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(III EnVii III) #1862

That’s a very good performance however it’s almost matched by a few others in your team and the opposition.

Playing in a bigger squad can decrease the ability to gain %.

Your TSR in the background may be increasing for sure, playing solo and winning 2-0 with a good performance will confirm if that’s the case.

(Drinkands im) #1863

Yeah will have to try it. Its not really a rush for me to get diamond especially with Gears 5 on the horizon. I rather just play with my friends when I can. One thing I dont think any game mode shows is your assist #’s. I know it gets calculated into your total points, but I am wondering why TC doesnt think that is an important stat. Someone reducing the damage it takes to kill someone is pretty important IMO. So although the numbers appear close as far as Kills and Caps and Breaks. I would like to know how many assists I had. Because some of my downs were killed by others among other assists.

(III EnVii III) #1864

I’ve already asked for an Assist Column or Assisted Kill Column, definitely makes sense.

(kelster1988) #1865

I have been having major problems with my ranking percentage. Everytime i win a ranked game … even with MVP my percentage does not go up at all. But if i lose one match i seem to go down percentage regardless. Is there anyway you can look in to this for me as i am going to be de ranked even when i am winning matches with mvp.

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1866

Whipping a dead horse fam…even in matches I’ve gone without dying and hit mvp and zeroed out the opponent in rounds I haven’t seen an increase before so idk anymore but the only replies you’ll get state that it works as intended and do better consistently :unamused:

(III EnVii III) #1867

At least you know the solution :+1:

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1868

That would be great if that was logically and statistically possible but it kinda isn’t considered every game has the enemy team stacked with 100+ pingers consistently so I’d say that’s about the only thing I can count on being consistent…definitely not my shots registering consistently :joy:

(III EnVii III) #1869

And everyone has to deal with the exact same situation :+1:

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1870

Doesn’t mean it’s any more reliable

(III EnVii III) #1871

But the principle is the same and everyone is in the same position.


I am curious though. What would everyone’s actual rank be if they didn’t have to deal with lag?
Just a thought…

(III EnVii III) #1873


I’ve seen 5 ping Diamonds and I’ve seen 150+ ping Diamonds.

I’ve gone from 5 ping over to 100 ping and played just as well.

I remember me and my friend sweated our bits off when we went into 2v2s and it put us on US West against two local players on 30 ping each and we had 180 ping - it was crippling lag but we won 7-4 in the end.

So, yes when you have a higher stable ping, it’s harder I believe but if you have the skill, it will even out and you will still out thereabouts.

I’ve pretty much played KOTH exclusively on US Servers (mainly South and Central rather than my preferred East) so my ping is usually 80-100ms (55-65 on US East) and I got my Diamond Rank no issues whatsoever, the hard part was actually finding matches.

So either way, you get used to and adapt to a stable ping, low or high.

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1874

Yeah except ur one of few…most people I come across are unstable fluctuators causing the whole lobby to be aids…very rarely do I get the option to deal with stable high ping players…and it’s not even that it’s literally just a crap shoot…I’ve played horrible at 60 ping where It felt clunky and stuck to every wall shots not registering the whole speal as the same on 5ping…then there are certain matches regardless if I’m at that same 5 or 60 ping where the server is on my side and everything is fast as can be and I can bounce like a god without sticking to a wall or having to shoot some one 8times before the kill counts…it’s literally just a gamble as each match I’m doing nothing different so there’s no way Im willing to believe I can wall slide like a beast one match and the next match I’m sticking to every wall possible feeling delayed and clunky…may not be ur experience envii but it’s inconsistent as fux on my end from 2plus years playing…ping plays a part yes but given what I just said it seems to come down to connection to the actual server that game is on

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1875

I don’t mean any disrespect either I’m just tryna give u an idea as to where I’m coming from and how my gameplay experience has been it all seems to be a gamble on how good that lobby connection is with u

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1876

My thoughts everyday😂

(III EnVii III) #1877

And I’m trying to say, on US Servers, I agree with you, it’s a complete lottery.

I used to be able to stick to EU servers only where everyone is a consistent 5-30ms ping - very rare to see anyone more than 40-60, that would be an odd thing once in a while.

So yes, I agree, it’s random and mixed on US Servers - I’ve already admitted you can lose a game simply because of the server chosen and thus your ping as well as what that is like for the other team.

But the point is, all you can do is just try.

The ranking system does not take ping and server into account.

If you find you cannot do as well due to ping or matches that feel off due to ping fluctuations of others - that’s somewhat a legitimate reason and it does not allow you to be consistent if the matches are not consistent.

So this I understand - it’s difficult for sure and the system is blind to this.

But then it’s not that the system isn’t working - it’s more the problem of playing online and internet.

These are two different things.

You need to focus your frustrations away from the Ranking System and to the Quality of Service in the Matchmaking.

To conclude - yes it sucks. It will hold some people back but others will learn and adapt, you shouldn’t have to, absolutely, but it’s what TC have chosen for their system and I also do not agree with it, but I’m just giving the reasons and explanations as to how it is.

And don’t worry, I get you don’t mean any disrespect - likewise I’m just providing another perspective that agrees with what you are saying but also points to the fact that it is possible and that I understand it shouldn’t be that way still.

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1878

This is true and I’ll admit I do get frustrated at the wrong thing I suppose …I guess all I can say is to hope 5 is a different story and thank u

(III EnVii III) #1879

Me too, it’s TCs chance to correct mistakes and do right by the fans :v:

(Drinkands im) #1880

The bigger problem for me (than the Ping/Server issues) is every time im winning someone quits on the other team. Which reduces how much i gain. Meanwhile, I never quit so if we lose and even finish 1st on my team I still go down. I do know what I could do to try and get Diamond but honestly not really concerned about it with Gears 5 on the horizon. I also have quitters on my team a lot and I am personally someone that never gives up. I have turned around the worst possible case matches. Like I said I know what i could do to remedy some of these issues if I really felt like i wanted to immediately get Diamond. I could make sure im running a full squad. I could play solo against Higher levels instead of with my lower ranked friends. But overall I rather just have fun and not worry about rank.

(Omen LP) #1881

80% of the games I played last night someone quits on my team, near the start (or even right at the start)…

Very disheartening… Played two games on Checkout where I basically just stopped play half way through, there was no point… The game was done, what’s the point of just dying…