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(NiszczycielM) #1367

“It’s about your personal performence, not about winning”- EnVii

(III EnVii III) #1368

Pretty much, winning helps activate the % increase though.

(absecionz uN) #1369

My percentage in the game mode boxes is bugged in 85.10% onyx 3. When i win or lose a match my percentage doesnt increase or decrease. Please help​:sleepy::disappointed_relieved:

(blackshadow6788) #1370

I won four games and instead of going up, I went down. Please fix the matchmaking

(LolledMonster) #1371

Yeah I know, but it doesn’t matter how well I played. MVP or not no percents up.

I think best was 8 wins in a row where in all I played decent… Nothing.

And in case you got it wrong, I haven’t got even a 0.01% up combined since monday. I’ve only gone down.

By the way, does it affect if enemy team quits?

(EOG zCerdo) #1372

my rank got stuck

hi i would like to know why my rank is stuck in 2 game modes in duel by teams and king of the hill do not move at all or 2v2 and I would like to know some solution?

(XpL Ultrax) #1373

There is no solution! What rank are you? Usually for alot of people it gets difficult to rank up at Onyx 3 or Diamond 4.

It is quite easy to reach Diamond 3/4 once you got to diamond 1.

I was just kidding. The solution: perform in every game above decent. Win against everyone, even high ranked players, outperform them and be better than a diamond 5

(iFire K) #1374

I won at least 10 matches and I just dont up my rank, any solution?


DM @III_EnVii_III all of your rank questions

(III EnVii III) #1376

Play Solo, get the most kills for 10 matches and then see what happens :+1:

(Krylon Blue) #1377

Stop volunteering people, lol. :joy:

Although, @III_EnVii_III does have a lot of time on his hands with the long matchmaking times.

(III EnVii III) #1378


While I’m searching for 2-3 hours and still no games…



Lol. @GB6_Kazuya and @Me0wMix_CatFood started it :joy:

(BLK KaNivaL) #1380


won games and the percentage does not increase, I started taking screnshots to have a test.
help me.

(wylson 777) #1381

Today I was playing the game mode guardian play from 10 am to 4 pm and I was winning all morning and every time I saw the statistics of gers of war 4 I was desepccionaba so that nothing would rise me what I want is that I put my prsentaje where it should be or upload me and my rank is onix 3 and no longer go up fix it please I’m up to 58% onix 3 and when I lose I get down but when I win they do not raise me I thought that lla would be up to 100% onice 3 I thought that llaseria diamond 1 in guardian
MY GT: wylson 777

(bEaStIeBuM101) #1382

I’ve been going on win streaks on TDM, I have had the things you would need to gain percentage and I haven’t gone up once, and if I lose I drop drastically. This is a real problem for me and I know many others that have this experience. It’s constant and I feel no matter how many games I win and go positive it won’t go up.

(DRGY55) #1383

What we really need is for wins to matter almost not at all in rank (I should be able to increase in rank after losing a match for playing better than my peers, that’s just common sense) and WAY more transparency in-game. Whether or not the numbers crunch the way it’s intended, it’s a frustrating experience for a lot of users.

"Why did I just lose 3 percent for getting MVP despite losing the game and the rest of my teammates getting <1 K/D’s? Why did I not gain any percent after winning 4 matches in a row? " You hear that all the time. On the end screen, just be honest about what’s going on. Show the user, these are the factors that contributed to potential gains and these are the factors that contributed to losses, this is by how much, and this is your final result. I don’t understand devs wanting to hide technical stuff, people won’t complain if the system is consistent and it’s obvious what’s going on.

(iFire K) #1384

I did that, and nothing, a just lost two matches and droped from 80 to 77%

(NiszczycielM) #1385

I was playing 8 matches yesterday, after 3 i went 15% up and then i got stuck on 99,38% xD, after 4 matches won(1 mvp) it didn’t move, i’m not conplaining that ranking system is broken(but it is :wink: ) because i propably hit 100% today but it’s just funny, it’s like this game don’t want me to rank up xD

(III EnVii III) #1386

Post some screenshots :+1:

Pretty fair for 2 losses :+1: