[Main] Ranking System Discussion, and Feedback

Another good night last night, no losses in 4 matches, moved up 26%.

Coalirion sort this problem out of bugs in the medals, you win games and don’t climb ranking, I M already diamond in Season 5 please.

After last update ranking system work fine for 2days and since then it stuck again :smile:

It’s more than likely you’ve hit your Skill Ceiling again, rather than the system getting “stuck”.

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Dont twist my words …
i have played well all time …

Exept against those fu***** 270 ping diamond cheaters on 2vs2 today , but it wont consern my Koth Rank :smile:

Twisting your words?

Specifically the word:



It doesn’t actually happen, what does happen, like I said, is that you either hit a Skill Ceiling OR your stacking with a team that’s too high above you for you to get any % increase.

That’s literally it.

Wow you must be proud your self to find so good answers to our issues , maybe you should work on Coalition :blush:

Thanks for the sarcasm :+1:

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No harm done :smile:

But this whole discussion is full of that same bs , you didnt play well enought , you are ceiling , that kind answers are not really helping anyone , truth is that this Ranking system wont work at all , it still sets gold and Diamond players agains each others and that should never suppose to happend :smile:

That’s how a skill based ranking system works - you need to play better to get more percentage / increase rank.

Or else how do you think you get awarded more %?

You are just someone who can’t accept that they simply aren’t good enough right now to get more %.

Also, feel free to post some screenshots of your games and we can see what’s actually happening :+1:

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And how many actually are saying that it works :wink:

My goodness Envii. They get “smarter” everyday, don’t they🤣

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2 things i’ve forgotten to post here

I think this ranking system sometimes hates me :laughing:

Gained whole 0,67% for this match and that’s why i’m proud of myself :blush:

for those who are wondering, that match took place on dawn (15 kills, 0 deaths)

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Do we actually need more proof that this Ranking system wont work .
in that game you should have like 15-20% up immediately :smile:

You cannot label something that doesn’t work in your favor as “broken”
They system works just fine. It is not a progressive system. One great win does not guarantee a increase in rank.
It is based on your actual skill.


LOL … :smile:
( Sorry i take your line ) :smile: :slight_smile: :smile:

Lol. My thoughts exactly

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Notice that :slight_smile:
Even if you win 5 match and carry your teammates and are even MVP , Rank wont go UP , but if u lose one match after five wins your rank goes down immediately , that is how it really works :slight_smile:

I have problems with the classification system, when I win it does not raise me and if I lose I get too low and I am not advancing in my statistics since it represents a huge problem for the multiplayer in my case please help

the ranking system is a bad one but it works as TC intended. Your rank means pretty much nothing, it’s the ‘hidden’ skill rating that goes up and down based on your wins/losses. If you have a high skill rating and lose against higher ranked players that have lower skill rating than you you might lose your rank.

It’s a weird system and to go up in rank you have to improve your skill rating by performing better than the game expected from you