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(Talented Camper) #1387

So last night I did a three hours gears session. Everything was going normal. I was posting solid k/d ratios and my team won more than I lost. Somehow I caught fire on my last three matches and MVPed all three with two wins. This is not very typical for me since I usually play more of a supporting role…fast forward to today. I go to check my rank thinking I would have a significant rise at least back into onyx 1 territory since I was at 88% gold 3 last night. As it turns out I DROPPED in rank all the way down to 57% gold 3.

How is this even remotely possible TC??? I need answers.

I hope they scrap this awful ranking system for 5 and just go back to how Gears 3 did it

(Eru Wolf) #1388

Not when you are MVP and second or third on ever game which I was

(Eru Wolf) #1389

Same is going on with my ranking. Gears technical support is not reading my forums. Read my post. I feel your pain.

(III EnVii III) #1390

Keep a record of your games and the post the screenshots.

Either that or TC Octus will reply to say that your Skill Rating is closely matching your Rank and everything is working as intended with you needing more quality wins, more than likely.

(ILL jpax50) #1391

Hey guys, someone can explains me why i block on win % O3 and only defeats counts ?

I’m like 40 wins without up, 7/8 defeats -25% whereas i was on 94%.

I am 1st or 2nd almost 90% of the time :rage: with positives stats

(III EnVii III) #1392

Sounds like you have plateaued a little with your skill.

You need to be playing better in those wins without having high ranked players in your stack.

(el sniperpapi) #1393

Having issues. I rank down but never rank up. I feel like I’m only playing to keep rank, not enhance it.

(III EnVii III) #1394

That’s because your Skill Level isn’t increasing to push you into higher percentages / rank.

Therefore when you lose, you will naturally go down for the loss.

Nothing wrong with holding rank, it means you are playing consistently at that skill level.

Skill level is different for everyone, you may increase a little every match / every few matches or it may take half a season or a full season to do so, if at all.

(el sniperpapi) #1395

But shouldn’t I go up if I get say, 2 MVPs in a row and win 3 times in a row? I feel like I should see some movement. Although I know what you mean, it may just be me.

(III EnVii III) #1396

No, that’s not how it works - you need to go beyond your predicted performance or go above your Skill Level and get a convincing victory to go up.

Remember, I could get MVP in King by simply capping and breaking the most, while the other 4 players could rack up the majority of the kills - the slayers are more valuable than one guy capping 20+ times and getting MVP…

Also, playing in a high ranked squad does stop you gaining % unless you do significantly better than them game after game. Naturally they are higher ranked so would normally do better because of this and so if you do carry on winning with higher ranked players or even get MVP once in a while, it will attribute this to the fact that you have superior team mates.

(el sniperpapi) #1397

Thanks for your reply. I will take that into consideration and get my skill level up.
Also, is there any way to check your quit penalty? Or to see if you have one.

(III EnVii III) #1398

Give it a go and post some screenshots too - can help give more insightful feedback this way.


Why do you even try??

(NiszczycielM) #1400

He’s a hero we need but don’t deserve

(III EnVii III) #1401

You guys are too kind :sweat_smile::blue_heart::metal:

(el sniperpapi) #1402

Hey, so yes. It was my skills peaking at Gold 2. I manage to cap around there. I need to get better! Lol.

Also thank you very much for all your help.

It’s a solid ranking system now that I understand it better. It also lets me know where I stand, but makes it easier to get better in a sense.

(III EnVii III) #1403

Keep trying and you will get better :blush::+1:


I still get people quitting a match just because lost one round.

(Nx ELiX) #1406

Hi! My problem is the following:

My statistics are failing too much. I won three games in a row and followed me with 11.55%

I would like very much to solve this problem and give me an answer.

Thank you!

(iFire K) #1407


Dudeee how suposed I had to win 10 matches solo, vs complete teams? And if a win my rank dosnt up, but if a lost , drops like my self steem