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(TC Octus) #1794

A common misconception in here that I can help clear up: You CAN go up against lesser opponents if that situation does happen.

As a reminder,

  • SR is your Skill Rating, which is your accurate long term measurement of your Skill over time. This is not visible to players and we run multi-day calculations at the end of the season to

  • TSR is your Tier Skill Rating, which you see on the website. This is what we reset seasonally.

So with that in mind, here’s how it works:

Your Skill Rating dictates your ability for your Tier Skill Rating to progress, drop, or stall. If your Skill Rating is above your current Tier Skill Rating, wins will progress you further towards matching your TSR value and your SR value.

Conversely, if your Skill Rating falls below your Tier Skill Rating, your TSR won’t progress until your SR exceeds your current TSR. This is why sometimes you will stall or only move when you lose, as the system adjusts you downwards towards your Skill Rating.

There are instances where a loss can drop some TSR even though your SR exceeds your TSR if the two are getting pretty close together (and the same applies conversely for wins).

SR is all based on your performance against players based on their skill, and your individual performance within those games. That’s the ‘quality’ measurement of the system. TSR is simply moving towards your SR over time, with wins progressing it and losses regressing it (if your SR is lower).

Another note - at the higher ranks (generally Onyx 3 and up), you get into percentiles of Skill difference between players. At this stage, one bad performance against players you were expected to perform much better than can cause the sudden drops after slow progress.

This isn’t the SR being overly punishing, rather it’s your SR dropped enough to have a much larger impact (and therefore drag your TSR with it) due to the much closer skill percentiles.

(III EnVii III) #1795

Pretty much what been stated for a while, I guess it should give people another chance to understand what is happening.


Nah. They will still come to this thread -no scratch that- make an entirely new thread on the subject of ranking, then the Mods will move it (bless you guys), you will tell them that they are completely misreading how you rank up, they will say that you’re an idiot and don’t understand how it works, I’ll come in and say you’re a D5, then they’ll say “I beat D5s all the time” and then Octus comes in and affirms everything you’ve said.
It’s a vicious cycle. And for those who want to see what I am talking about, just scroll up…

(III EnVii III) #1797


This is truth :blue_heart:

(III EnVii III) #1798

Conveniently, the vast majority never have screenshots to back up their claims :wink:


“What? Screen shots? Oh hahaha no!”

(Omen LP) #1800

This is why I think we need a sticky locked thread with a couple of long-ish posts, explaining all that. Not a discussion thread, but an explanation thread…

If we take what @TC_Octus and @III_EnVii_III have said, combine that into 1 or 2 posts (or maybe have each one do 1 post), that will cover all the problems. Then lock it and pin it.

Then, whenever any questions re rank come up, you just reply with a link to that thread.

The current ranking thread DOES have this info, BUT it’s burried between 1500 posts… No one will read it. But we CAN expect them to read a TWO post thread…

hahaha, maybe add it to the forum rules, no posting about rank unless you first read that thread :slight_smile:


Oh I am for this. All discussions about rank happen here, and if you make a separate thread, then you automatically get suspended

(III EnVii III) #1802

The Ranking System works how it works.

It’s not a magical mystery conspiracy theory.

It’s been explained so many times in writing and via video where you can sit back and listen.

If you still cannot comprehend it and think it’s singled you out specially against every other player then you need to re-read of rewatch.

The system does not blindly pick people to be a certain rank.

It needs data based off performances to decide where to put you and whether to move you up or down. There is no bias there.

In short - you need to put in performances worthy of going up and avoid bad performances that bring you down.

If in doubt of what to do to go up, do something guaranteed - get kills.

Aim to get 20% - 25% more kills than the next top player per match.

Get an even higher percentage and your rank will boost up even more.

Set yourself a challenge to do better, rather than expecting to go up for the sake of going up because you believe it should be the case.

(Omen LP) #1803

Right, we just need to tape it to the top of the monitors / TVs of all people who come here complaining :wink:

(III EnVii III) #1804

When you boot up Gears 5,

It should present you with a video or a small text document explaining how it works.

Maybe I can even help make this to help TC out.

You should have to first consent that you’ve read how the ranking system works.

Then, you need to pass a quick test to prove this.

Whenever you then have any questions about the system, you simply revisit the theory, take the test and then you surely MUST understand the simple principles by that point :sob:

(Agent Korra) #1805

I can agree to this here I’m an Onyx 3 in KOTH and sometimes I’ll search and I’ll get Golds on my team while the other team are Onyx. There was one time someone on the winning team was Unranked I didn’t understand how they mixed in with a bunch of Onyx folks. I’ve played other ranked playlists where I was unranked and the other team had someone who was Onyx. I’m only Onyx 3 in KOTH and Silver 1 in Escalation so how can I be unranked and get matched with an Onyx?

(III EnVii III) #1806

Don’t look at the rank per se.

You are normally matched with people of similar skill - a value you cannot see.

A D5 player starting late in the season will start off as a placement player too.

(Drinkands im) #1807

Because matchmaking isn’t based on Rank within a certain game type. Its based on average squad skill rate. Which is tracked over the course of your gaming History. Someone who is Silver or Gold this season could have been Diamond in a past season.


Oh come on. I was all excited to read a classic Krylon post,…

(Krylon Blue) #1810

I deleted it because it was formatted oddly but I was just saying this ranking system is brutal. I lost 3% for no reason other than my team failed me. :unamused:

(Benallatrump911) #1811

But it’s normal their classification system and ridiculous I have the same problem it’s anything


Hahaha! I see that you played with @DigitalBuddha14

(Krylon Blue) #1813

I’ve known him for over a year.


Oh…I’ve said some not-so-nice things to him on here…
my mistake…:roll_eyes: