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(Krylon Blue) #1815


Yeah, we met a while ago when he went against me. My team was pretty bad and I basically dominated the lobby. Barely lost but I got MVP easily although it’s difficult to win basically solo. He recognized me and hit me up.

Now be nice young David. :kissing_heart:


Yeah yeah. Whatever you say Steve…:expressionless:

(Omen LP) #1817

yeah, that’s definitely a feature of this system. Just remember, it’s based off of a 1v1 ranking system, so that’s why winning/losing will always be a central feature here (even though the underlying system was never intended to rank individual players within a team sport)…

That’s also why they are so hung up on calling it a success becasuse it’s apparently so good at predicting which TEAM will win… So what? How is that relevant to individual performance… (in 1v1 competitions, when the competitive entities are being ranked (individual chess players, football teams, etc), the accuracy of their predictions is relevant. For ranking individual people, not so much…

Hey, it is what it is… You need good team mates, but if you go with good team mates, you get penalized because you are in a full team… Or you can’t even find a game, right?

Gridlock is a brutal map if your team mates aren’t on the ball, with setup, cross, spawn blocking, etc

(Krylon Blue) #1818

So freakin true. Good luck winning that one by yourself.

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1819

I been said this even if u do amazing ur rank is always hindered by moronic teammates but they’ll swear it’s working as intended for “individual performance “ it’s a joke it should calculate by player not as a team unless ur in a stack

(III EnVii III) #1820

I’m pretty sure I’ve made grown men cry when they play against me on Gridlock :eyes:


Lol. When i played with @AliceInChainsaw on there a couple weeks ago. He just sat in the Hammerburst spawn and got no less then 3 dozen downs.

(III EnVii III) #1822

Yeah, tower control is so important.

I get at least 20 downs as a minimum, but usually 25-40 downs.

It’s the one map where I forgo kills and support the team, depending on how strong the opposition is.

I’ve had some really tough Diamond v Diamond matches on Gridlock!


I had a really fun private match on there last week. Had one guy yell at me saying that I was sponging and that he was the better player, and I was unfairly killing him.
I had a 30-40 ping, he was a terrible player😂

(III EnVii III) #1824

Aw man,

Maybe next time go easy on the guy and deactivate your Sponge Mode as some folks are more sensitive to it :+1:


Speaking of private matches, would be fun to have another forum members one. I know a lot of people missed it

(III EnVii III) #1826


I’ll try and see if we can arrange a get together once my PC is back with me hopefully next week :blush::v:


Ok cool.
@T0NY_HAYABUSA Would you hop in a private match to try out those phantom skins? :smile:



(III EnVii III) #1829

In the next 10-14 days :blush:

(AliceInChainsaw) #1830

Lemme know when it’s scheduled.

(Mr RBX) #1831

Hit Diamond in KotH right as i said I would. The only thing that’s changed is now I get hella laggy people and more XIM users. Teams of 4 Onyx+ and one gold consistently every night and 4 or more have highly variable pings. This ranked is a joke. I barely see any other Diamonds. My game quality has actually gone down because its nothing but spongy bad players.

HOW DOES THIS WORK? Dude sponged very fight.

(Mr RBX) #1832

This glitch lost us this entire match. It was the last round and they snowballed from this.

(Mr RBX) #1833

More teams tonight of freaking 4 onyx players and one gold with on laggy dude. This stuff is a real joke. Its so obvious every single time

(III EnVii III) #1834

What do you expect?

I cannot find games solo because I’m a Diamond.

Majority of my friends are Diamond.

We cannot play together nor find games solo.

So a lot of top players have moved on.