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How dare you come in here and give us proven advice!?! @Omen_LP, help me out here

(III EnVii III) #1429

Yeah, we need the Silver who is punching above into Gold :raised_hands: - we need the inside knowledge :pray:



(III EnVii III) #1431

I heard he’s not been on for 3 days because he’s grinding out Gold 2 HARD :eyes:

He’ll be back a changed person, on a new level of beastlyness :sunglasses:


He’d better be! I mean, I have to root for him and all, considering that i’m his best friend on the forums🤣

(III EnVii III) #1433

Not fair, totally jelly :-1:

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(VirusxSovahh) #1437

Why is me onx 3 100% not diamond yet it’s been 5 hours now smh

(XpL Ultrax) #1440

The ranking system it what it is and TC stated that it will not be changed.

I just played a game where I had around 28 kills, one of my random teammates had 10 kills. He was gold 3 and I think the other random was silver. Its not fair to drop percent when you have such low skilled players in your team. I mean I am diamond 4, and maybe I should have dropped 100 kills but its still not fair to lose percent when having so low skilled players in your team.

(vR IExodial x) #1441

They never raise me when I win, I’m in onice 3 and I do not raise anything when I win

(killersloth733) #1442

Dude my 2v2 isn’t going up no matter how much better i’m doing than before. I’ll win with 10+ kills, still onyx 1- 46%. I lose 1 game and im down to 31% i’ll win 3 in a row and no difference can we please have this changed

(Darkar230) #1443

my team is positive, we have winning streaks we beat onix and diamonds and do not raise the rank, they want to take out gears 5 and they can not fix the rank of gears 4? how is your support noticedz

(XpL Ultrax) #1444

There will be no change. The ranking system works as intended.

(LolledMonster) #1445

Okay, I’m back again.

So I finally got to onyx 3 when my rank started going up. Keep in mind, I did not play any different compared to when my rank wasn’t going up.

But now, the game really tries to tell me that I don’t get a single percent up, when I won 4 games in a row against diamond 2-4s. I was first or second on my team every match. And we had a party of four (onyx 2, onyx 3, gold 3, diamond 2).

Every match except first had atleast 2 diamonds against us.

So yeah. Normal or nah?

(DrippingRose187) #1446

Why did the developers mess everything up in gears i just wanna play gears its like my only game i play the most
I hate the way they set matchmaking

(M Fleeeeezy) #1447

Win 10 games in a row oynx 3 percentage never goes up… I was positive helping my team winning both rounds… I lose oneeeeeee game… my rank goes down 10 points… like WTF… IFFFFFF I WINNNNNNNNNNNNNN MY PERCENTAGE SHOULD INCRREASEEEEEEE… not STAYYYYY THE SAMMEEEEEEE for the love of GOD! JESUS CHIRST its not rocket science!! like this bullshiii is frustrating… TC you guys are making ranking up in this game like a college final in harvard… ITSSS NOT THAT SERIOUSSS BRO!.. OR HARD TO GET CORRECTLY…


Nope. It sure isn’t…

(Pro SoIo Player) #1449

Read the new what’s up. It will explain why you aren’t ranking up.

(III EnVii III) #1450

Simply winning and going positive doesn’t mean you qualify to go up.

You need to be putting in a performance worth going up.

Post some screenshots of your matches for better feedback.

(Krylon Blue) #1451

But but but I went 34-4 in a single match! Why didn’t it go up but it went down when I went 30-30 the next match?!