play exactly in your Skill Level, without increasing performance or playing below performance and stay in exactly the same rank for 50 matches straight!

People don’t grasp this concept well.

(Drinkands im) #1899

Yeah I think like you said. More than anything to go up you need to beat the expectations. I guess it would be nice to know those expectations. I have had 11 KOTH MVP’s the last two nights (only gained .5% in one match) and of course lost some matches for various reasons. I have gone down altogether about 10% so im sitting at Onyx 3 and 86%. I think at the point where I am at I would need to play solo for a chance to go up. I have played some Solo (not alot) and have done well mostly second place finishes didnt see any major gain, but I think if I stuck with it I would. I think the game just expects me to carry my teammates every match at this point no matter what their performance and that is near impossible. My one friend is Gold 2 my other is Bronze 3 and we were getting matched against some Onyx/Gold and even matched against Onyx/Diamond squad near the end of the night.

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Yeah, a Diamond is virtually expected to outplay at least anyone below them by a good margin or reasonable margin at least.

You need to be doing this before it allows you to get into Diamond.

Always remember though, rack up the kills, get the % increase.

As a baseline, aim for 20% more kills than the next guy in the game.

This is by far an easy yardstick to measure yourself against.

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Its a lot easier to meet or beat your expectations when not constantly out numbered lol. Especially when connections arent consistent and I have never seen so much quitting in a ranked mode in my life as i have in Gears 4. Its almost guaranteed if my team is doing great someone quits on the other team. And a lot of the time i have close matches and someone quits on my team. But im still having a lot of fun. Im still relatively new to Gears 4 and learning some of the maps. I dont know if there is an issue with crossplay but it appears when I have a great connection my friends don’t. Is there any reported issues to this effect?