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(Laaaaaancer) #1474

It’s normal.

I had a good streak in TDM with 7 wins in a row, KD above 2, multiple mvps and I did not move. I ended up losing one game with good stats and lost percentage.

With that said, the rank system rewards stacked teams( easier to perform better and be consistent) and tends to punish solo players, from my personal experience, as going solo has made my rank go down, despite me being a better player now.

(III EnVii III) #1475

This isn’t always true for rank, stacked teams can make it harder to gain percentage.

Anyway, if you feel that way about your matches, post some screenshots and we can see what’s going on…

(Laaaaaancer) #1476

I know in my case I was a diamond when I played with others. I haven’t gotten worse. My KD has increased. The only thing that changed was my friends quit the game.

Only thing I can think of is I tend to play more conservatively solo in order to conserve lives since I always have arandoms that feed kills. So I usually end up with Team Player and Smooth Operator (and the win), but not most kills, which I’ve seen some mention as an important part.

(RedHulk1973) #1477

Another good night last night, no losses in 4 matches, moved up 26%.

(demolidor2240) #1478

Coalirion sort this problem out of bugs in the medals, you win games and don’t climb ranking, I M already diamond in Season 5 please.

(KFF TERROR) #1479

After last update ranking system work fine for 2days and since then it stuck again :smile:

(III EnVii III) #1480

It’s more than likely you’ve hit your Skill Ceiling again, rather than the system getting “stuck”.

(KFF TERROR) #1481

Dont twist my words …
i have played well all time …

Exept against those fu***** 270 ping diamond cheaters on 2vs2 today , but it wont consern my Koth Rank :smile:

(III EnVii III) #1482

Twisting your words?

Specifically the word:



It doesn’t actually happen, what does happen, like I said, is that you either hit a Skill Ceiling OR your stacking with a team that’s too high above you for you to get any % increase.

That’s literally it.

(KFF TERROR) #1483

Wow you must be proud your self to find so good answers to our issues , maybe you should work on Coalition :blush:

(III EnVii III) #1484

Thanks for the sarcasm :+1:

(KFF TERROR) #1485

No harm done :smile:

But this whole discussion is full of that same bs , you didnt play well enought , you are ceiling , that kind answers are not really helping anyone , truth is that this Ranking system wont work at all , it still sets gold and Diamond players agains each others and that should never suppose to happend :smile:

(III EnVii III) #1486

That’s how a skill based ranking system works - you need to play better to get more percentage / increase rank.

Or else how do you think you get awarded more %?

You are just someone who can’t accept that they simply aren’t good enough right now to get more %.

Also, feel free to post some screenshots of your games and we can see what’s actually happening :+1:

(KFF TERROR) #1487

And how many actually are saying that it works :wink:


My goodness Envii. They get “smarter” everyday, don’t they🤣

Problems in the ranquing
(NiszczycielM) #1489

2 things i’ve forgotten to post here

I think this ranking system sometimes hates me :laughing:

Gained whole 0,67% for this match and that’s why i’m proud of myself :blush:

for those who are wondering, that match took place on dawn (15 kills, 0 deaths)

(KFF TERROR) #1490

Do we actually need more proof that this Ranking system wont work .
in that game you should have like 15-20% up immediately :smile:


You cannot label something that doesn’t work in your favor as “broken”
They system works just fine. It is not a progressive system. One great win does not guarantee a increase in rank.
It is based on your actual skill.

(KFF TERROR) #1492

LOL … :smile:
( Sorry i take your line ) :smile: :slight_smile: :smile:


Lol. My thoughts exactly