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(III EnVii III) #1733

Here’s an example,

I’m a Diamond 5 2v2 player according to the game but when the season started I obviously start a lot lower.

On paper I should easily lose this game:

I didn’t because not even Two Onyx 3’s can stop me even when I have a Silver Ranked Teammate.

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1734

At least if all stats being tracked were visible then a player as an individual can see where it is they slack and how to improve and where to improve on in their gameplay

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1735

and for that win do urecall if u actually went up

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1736

9-0 plus 2-0 win…if u ain’t go up then I’m sorry but there is truly an issue

(III EnVii III) #1737

Of course I did.

I just went 9-0 and also won 7-0 against two top tier players with a silver on my team.

I beat expectations.

I didn’t die.

I didn’t lose a round.

I was expected to heavily lose.

= Percentage Gain.

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1738

Would be great if stats could actually match u like this…however kinda hard when I’m matched with unranked or lower ranked players consistently…barely do I see lobbies full with my tier or higher unless I prelobby with a higher player…not sure if it’s a pc thing or not tho but I have no issues finding games just games with my tier

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1739

Which is probably why I never seem to go up…I’m constant beating lower players majority of the games I get

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1740

I’m Expected to win so when I do lose cuz some ■■■■■■ runs and does 2-11 even if I do good personally I drop hard cuz its all lower players? Sorry dude honestly just trying to make some clarity out of this rubbish

(III EnVii III) #1741

That’s the thing, you can play a lot of games but you need the good competitive ones to rank up or you need to absolutely slay beyond expectations - here are games where I did go up compared to the games where I didn’t that I posted before:

Notice how these are all before I get Diamond early in the Season, I still slay, come above everyone and even high ranking diamonds.

This is what it takes to gain percentage:

And then, I get Diamond very quickly because I’m absolutely slaying and beating expectations.

Not only am I beating the other team.

I’m also outplaying and out-killing my own teammates who are also Diamond or similar rank.

The game then sees me as the one winning the games and performing far better than everyone else.

And hey presto, Diamond:

And see how I still play good even when competing against other diamonds and top level players?

This is how you go from Diamond 1 to Diamond 3/4/5.

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1742

I’d like that to be real and true but when I get pings like this constantly on the opposite team it’s extremely hard to do anything but lose…5/10 games will have high ping warriors ready to lose nothing and gain it all with the absorption power they magically obtain

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1743

And those pings were static meaning they were constantly that high throughout the entire match not just one little hiccup here and there

(III EnVii III) #1744

Again, I’d rather play on my 5 ping but I’d easily play with 60 ping against anyone on King and would have zero issues if with my stack.

It’s not ideal to play against high pingers but at this point and how hard it is to play games, that’s all I get anyway.

My stack slays no matter what.

Throwback to a few weeks ago when I was still trying to get games to get my Diamonds this season:

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1745

That’s on u but not every system is the same…I play fine when I’m at 60 if nobody in the lobby is doing 100+ Otherwise I’m just a walking target…point blanks can do 20%…trust me I’d much rather enjoy my 5ping as well…as in every other game my 5ping becomes untouchable except gears where my 5ping is a severe hinderance

(III EnVii III) #1746

Don’t know why you are different.

As I said,

I’m on 55-65ms ping on US East. With a good team I can beat pretty much anyone no matter their Ping is.

Even if they are all 300+ ping - yes it will be harder and the spongey but doesn’t mean I won’t perform.

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1747

U even seen it first hand …what u mean why is it different…any time I play with 100+ ping it’s impossible for me to slay…maybe not u but for me it is when I can vault kick an enemy and only do 56% that was in a match with u and all those glorious pings…that literally means any shot I took was only doing half the amount of real damage it should have considering the 56% hit in gib range on a vault kick

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1748

So what am I expected to do then when I can shoot my heart out accurately but only surmise to half the damage count…I have to compensate ppl with garbage internet and shoot twice for a real one shot to count

(III EnVii III) #1749

You don’t adjust to the higher pingers well, I don’t really care about their ping as long as I’m 60 or below I can still pretty much play the same and even on 90 with my team I can still do good.

(SM0KIN D4BS) #1750

I can’t adjust Well when it’s a fast paced game sometimes there just isn’t time to lance or take a second shot when he should have been killed on the first one…how u manage to compensate and do okay with high pings is beyond me but I literally feel like my shotgun gets turned off and I’m in the game just to be in the game when it comes to high ping lobbies like that

(chimerabee) #1751

Why my rank lowers a large percentage, even if it is in a better position, and because when I win, does not raise anything?

(GhostofDelta2) #1752

Moved your post into the main ranking thread. The info in the OP should help :slight_smile: