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(I JesseBlue I) #1624

Got the same Problem in Season 1 escalation. Normaly it should switch to diamond after 2 hours but my rank get stuck at 100%. Messaged TC members, but no response😒 Its so frustrating to get stuck at this point, all the hard work for nothing but TC dont care.

(IIMatracII) #1625

What baffles me is how some people get diamond with a 1.2 kd and a 53% win percentage. Props to them for getting diamond but it just confuses me.

(III EnVii III) #1626

That’s overall stats - not individual modes.

(IIMatracII) #1627

People post screenshots shot of their diamond rank and it be 678 wins to 543 losses which isnt really that great.

(III EnVii III) #1628

The losses could have come early on when learning the game and there’s so many other factors involved.

(I JesseBlue I) #1629

When you play in high onyx ranks against other onyx and diamond players its hard to keep a great k/d or w/l. Especially when you are the guy who is going for the objective in koth or escalation.

(III EnVii III) #1630

If the match is competitive then it’s true for sure :+1:

(Laaaaaancer) #1631

His style of play is what I try to emulate. That guy is the ultimate support player. Really good with Lancer/HB, really good with sniper, spots and calls out everything, and can use the gnasher well when he’s pushed.

Love his style of play.

Haven’t had the chance to play him, but have seen him on YT. And yeah, his lancer, even in comp is stupid good. In Core, it just looks unfair :laughing:

He also seems to be a really good sniper.

(III EnVii III) #1632

When I go off on the Sniper and get like 3-5 quick headshots, I do feel bad for the other guys :eyes:

(III EnVii III) #1633

Too true,

This was when I last played with him and the support was exceptional :v:

(Laaaaaancer) #1634

Those scrims you guys on PC do look like a lot of fun!


(Laaaaaancer) #1635

I hope we can get these separated in 5, just like from 2,3, and Judgment.

(III EnVii III) #1636

Yeah, needs to be separated for sure.

2v2 stats still aren’t working.

And even the Forum Members Scrim was fun:


twas indeed my friend.

Goodness Envii, this thread will be the death of you one of these days

(GK xD4ng3Rx) #1638

Holla forgiveness for annoying but I want to file a complaint with your ranking system because I always win up to 6 games in a row with MVP and they do not raise me percentage and I only lose a single game and they lower me that is unfair. that do not go up one percent

(GhostofDelta2) #1639

I moved your thread into the main ranking thread. Please read the first post and you should find the answers you are looking for :slight_smile:

(GnasherisT) #1640


I’M…Confused. I Barely lose koth matches in fact yesterday i won 4-5 matches in a row all MVP …They were decent players… and im stuck on d4 67.50 it hahasn’t even moved 0.1 now to be honest thats is just bs. I guess i have wasted my time? Point in playing anymore?

The communication behind this is a joke. MOST People are playing ‘ranked’ to achieve their best tier possible, but we work hard even when people quit we win and we go up nothing? We lose we go down even if we do good?

I would ask someone to explain this however i don’t care what people would say. Even if you win a game with the worst players on the opposing team and get MVP you should very minium go up 0.1% even if you are D5 …ITS NOT THE PLAYERS FAULT THE OPPOSING TEAM HAS NOT GOT THE SAME SKILL LEVEL. PEOPLE WANT TO PLAY FOR SOMETHING NOT A FROZEN PERCENTAGE.

Do not get me wrong the rank system was not perfect before and defo needed adjusments. However, it does not make sense to change it this much on potentiality the last season. It contridicts all the other seasons and it is simply broke and needs direct attention so that its funtional aspects of the RS are addressed appropriately.

Kind regards,

(Duffman GB) #1641

I have had a session where I have won several games with good stats and not moved, however when I check my stats the next day I have jumped 20-30% It might be that ?

(GnasherisT) #1642

Tbh i thought that just before i posted this thread. 24 hours later i am still stuck… which is why i have posted this.

Kind regards,


(XpL Ultrax) #1643

Well I feel you a little bit with rank gettingt stuck. I am diamond 4 in Koth aswell and it is a tough grind to get at least 1 percent.

But I almost wanted to stop reading your post when you said “I played and time is wasted”

If you are only playing for rank and not for fun then you shouldnt be playing Gears 4. I play for the fun of it. I used to play GoW 3 and UE till gears 4 came out and there never has been any ranking system in these games. I know it is fun aswell to get some percentage in rank. But the gameplay from Gears 4 should be the reason why your’re playing it.