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(III EnVii III) #1452

As the guy said, it’s not rocket science :sweat_smile:

(Darkar230) #1453

Really? I sometimes have 1000-1500 score
What other excuse you say us?

(III EnVii III) #1454

TC Octus said that they do not use Score itself to determine rank, only the stats.

As I said anyway, post some screenshots of matches and then you can get better feedback.

(GhostofDelta2) #1455

The problem here is that you need to consistently perform higher than expected to move up once you have hit your skill ceiling.

Plus for you to move up, other people need to move down.

Imagine if the Gears 100 spots, you may be in spot 11 and be able to beat people below you, but not the 10 people above you, so you shouldn’t rank up based on you performing well sometimes/often against lower opponents. The only difference between this analogy and how gears work is that the number of people are several orders of magnitude higher. Same principle though.

(KFF TERROR) #1456

Why we are punished for somebody who rage quit another team
and our Rank doesnt rise for that reason ?

(Laaaaaancer) #1459

Isn’t he on PC? Seems like it’s easier to attain Diamond on that platform.

(Krylon Blue) #1460


This system sure is broken. This game is keeping me from my Diamond!

Oh, wait…

(Laaaaaancer) #1461

PC or console?

(Krylon Blue) #1462

Xbox One

I have crossplay turned on though.

I get Diamond every season without much effort. It’s just playing the matches.

(Laaaaaancer) #1463

Nice. I’m not so lucky. Was Diamond in the past before my friends quit, but since playing solo, I have been stuck in Onyx purgatory.

(Krylon Blue) #1464

Playing solo is tough. Too many quitters and AFK teammates that make it almost impossible to rank up. I played solo in Season 3 and got to D3 but it was downhill from there as every match was full of quitters.

(Laaaaaancer) #1465

Yeah, it’s frustrating. The quitters don’t bother me as much as the potato head teammates .

(III EnVii III) #1466

I wish I would get KOTH games :disappointed_relieved:


Stupid Xbox aimbotter😂. That’s the only possible way you got that D…AND THOSE STUPID SKINS!!!

Oh, and that reminds me, while playing that big forum members match, someone was talking about aim bots, and then @III_EnVii_III said something along the lines of “Nah, I never use an aim bot, it would be a downgrade in skill for me”
Made me laugh out loud :rofl:

(III EnVii III) #1468

Aha, I surprised myself with that line too :joy:

“Use an aimbot? Nah that’s a downgrade in skill for me”




Mic drop right there my friend. Very impressive😂

(Krylon Blue) #1470

It’s an art form.

I’m only missing the Boltok and Markza Diamond skins now but I don’t really care either way. Never use those. :smile:

(Sharp lXl Skill) #1471

How do you fix the issues where your ranks only moves when you take a loss?

I won 15 games in a row and barely even died, most the times on top of team. Yet it moved 0%

Take 1 loss and loose 3%

How do you combat this?
Can I email someone?
Do I just quit Gears?

(III EnVii III) #1472

Post screenshots :+1:

(RedHulk1973) #1473

I concur, noticed this last night, I had a very good night in guardian. 4 wins 1 loss(was MVP in the loss). Ended the night with only a 3% gain. Unless this is normal?