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(XpL Ultrax) #1347

Play better. When I was silver/gold at the beginning of 2v2 playlist, I gained around 15-30 percent per win.

So it has to do something with your performance. Get good K/D, alot of kills, points and MVP. I am very satisfied with the ranking system in this season.

(Eru Wolf) #1348

I was Mvp a few games and 2 or 3 most of the others. You must have not read my post because I said I was playing against diamond and onyxs plus won 7 game win streak. Next day 5 game and didn’t move for two days and went down the 3rd day. Don’t disrespect me man by coming on here saying be good. Read my post it’s all true. I have teammates who will back this up for you if you like to.

(ChochixBeaR) #1349

Try playing solo. It’ supposedly easier to rank up… If you’re not already that is.

(Eru Wolf) #1350

Already tried that doesn’t work either. Thanks for the input though.

(Eru Wolf) #1351

Have won another 8 in a row today and lost one and still haven’t moved in rank

(III EnVii III) #1352

Then your performances in those wins don’t warrant a percentage increase.

(Krylon Blue) #1353

Rank is gonna take a hit for many if GreatWhiteShark, who’s been banned from the forums and game, isn’t stopped from making new gamer tags. He cheated his way to victory against my friends yesterday and did the same thing to other teams day after day. If you see anyone with a name similar of a bot bail before the match starts or you’re gonna deal with him for sure.

Come on TC, this has to stop. And please don’t say call outs aren’t accepted. His profile here clearly states BANNED for cheating so…

(III EnVii III) #1354

Yeah, this is always a problem when simply banning an account - people just make another and it looks like there’s more cheaters than there actually are.

It just a few sad, low life individuals with nothing else to do.

(Krylon Blue) #1355


He was running 4 players to Diamond KotH. I say those 4 players, who were in his party all night, should have a rank reset too.

(III EnVii III) #1356

I feel bad for those 4 players, cheat your way to a rank you didn’t earn?

If TC decide to actually combat cheaters and do a hardware ban on any aimbotter, those fake diamonds will fall from grace quite fast in a humiliating way when they can actually perform without their hacker :joy:

(Krylon Blue) #1357

Except I don’t think they’re KotH players. They went for Diamond in a playlist they barely play just for the skins.

(III EnVii III) #1358

TC need to get serious with cheaters, they can literally have free reign for far too long and then go and make another account and carry on the same and TC have to start over and gather evidence and wait for their system to flag them yet again …

(Krylon Blue) #1359

Yep, in other words the cheating isn’t going away unless they implement something more strict.

(III EnVii III) #1360

Matters a little bit less now that TC have systematically killed KOTH for high skilled PC players with their new Matchmaking algorithm that doesn’t seem to default to normal even after 2 hours of searching and no games during peak time hours :+1:

(Krylon Blue) #1361

That’s rough man. Typically I find matches with my PC buddies fairly quick but I’d be frustrated in your shoes.

(III EnVii III) #1362

I used to be able to.

Zero games even with a US Host for KOTH.

(Senerch23) #1363

Get MVP in a 2-0 match 4v5 with the person quitting early on, no jump in rank.

(HitDaLick) #1364

Why am I diamond 2 and I win 5, maybe even more matches with mvp 9+ kills every time and go down in rank??? Is the system broken?

(NiszczycielM) #1365

This system was always broken. Nothing new

(LolledMonster) #1366

I was told some people ranks were stuck. Is it true?
I’ve been winning multiple matches and havent got a single percent up. However everytime I lose a match, I go down in percents. And I’m only onyx 2.

Happened on last season too. I had some days where my rank would go up, but then it froze again.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Sorry for bad english.