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(Ctoriez) #1774

Winning games and losing percentage…

Just wondering why this might occur, my wife has been having some issues with her rank and I thought I would ask here about it. She wins games and her % still decreases, she’s not getting mvp every game mind you but she performs well enough, in some cases, we both play the same game (together) and we win, my percentage goes up, while hers goes down, even though we won the game, she;s also had games were shes playing solo and gets mvp with 49 kills for example, and when she looks again her percentage has decreased. We’re at a loss, any insight would be helpful.

(III EnVii III) #1775

The only way I know off that this happens is that it’s updating from previous games / losses.

(iUltraxx) #1776

Usually you will NEVER get a decrease from a win. Maybe she lost a game and did not look at the stats page and thats where the decrease is from. I dunno

(RedNightmare88) #1777

There needs to be some sort of leniency towards guys who have low ranking individuals and quitters on their team. Over the course of the last few days I’ve watched my rank go down because in several of my games I had either exceptional low ranked individuals on my team, or people flat out quit.

Back story

KOTH on Raven down. In a lobby that had 9 players ranked Oynx 1 to Oynx 3 how is it that a Bronze 3 finds himself in that lobby. to say he was outclassed is somewhat of an understatement. He finished with 12 kills in a 3 round match that averaged 12 mins a piece. Now I don’t blame him, but he shouldn’t have been in that lobby but at that point you are basically a 4 v 5. again today I found myself in a lobby where I carried 2 silver three’s and gold plus one of my teammates quit. I played against 2 oynx three and three golds. One that’s not an evenly matched game and how am I supposed to win. you say kills count moreso n ranked play but with such lopsided ranking you willhave a snowball effect. like my raven down game 5v5 turns to 4v5 to 3v5 as so one. A 4 man lower ranked team isn’t going to win. I feel like those games should automatically not count for the guys who lose yet stay in the game and the quitters should lose a whole rank. Even if that 5th player serves as nothing more than a distraction he will keep me from fighting a 2v1 right from the door. so I might have a chance at getting kills.

(III EnVii III) #1778

Well, this is why 5v5 is best when both teams are in a stack.

TC has turned that on its head and is stopping people playing in 4-5 man squads now.

The end result is that you have to play handicapped.

The higher ranked and skilled you are, the greater need to have a balanced team.

Currently, situation is as such that it just pulls and gives you a much weaker teammate to “balance” the teams out but of course, as you described this is not the case.

So in essence, TC have tried to cater to the solo players and low ranked players but making sure they feature in matches with higher skilled players.

This is evident as to other people’s experiences - especially when you can’t run 4-5 man teams and find games if you are highly ranked.

But in practice, it doesn’t work and it’s a bad experience.

A few nights ago, I played with a friend and @XpL_Ultrax on Raven Down.

So, we 3 Diamonds had a Bronze 3 Player and a Silver 3 Player on our team.

It was a difficult ground out win, essentially it was 3v5.

The Bronze and Silver players were on a whole new level of being inept in that match.

(Sh0cKw4vezZ) #1779

Hope they change the whole rankin system in Gears 5, its completly broken, i see so many onxy 2-3 players who are playin worse than a gold 3 player. Thats why it’ll never be balanced, unless they fix it.

(III EnVii III) #1780

I have faith in Gears 5, it’s had a good time in development and TC seem to be very positive about this one, they said a few times Gears 4 was the base and 5 will essentially be the game they wanted to make.

I expect it to be comprehensive and feature rich :v:

(Sh0cKw4vezZ) #1781

I hope Gears 5 will be better than this, because there is really no game except gears which i can play like everday.

(RedNightmare88) #1782

The problem is I’m only an Onyx 1. So a little onto my situation I’m Currently in Afghanistan. That’s where I typically play from. When I play with my friends from the states my ping rate is well into the 230’s on a good day. sometimes its 250-280. The lag is so bad I have a hard time against even gold players ad it becomes almost unplayable. on the flip side when I play by myself typically I play on what I assume are European servers as my ping rates vary between 135-170. And that on good days allow me to hold my own against oynx 2 at least. I have much better games on an individual basis but I run into several quitters, or I have such low ranking individuals on my team that there is no hope to winning. I understand if I bring a silver two into a game TC should expect me to carry him. But if I’m the random nah bruh. but my point is that to my understanding kills is what gets you your rank. Well if you have a quitter or even a low ranked guy who is completely outclassed. There will be a 2v1 and three 1v1’s. Then it snowballs from one 2v1 to 2 2v1’s and so one. I don’t know how many games I’ve won and lost because of a quitter and my ranking takes a hit or barely goes up. The game should register when there was a quitter and not count for purposes of ranking at least for the losing team. When I have the advantage of a 5v4 I can and have strung together several kills without dieing, on the flip side when i’m at the disadvantage, I might if i’m lucky get a double, but that is extremely rare. So I feel like that needs some consideration at the least.

(III EnVii III) #1783

The game does take into account quitters, but only for the following round if there is one.

It should re-calculate when there is a quitter though to give an accurate picture of what happened though but this is more of a technical hurdle.

(IIMatracII) #1784

I wished they would have a reward for having diamond 5 across all gametypes.

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1785

They did in past seasons u just managed it a bit late in the game but still congratulations I’ve only hit onyx3 as my highest

(IIMatracII) #1786

Which season?

(III EnVii III) #1787

They did offer a reward for full house D5 but then I’m pretty sure they went back on their word and said too many people got it.

They were looking to give out the Blood Moon Imago.

Currently, there is no other reward offered.

I’d say the hardest one to get so far was the Diamond Scion as you needed 5 different Diamonds.

Now, in the EU, it can be a challenge in itself trying to find games in more than 3 playlists :sweat_smile:

(EikichiTv) #1788

no hope gears 5 will be even worse than the 4.

(Drinkands im) #1789

That is because matchmaking isn’t based solely on Rank. It is based on Skill level. Even though they are Gold rank this Season doesnt mean their skill level isnt higher than that. I must be in the minority but I think the ranking system is pretty accurate.

(Drinkands im) #1790

The more experience you have the higher the skill level is expected out of you. The higher the win% percentage is expected of you.

(Drinkands im) #1791

I have decreased from a win. My score was on the bottom for my team that match and my K/D not good.

(III EnVii III) #1792

It would have been a slow update.

TC confirmed they do not show decreases with wins.

(Drinkands im) #1793

That is possible. I checked right after the match and it showed i dropped 1%. I knew i personally had a bad match.