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@III_EnVii_III @Laaaaaancer I probably won’t be on till next weekend. So if you want me to host, you can hit me up then.

@Laaaaaancer I apologize, it does seem that I misunderstood your reasoning to 1v1.

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Tbh since I don’t play the game anymore (I will testing new hardware however over the next few days but that will be limited to private v bots and then that’s it) - I don’t expect to be on much either. When I move on, I do indeed move on :+1:

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Will you still be on the forums?

Most likely for now :+1:

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No matter how many I win my percentage won’t go up but if I lose it goes down


TC wrote up a detailed explanation of the ranking system: GEARS 4 RANKING EXPLAINED on the March 14th
What’s Up” I would suggest everyone take the time to read it over.


So I’ve been playing Gears of War 4 with my cousins and they are going up in tier percentage at least 15% when winning. I have yet to go up even 5% from a win I’ve been playing Guardian for 3 days and have yet to get into silver. I am still bronze 3 I don’t understand and know there is forsure a issue at hand. I shouldn’t be going up a Max of 3% per game as a bronze 3 it’s ridiculous. Is there anything I can do or anyone else can do to resolve this issue?

About a week ago I lost and with nemesis game, game and play and do not raise me I win mvp sack and nothing I do not rise I’m arto to win and not to go up and lose only to be removed ranquin I do not understand what happens someone can explain me please

I think the notes highlight something which is detrimental to player experience. Towards the end, the document indicates that ranking up is easier at the beginning of a season. It seems to me such a ranking system is flawed. Surely it shouldn’t matter what point you start your season campaign. If the system accurately reflects skill then this shouldn’t be a thing. Say i play 200 matches during a typical season, if the bulk of these matches are played during the back half of the season my rank is likely to be lower than if they were played at the beginning. My skill level is the same, this should be fixed for Gears5


I read all the posts and I see that some players are trying to defend this system. First of all, i’m D5, I have always been a diamond 5 player in every season. I got it easily as well in KOTH and TDM in the 6th. The ranking system is what it is. To me, it’s a VERY VERY bad system. I play almost every day during 2-4 hours. I think I lose 9 games out of 10. I’m tired of this issue because I just want to play normally, with pleasure but I can’t enjoy myself if I lose all my games against full stack or because someone leave in my team. According to TC, since the update of the ranking system, games are more balanced, I just want to say LOL. I’m D5, not jesus. Sometimes, I play against 3 or 4 Diamonds while in my team there are Onyx. Despite my displeasure towards this “bad players” in my team, I understand that it’s horrible for them too to play against full diamond players. But why the system balances a game while it does not need it. I think I know most of the diamond players and I can identify the “Real” diamond and the “fake” diamond. I have the impression that some players are assist by this system, I don’t know how they can be diamond 5 while there are playing so bad. It’s just cheating. Some D5 are so lucky compared to others who deserve more. I assure you it’s not bad faith, it’s the reality of the game…I’m disgusted of that.

PS: Sorry for my English

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I’ve had a few issues myself lately… For example, I won the last two games I played in KOTH and yet my percentage still went down… I was MVP the first game and had the most kills, and the second game I think I placed 2nd on my team and still had the most kills (the other guy snaked mvp with a few more hill caps).

I think the most difficult part stems from the fact that the ranks don’t degrade.

Therefore a Diamond player can keep that Diamond and there’s no chance of you coming up agaisnt them and “taking it away” from them, if they don’t play.

I know in the past, people would hit Diamond on their main, makes new account and very quickly hit Diamond again.

It’s the same person, now taking up 2 Diamond slots and fooling the system into thinking that there are two top players instead of 1 for that particular Skill Set.

And I’ve known Diamond players make 2, 3, 4+ accounts.

This is more of a Microsoft issue as they have made having secondary accounts so easy.

These accounts should be limited and unless they have full Xbox Live Gold (excluding trials l) - they shouldn’t be able to play Ranked Games.

So TC are basically saying getting diamond (or any rank for that matter) is a race, There are only a set amount of slots. Seems to me its not really a ranking system at all, but a first past the post system. I suppose if your sitting in ONYX3, 99% you can console yourself with the knowledge that you probably are as good as all the diamonds but you were a little late to the party.

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It always happens to me, it’s not the first time, I’m stuck in the rank and I win more than 5 games or up to 15 and they do not raise me or 1 percentage, I’d like them to fix that.

not entirely,

Many Diamonds are still active, if you get higher than their skill rating, essentially if they are not performing, they will lose the rank eventually from losses as they will be expected to play better than you.

It does make it harder i believe if you are trying late on in the season, however not impossible if you deserve it.

Plus seasons do reset, everyone knows when so its not a disadvantage per se.

You need to perform better to see % increases.

You don’t go up from just winning…

It makes you think, say if i wanted to create more movement between the high onyx 3 players and the diamond rank; one way i could do this is to add some random element into the mix like the odd bronze player. What if i changed the match making algorithm to make5 stacking harder. This would force diamond players to have to play with some lower skilled team mates, making their grip on a diamond place less certain. This way more players get to munch on the diamond cake.This makes sense if the people in the diamond bracket are not there by any particular merit, they just happened to get their first…

This makes zero sense.

I don’t agree with forcing players not to 5 stack to prove skill or to accept vastly inferior team mates for the same reason.

Nor do I believe there are any number of people who “don’t deserve Diamond” if they have it.

I’ve used these example before,

You wouldn’t watch an eSports event and expect OpTiC Gaming to run as a 3 or 4 and then for the sake of proving their skill, have them pick the last player or two from the audience at random and then go with it.

You wouldn’t say a sports team are too strong and they have to pick 20-40% of their players at random from the general population to prove they can still win.

I know what you are saying in principle but in practice, it’s a horrible way to play as it just leads to frustration, not proving any kind of skill.

And in my case, as I stated, it’s now near on impossible to find games.

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the ranking system is very broken because, when you have a winning streak you do not raise anything and you only lose one and fall considerably in rank

Your right my post was not very well constructed. I do sympathise with your situation. TC have applied an arbitrary threshold to each rank tier. There are going to be people who are perfectly capable of getting into a tier but cant because there isn’t any room. It’s one in, one out, when the tier has filled up. I think this explains why there are so many posts along the lines “I have won 10 games in a row against higher ranked players and not moved up”. They are stuck because their skill level is about the same as a ton of other people. This issue is going to be most acute at the onyx diamond threshold. An element of luck is likely all thats needed to tip the balance when you are talking about the top 1% of players. I suspect the reason TC have seasons is after a period the ranking system just grinds to a halt, so it needs a reset. A decent ranking system should give the same rank to equally skilled players, not reward those that get an early start. Given the amount of variables i doubt its possible to create a system that can track skill and feel satisfying to everyone. Rank needs to be binned as a failed idea. Replace it with a Leaderboard for Gears5

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