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So you don’t think the system is good, perfect, or acceptable…but you sit here and write paragraphs daily defending it just because you’re another laggy dude hopping on a server you dont beblong on and you got your diamond already. Of course the only people who would do so benfits from this crap.


He isn’t defending it, he has stated that he is clearing up misconceptions.


Its so funny. Every one hates the ranking system (me included), and the only people who defend it are those who get diamond ranks. Im sure there are some really good players out there who deserve it, but the most diamond players I see have two bronze players on their team or have a constant 5 ping or do something else to manipulate the ranking system. I dont care about my rank but I must say that these diamond skins and emblems look very nice. Its like"hey we got this nice skins and emblems, but you’ll never get it". Well done TC :clap:

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Exactly as @GhostofDelta2 said, I’m just trying to help those who want to make sense of it / want to understand what’s happening with the system we have. I’ve spoken out about the flaws in the system - as I said before I didn’t elaborate on this because, as proven by your response, you don’t want to listen to reason. But excuse me for writing paragraphs and trying to put together a comprehensive reply …


Wait, slow down, throwing accusations like this just show you aren’t a rational person who is thinking through what he is saying.

Let me just straighten this point out for you -

I would NEVER want to be placed outside my home server.



I get buttery smooth 5ms ping - why would I ever want to give this up? And it’s what I’ve been used to for over 2 years now since the game came out - it’s how I’ve adapted to play.

There are two instances of when I get out outside my server.

1). The game randomly puts me on a different server (I have no control).

2). TC implemented Strict MM this season - first for KOTH and now for TDM. This has stopped me finding games altogether.

So as a LAST RESORT i would search with my US friends at around 11pm to 4am to try and get some games together.

Now since Season 6 and since doing this, I’ve played LESS THAN 10 games this way - when I’ve been searching for HOURS and HOURS.

It’s gotten to the point now where I’ve actually given up on Gears 4.

But to class me as a “Laggy Diamond Player” is ridiculous - I played a few matches, literally less than a dozen to try and get games, that’s it, if not, I’ve been playing on my local server - “where I belong”.


Yes, exactly.
These personal attacks on him are hilarious. They would not last 5 seconds with @III_EnVii_III :joy:


I wanna 1v1 him. Curious to see how good he is since I’ve seen a few mention it.

He’s a D5…you’d get butchered.
I’ve 1v1ed him myself, and I can can attest to his skill


I’ve beaten a D5 in a private lobby 1v1, but I appreciate the optimism.

As a gold 3 I win 9 games straight against onyx 3s and diamonds and dont move up any percentage, then lose the 10th game and go down?? Havent moved up any percentage for the 15 plus wins today but drop percentage each and every one of the 3 loses today. Tell me how that makes sense… Explain to me how your ranking system isn’t faultered, Garbage…

Dreaming doesn’t count :+1:


Lol. They hate you Envii. No clue why, but they just do😂

@Laaaaaancer Knock yourself out bro

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I don’t hate Envii.

And I’m up for it if Envii is!

Why though? Because from what I can tell, you think that he’s overstated his skill, thus making MM impossible for him. And to prove that he isn’t as skilled as you say, you want to 1v1 him.

I get that you’ve beaten D5s before. We all have. I’ve played with and against some really crappy Ds. But I can honestly tell you that Envii is as skilled as they come.

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I like 1v1s. They’re fun. I don’t think he’s a bad player at all. Even on PC, D5 players are skilled (and I don’t mean this as a disparagement. It just seems like every PC player is a Diamond :stuck_out_tongue: ). If he were to win against me, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I recognize some of the names of the people he plays with (in the screenshots he posted). They’re solid players, so I don’t doubt that he is too.

I don’t find 1v1s “fun”.

If there was a ranked playlist where I could test myself then perhaps I would grow to like them - but they are very one dimensional as it stands otherwise, to me anyway.

Plus I don’t know your region.

I’m up for 2v2s with anyone though :+1:

That’s fair. I used to not like them either.

I’m US Central.

I would be up for that! My only friend who plays this game is rarely on though :frowning:

We can get @DAVID_THE_CLOWN to host - you will still have an advantage but I’m ok with that :+1:

Because on my servers it will pretty much be a 7-0 :eyes:

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Lol, I think I could pull off one round in the lag (Gears 2 vet here lol), but yeah, that would be a win for sure on your end.

Are you in UK?

Also, just wondering, in your opinion who is the best PC player?

For sure because of Lag and Lag Comp you might pull off a round or two.

Not when I’m fully warmed up though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This is one of few relaxed 2v2 games I’ve had this season:

Yes, North West.

Well the PC community had a 32 player 1v1 tournament yesterday so that aside, as in a team based situation with Consistency I have two players in mind as the best I have seen on PC.

Remember - 1v1 and performing in Match are two different things.

But I have my Top 2 Xbox and Top 2 PC players who I know are UNREAL.

I’m not going say publicly though for their privacy :v:

Does one of them have a Youtube? If so, then I think I know who you’re talking about.

And by best, I meant in a team based scenario, not a 1v1. My bad for not clarifying.

Who won the tournament?