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(III EnVii III) #1604

How are you being punished?

If you perform good enough to be a Diamond, you will get there.

If you are only good enough to be a Onyx 3 80% or so, then that’s what you will be.

How is that a “bad system” ? It’s placing you where you are meant to be - as stated several times, you don’t get Diamond because you think you deserve it or that you just want it. You have to earn it.

(Icyx memoriez) #1605

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(III EnVii III) #1606

Keyword “been”.

You don’t just auto-get it every season.

(Icyx memoriez) #1607

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(TGLT Clutch) #1608

@Laaaaaancer I saw you asked about the best PC players. Since we don’t know every single PC player it will be your own pick but…

The top 3 in the PC 1v1 tournament(32 participants) were

  1. Fox is not op
    2.Toby Campbell

Angryfpsgamer has a youtube channel with over three thousand subscribers.

Just like the pros you decide for yourself who you consider the best.

(TGLT Clutch) #1609

lol why are your posts hidden… I don’t see anything offensive in them…at least not the first one…

(III EnVii III) #1610

His whole attitude is offensive …

(CobraPredateur) #1611

The system of calculation of the ranks not work one makes only lose of the percentage even when one gains but it is necessary to say nothing if it is banished to you during 1 month of the forum it is of the dictatorship

(III EnVii III) #1612

So you say it’s broken even when you gain percentage because you lose percentage?

(TGLT Clutch) #1613

I agree to disagree to agree

(III EnVii III) #1614

With what?

Edit: @TGLT_Clutch now I get it :sweat_smile:

(TGLT Clutch) #1615

that guy’s post made me think of that lol

but nvm he just went back and forth, though I’d do the same

(Laaaaaancer) #1616

Thanks for letting me know who won that. Haven’t heard of the other two, but I’ve played against AngryFPSGamer a couple of times. He’s really good. Best PC player I’ve gone against by far. Surprised he didn’t win the entire thing, but I guess that says something about the other two and their abilities.

(BetaX2r) #1617

AngryFPSgamer’s mid range weapon accuracy is insane. His lancer looks like its permanently locked on the enemy he is shooting at. Ive never watched one console pro with that much accuracy. The guy is damn good.

(III EnVii III) #1618

@mike_yaworski accuracy is equally insane, so accurate makes Comp Lancer look OP and like a Core Lancer :eyes:

(BetaX2r) #1619

Ya I’ve watched Mike a few times when he is teamed up with Angry or If I remember correctly against him. I know Angry plays with a mouse and keyboard, does Mike?

(III EnVii III) #1620

Pretty sure mike does too.

(pEk0s1Ta L0p3Z) #1621

does not update has 4 days that does not update for my diamondScreenshot_20190327-200929_Chrome

(Al Bundy 33hero) #1622

It’s waiting for you to get yourself into diamond. The way TC describes it, 100% Onyx 3 is not Diamond. You need to get the equivalent of 101 or 102% to be put in the Diamond category. Though it’s rare to be stuck at 100 like you are, a couple of really good performances should move it over into diamond.

(mike yaworski) #1623

Probably a rounding error, like you have 99.996 or something and it rounds to 100. Just win another game.